A balck white mature fantasy

This story is not true, purely a fantasy but one can hope
I had met Shelley through x-hamster she was a 47 year old married woman from Johannesburg, who liked to have some daytime fun when hubby was at work, we had met up several times and had some fun, then one morning laying in bed after a good fuck Shelley turned to me and asked if I had a problem with race, after telling her I didn’t she explained that she had a black lover who was seeing another woman and they wanted to try a 4 way with a white couple and as her hubby didn’t want to cross the colour divide she asked if I was interested, YES was my answer so Shelley said she would set up and let me know.
A couple of days later I got a message explaining it was on for the following week and could we meet for an early coffee before meeting Themba and Agrinette, I arrived early at the coffee shop and ordered a coffee a few minutes later Shelley arrived looking hot in black high heels, black stockings and a belted overcoat, we sat and chatted for a few minutes before this mature black couple approached, he was about 6’2 and 100kg probably mid to late 40’s shaved head dressed like a executive on an off day, she was about the same age, much shorter maybe 5’4 but a little on the heavy side with what looked to be great tits. Shelley introduced us and we sat having coffee making small talk getting to know each other Themba was sat next to Shelley and when I looked across his hand was stroking her leg under the coat and I could Shelley had stockings on (as usual) Agrinette also saw and could barely take her eyes off so I suggested we finish and go somewhere a little quieter to which everybody agreed.
We arrived at the house in 3 cars and made our way through to the sun room (large glassed in patio overlooking the pool and garden), Shelley offered to get drinks and Agrinette agreed to help when they came back Shelly had removed her coat to show off a short skirt with stocking and a black silk blouse, Agrinette had slacks and a purple blouse and with jacket her breasts looked even better,
At this point the tension was palpable and it seemed like we needed to start something so I commented on how good Shelley looked and could I get my camera to take a few shots (Shelley loves being photographed) to which she readily agreed, so starting slowly I begin shooting Shelly just normal then while facing her I suggested she open her legs giving the 3 of us a good view of her black silk panty clad pussy which she gladly did, I could see both Themba and Agrinette looking on with smiles, I then got Shelly to open her blouse which she did showing off her braless tits (still a firm 36c) I could tell Shelly was getting turned on so I suggested Agrinette join her and I can get some shots together, with a little urging from Themba she went and sat next to Shelley who began helping her unbutton her blouse revealing a white lace bra underneath with beautiful large ebony breasts (40dd) straining to get out needless to say my cock at his point was already standing to attention and after a little persuasion Agrinette removed her blouse and bra and Shelley her blouse to show 2 very different but equally gorgeous pair of breasts, next came the pants for Agrinette and skirt for Shelley to leave them in white panties and black silk thong and stockings respectively, now Shelley is herself a little large in the hips so getting them both to kneel on the couch and looking at their asses it looked very similar just 1 black and 1 white.
I suggested to Themba he get out of some clothes and get over with them, he really didn’t need asking twice and his short and pants where off before I had even finished talking and judging by the bulge in his shorts his cock was just as hard as mine. He went over and first kissed Shelley then Agrinette before settling in between them and kissing their lips and nipples alternatively, while kissing Agrinette Shelly reached down to pull out a good sized at least 8in cock which she bent down and started to kiss and lick, realizing I was still dressed I put down the camera and stripped naked very quickly and made my way over to the couch, Agrinette stopped kissing Themba grabbed my cock and taking her lead from Shelley started to suck my cock and balls, there is not may better things than seeing a pair of ebony lips moving up and down a white cock, I slipped my cock out and kneeling down kissed Agrinette before moving down and burying my heads in her beautiful breasts kissing and nibbling her nipples which by now where rock hard. Removing her panties I kissed down her belly reaching her pubic hair and licking through and down the slit of her pussy, I felt Agrinette stiffen a little from my touch but the more I licked the more she relaxed and the wetter her pussy became, allowing me to slide first one and then 2 fingers inside while I nibbled on her clit. Shelley by this time had removed hers and Themba’s underwear and was lying back while Themba was doing to her what I was doing to Agrinette and knowing Shelly was loving every second, I don’t think I know a woman who loves having her pussy licked as much as Shelley does. I came up from licking Agrinette’s pussy and catching Shelly’s eye I smiled as did she so I leant over to give her a kiss and let her taste Agrinette’s juices from me which seemed to perk up Agrinette knowing Shelley liked licking pussy I asked Agrinette if she wanted Shelley to lick her pussy, Agrinette had never had a woman do it but was so turned on she agreed, repositioning herself Shelly buried her head in to Agrinette’s pussy while Themba lined up behind her and slid his hard 8in into her sopping wet pussy, I took the opportunity to grab the camera and snap a few pictures before kneeling by Agrinette’s head to let her take my cock in for a suck, Agrinette let go of my cock and said she needs it inside her so changing positions she was now facing Shelly on all fours while I fucked her from behind and Themba fucked Shelley from behind Themba starting before me came before me pulling out and still dribbling a little cum he moved to the side to let both women suck him clean and seeing his cock in between 2 sets of lips caused me to shoot my load deep and long in to Agrinette’s pussy pulling out and leaning back to catch my breath I felt something warm on my cock opening my eyes I saw Shelley licking the cum and pussy juices from my cock with the biggest smile, she lifted her head moved up kissing me on the lips before whispering in my ear “Thanks Jake can we do that again?”

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2 years ago
If I was Shellyvs above, I`d say the same, but I`m not, so you made me hard.....
2 years ago
You made mr wet. Will do.....xxxxx