Older lady on the night bus part 2

A continuation of part 1
I hope a young man like you can go again and so……………. I said sure I just need 5 minutes to catch my breath that’s OK she said I want to get a drink, she walked naked to the fridge and I got to see her in all her glory, she looked really good for her age a little saggy but still sexy and could feel the life coming back to me. She offered the bottle to me and so I got up and walked over to her when o reached o drank heavily and then slipped my arm around her waist and we kissed realizing this was the first time we were actually kissing and it was very long very deep and very warm and it got my cock twitching again, Margaret looked down and said oh so you can go again. She took me back to the bed and we laid down and stated kissing again whilst I explored her body with my hands, she was a little saggy in places but to my rather inexperienced hands it was magical, I stared to move down kissing her neck and upper chest before moving to her breasts and dark nipples taking one in to my mouth and sucking and nibbling on it, judging by her reaction it was something she liked so I carried on for a while meanwhile slipping my hand between her legs and on to her pussy which was getting very wet indeed so I slipped a finger in while biting a little harder on to her nipple.
She started to slowly push my head down her body towards her pussy which could have been a problem as I have never done it before so rather than embarrass myself I told her to which replied no problem I will talk you through it, so I positioned myself between her legs and with a little guidance and encouragement slightly parted her lips and licked the length of her pussy lips, OMG I have been in the top class hotel business and eaten some of the most flavourful foods in the world but nothing prepared me for this it was pure heaven, needless to say after my first lick I took a lot more getting more adventurous firstly opening her lips a little wider and finding her clit to give it a suck and even a little nibble. And then slipping first 1 finger and then another, I was completely lost in what I was doing as only realized what I was doing to her when she grabbed my head and pushed it in to her pussy which was getting considerably wetter and her whole body seemed to shake with an orgasm.
Well by now my cock was so hard I thought it was going to explode, so I sat up and wiped my mouth to see Margaret looking at me with a smile on her face, meanwhile looking at my cock, she maneuvered me on to my back and straddled me all the time smiling and looking in to my eyes, she slowly slid back and reaching between her legs grabbed my hard cock before guiding it in to her wet and warm (and still quite tight, not that I was an expert) pussy, for what seemed like forever she just sat there before slowly moving up and down on my hard cock speeding up till we had a good rhythm going and needless to say I did not last long before shooting my load inside her which she just squeezed her pelvis and drained every last drop.
We lay there for a while before Margaret suggested a quick shower together which is something even now I like, we had a long slow shower soaping each other all over before drying ourselves and going back to bed with a drink, well I was still young and still horny so it wasn’t long before my cock started to grow and I let the towel slip open so Margaret could see it and she just smiled and reached over and started to stroke my cock, pretty soon it was fully hard again and Margaret suggested I stand next to the bed while she knelt up, looking at her pussy from behind I couldn’t resist bending over and giving her a bit of a lick before standing up and burying myself balls deep in to her pussy, I fucked her as hard as I could with her pushing back until I once more shot my load, we collapsed on the bed and fell asl**p in each other’s arms, I awoke a while later to see it was almost 08:00 (thankfully I wasn’t working till 3) and I had a bit of morning glory so got up and went for a pee after I came back in to the room Margaret was now awake and looking at me or more precisely at my hard on she slid out of bed and walked towards me she kissed me long and hard and grabbed my cock and whispered are you ready to go I just slid my arms around her pulled her close and kissed her hard, I didn’t want to go back to the bed so I lifted her on the little table and sat down between her legs for my breakfast, now I had tasted pussy I wanted more I leaned forward and ate for all my worth after a while I stood up and with the table being at the right height I slipped in with the greatest of ease to fuck this sexy lady for the 3rd time, after that she unfortunately had to go to work and I headed home but not before arranging for another visit. This was the start of 6 months of some of the best sex I ever had, I will recount some other stories including my first anal, and first MFF 3some (I had once fucked a girl with my b*****r) later on. I hope you enjoyed and please feel free to comment

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3 years ago
Very good Jake,,been there ,,,thanks
3 years ago
terrific two parter keep up the good work and hope to read more soon