My b*****r and his girlfriend

I was 15 and my b*****r Dominic 16, even though we looked like b*****rs we also looked different I was taller and a lot heavier than Dom and we had different hair colours him having our moms red hair and me our dads black. Dom had a lot better luck with the girls than I did with him having had several girlfriends by the this time and many a night he would regale me with stories of fingering this one, or that one sucking him off while both having a good wank, and when he had a girlfriend that let him fuck her the wanking was a bit more intense.
Now at 16 he got himself a girl of the same age called Debbie (who lived in a small village about 6 miles out of town), now she was quite small but had large breasts probably 36c but what was I to know, and he started fucking her regularly and of course regaling me with the stories, she lived on a horse farm (her mother and younger s****r competed in show jumping) and Dominic, some other friends and I used to go to her house every Sunday as her parents where always out for the day.
On this particular day it was only Dominic and myself that had gone as it was winter time and snow was forecast so our friends didn’t want to go, while we where their a snow storm blew in that was harsher than any we had ever seen before and pretty soon the snow was a couple of feet thick, we contacted the bus company to see if the bus running and it wasn’t as the village was already cut off from the town. We called the Police to see what we could do and they suggested we stay there and try to get out the next day, after speaking to ours and Debbie’s parents it was decided we should stay the night.
Debbie’s dad had a pretty well stocked booze cupboard so we decide to have some sandwiches and some booze, a lot of booze and in no time at all we were all quite merry at this point Dom and Debbie were in to some heavy petting while I watched and grew hornier and hornier, at one Debbie looked at me and asked if I had ever kissed a girl, I said of course I had, she asked if I had ever felt a girls tits and I said of course I had, she asked if I had felt them was it over or under clothes and I had to admit it was over, she then said so you have never seen a pair of tits and I had to admit that no I hadn’t. Then to my and I think to Dominic’s astonishment she asked if I would like to? I nearly came in my pants there and then but could only nod and say yes, Debbie stood up and took her jersey and t ‘shirt off to be stood there in a just her jeans and a white cotton bra she turned to Dominic and asked him to unhook it and she shook her beautiful tits free I could have died and gone to heaven there and then.
I couldn’t take my eyes off them the were perfect and round with dark aureoles and small nipples and to me they were the most perfect pair of tits I have ever seen even till now and I am a little older than 15, Debbie just stood there and asked if I liked them and of course I said yes, she just smiled and said well as you’ve seen mine I think I should I get to see yours as I have seen Dom’s a few times I just looked at Dom and could see he was getting it to this a much as I was so I swallowed hard and said I will if Dom does as well, Debbie just smiled and said oh that’s for sure so Dominic and I both stated to get undressed and Dom said to Debbie only fair if we are both naked then she should be to so she started to take her jeans off to reveal matching white cotton panties, by this time Dom was completely naked with a raging hard and a few seconds later I pulled off my underpants to reveal my hard cock, Debbie who was still in panties said she wanted to look at us next to each other so we stood side by side I was a couple inches taller than Dom but we both had some hair on our chests his red and mine black but as I was thick bodied so was my cock about 7.5 inches but very thick whereas Dom’s was about 9 inches but pencil thin Debbie just smiled and said she wanted to feel both reaching out and grabbing our cocks I am surprised I didn’t come there and then in her hand but I didn’t she looked at me and asked if I would like my cock sucking I just smiled and nodded my head but Debbie just looked at me so OK but for her to suck my cock I would have to suck Dom’s! I so desperately wanted my cock sucking that I readily agreed I had wanked off Dom before and he me so holding his cock was not a first but sucking it was, I sat on the couch so it would be easier and Debbie grabbed Dom’s cock and slowly brought it my face I reached and took hold slowly pulling the foreskin back not quite sure what to expect but I opened by mouth and took in just the end and sucked a little Debbie knelt down and said here let me show you and took Dom’s cock and seemed like she swallowed the whole bl**dy length I was pretty sure I couldn’t take it all but opened my mouth to see how much I could it was at this point that Debbie took hold of my cock and started slowly stoking it giving me all the encouragement I needed to start sucking for all I was worth I was so lost in was I was doing that that it took a few seconds to register that Debbie had taken my cock in her mouth and was slowly sucking me off I can tell you it took about 3 minutes before I told her I was coming but that just made her suck even harder till I shot my load in to her mouth which she swallowed every last drop at this Dominic’s cock started to twitch so I started to wank him harder when all of sudden the first spurt shot out in to my chest followed by more and more, Debbie looked at it and slowly smiled before leaning over and licking all the cum off my chest before moving to Dom’s cock and licking and sucking every last drop of cum.
Debbie then suggested we all took a shower to clean off our sweaty bodies, she was still wearing her panties at this point and as we got in to the bathroom she peeled them off giving me my first look at hers as well as at any ones pussy it was this neat black little triangle and just seeing it got me really hard again at which Debbie just smiled, we all climbed in to the shower and starts to wash and soap each other and I got to fell those great tits, her round little ass and her soft little pussy. Before long I wasn’t the only the one hard as Dom’s cock was now back up as well, we got out of the shower and toweled each other off, then Debbie pushed me down on to the side of the bath and bending over started to suck my cock again, with her ass in the air Dominic didn’t need an invitation and slipped his hard cock in to her now very wet pussy and started pumping for all he was worth I stood up and moved around to watch his cock sliding in and out with ever faster strokes he then reached out and taking hold of my cock begin wanking me to the same stroke as he was pounding Debbie’s pussy, pretty soon I was ready to cum again and after a few jerks I shot my load of creamy cum all over Debbie’s beautiful ass and I don’t know if was seeing this or it was time but Dom pulled out and shot his load to mix with mine on Debbie’s ass. Debbie being a little cum stained climbed back under the shower to wash off, when she climbed out she suggested we go back down and watch some TV so I started to get dressed and she said we wouldn’t be needing clothes,
Needless to say the rest of the night continued in much the same way with me sucking Dom him Sucking me Debbie sucking us both and Dom fucking her but alas I never got to fuck her but I did get to stick my fingers inside at least, Dom and Debbie broke up about 6 weeks later and we never got to repeat it but even now I can still remember it and it still gets me hard

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2 years ago
brilliant!!! need more!! please pm me when there is!
3 years ago
Very horny story, it got me wanking
3 years ago
very good story. thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Very nice story of what brothers will do for a good pussy.....Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Very good Jake,,hope you had more good times with dom