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The first time I ever had sex was a fairly memorable time for me as I'm sure it is for most people. My first time though came in a sleezy massage parlor in Dallas that is no longer open for business. I lost my virginity to (she said) an 18 year old Philipino hooker. Though it certainly wasn't the best sex I've ever had, it was at the time the best feeling I had ever had.

I came to this place was pretty random and kind of scary. At 19 years old I had never done anything "bad". With the exception of drinking a few beers I had never done anything I couldn't tell the old ladies at church about. I however, like most young men was always horny, but to the liking of my parents was going to wait for marriage to have sex. Well until I heard a news story about sex shopps that were underground brothels. I was extremely curious about these places. I looked it up on line and found that one could pay around a hundred bucks and have sex with a hot young Asian. I didn't think I would ever act on this but found my self engrossed by the idea. I would masturbate three four times a day to videos of Asian sex massages. I was addicted. While I still had no intentions of actually doing this I knew I wanted it. It was this minor obsession that brought my virginity to an end.

In the fall when I was twenty I found myself on my way home to visit my parents new homest outside of Dallas. I decided the night before to go ahead and eave. This left me driving around Dallas in the early hours of the morning with nothing to do until around 8am when I could head to my parents without them knowing I had been up all night. It was in my aimless driving that I found the place. I was just off 114 and 635 when I spotted a place. I forget the name but it was something like Jade sauna or something. There was no seeing in but the open light was on and I wondered ad I found a place like the ones I had been obsessing over for months now. I nervously pulled into the parking lot. I wasn't sure what I was doing it was almost like I was in a sl**pless trance driven by my youthful lust and curiosity. I parked the car and decided to go in and see what this place was all about. I went up to the door and saw a sign that said ring bell for entry. I rang the door bell, and an older lady opened the door. I was a little disappointed because I expected a young super sexy Asian dressed in skimpy clothes and got an old hag. Little did I realized that this lady was just the mama San. She told me 60 dollars to which I kind of bluffed for a second, but she looked at me noticing the obvious bulge in my pants took my hand and whispered, "I have special girl for you, she around your age and make you feel reel good." I instantly pulled my tip money from the night before and handed it to her. She told me to wait one minute. I waited for a minute and when I looked up, there was a very young tight bod died asian girl standing in front of me. She immediately grabbed the bulge in my pants and led me to a room where she in broken English and signals had me disrobe. I took off my clothes and she led me to a room with a shower and a big table where she had me lay down face first. She slowly covered me in soap and water and glided her hands all over me. It was almost too much. This was the first time I had ever been naked in front of a woman and she was lightly moaning and rubbing me all over. Then she told me to roll over, and grabbed my hard as a rock cock. This was the first time anyone had ever touched my cock. I shot cum every where. It was all over her. In her hair and on her face. I couldn't believe what was happening. I had 20 minutes earlier never been naked in front of a woman now a teenage Asian who looked like she belonged. In a barely legal jail bait website was naked and covered in MY cum. I cummed again as she wipped the cum from her face and body rincing it out of her hair. She got cleaned up then wiped me off even licking a liitle off of my cock with oh so soft tongue. She then led me back down the hall. I had read this was when you tipped them. So, I grabbed a was of cash from my pants on the floor then she put it on the table. She asked me, "you cum again?" Hell I was twenty I could have cum five more times. She put a condom on me and climbed on my rigged cock. I can only explain the feeling by saying it was the single greatest thing I had ever experienced. The first time your dick is in a tight young pussy is the best feeling on the planet. In just a few short minutes I was cumming again. She helped me get cleaned up and dressed and walked me to the door. I got in my car and drove to my parents house no one knew just hours earlier I had been balls deep in an Asian hooker. I had to jerk off three times that day.

I've been to several places like this since but none has ever been nearly that great. That place is gone now but every time I drive past it I dream about that sexy young Asian covered in my goo, and remember how amazing that night was as I lost my virginity to a young Asian I paid 150 bucks for the best hour of my life.
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1 year ago
I absolutely love AMPs as well...there is somthing so exciting about the unknown...when the door opens and you are naked...face down...its just unfolds.....the first tap of your balls....or slight touch near your asshole....or sometimes a little kiss and a "hello honey",and its on....:-)
2 years ago
I love AMP's