Older Lady on the Night Bus

When I was a young man (about 20)living and working in London at a big 5 star hotel I used to work the worst shifts, sometimes only finishing at midnight and having to get the night bus home.
Well one particularly wet night (it was London after all) I got the bus as normal, at the next stop an older lady got on and came upstairs for a smoke, other than me the upstairs was empty she looked at me and smiled she was perhaps late 40’s small frame with short black hair which was wet, I have always loved older women still do come to think of it, about half way up Cricklewood high road the bus decides to break down and the driver says it’s not going anywhere and it will be at least 30 minutes before the next one, I decided it was better to walk and get a bit wet than sit and wait and so did my fellow passenger, after walking along in silence I bitched about the buses to which she agreed, she introduced herself as Margaret with a rather sweet Scottish accent, I asked where she was going and she said a few streets before mine so we agreed to walk together, as we walked the rain got harder and harder and we got wetter and wetter when we reached the end of her road she asked if I would like a cup of coffee and maybe get myself a bit dry and see if the rain eased so I readily agreed.
We entered her flat which was basically a studio set up with double bed and wardrobe on 1 side and a little kitchen and dining table on the other with a separate bathroom, Margaret explained she was going for a bath and could dry myself with a towel she gave me, I joked if she wanted her back scrubbed to just call to which she laughed.
About 10 minutes in to her bath I heard her voice and my heart almost stopped she called out “well if you’re going to wash my back you better come in here” I cautiously approached the bathroom door which was partially open and pushed open to find Margaret laying in the bath, and what a beautiful site, nicely sized breasts (about 36C) a flat stomach with a few stretch marks, down to a perfectly trimmed black bush, maybe you should take your shirt and pants off and put over the radiator she suggested my hands were shaking so much I could hardly get my pants open, I pulled them off but there was very little to hide the bulge in my underpants. I knelt next to the bath and slowly started washing her back while trying to hold a normal conversation, when I was finished I asked if she wanted the front doing as well to which she just giggled almost like a schoolgirl and said yes.
I slowly soaped up her breasts that although a little saggy still felt fantastic in my hands and very dark nipples which by now where standing up very proud I continued over her belly and in between her legs which she had opened slightly, and slid my finger up and down the length of her pussy, she grabbed my hand and said no let’s get dry and go through to the bedroom, I stood up and helped her out of the bath and helped her dry down on seeing the bulge in my pants she ran a finger along the length, it might not be the longest in the world but it is very thick, and said umm we shall have to see what we can do with that
We moved through to the bedroom and she got drinks from the fridge as she approached me she deliberately let the towel drop stood looking beautiful in her nakedness she gave me both drinks and said please hold these then dropped down to her knees and grabbed the waistband of my underpants and slowly pulled them down freeing up the biggest hard on I had ever had, with pre-cum already dribbling out and I swore she licked her lips (but maybe that’s just rose tinted memories) she leant forward and pulling the foreskin back licked the little drops of pre-cum off the end before opening her mouth and swallowing a good portion of my rock hard cock I thought I had died and gone to heaven and she slowly started to suck my cock all the while squeezing my balls with one hand and slowing wanking me with the other I was so lost in the moment that I was ready to cum before I even knew what was happening I tried to tell her but she looked lost in the act and almost immediately my cock and balls started to twitch and I shot what felt like the biggest load of cum I have ever produced which she swallowed with pure gusto, standing up she took the drink off me and said thank you, my legs were like jelly and I just had to sit on the bed, Margaret just smiled at me and said I hope a young man like you can go again and so……………. To be continued

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Really enjoyed your story, if you have more I would like to read them.
3 years ago
Very nice story, fluently written. Hope to read more, cheers.
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
LMAO I used to live and work in cricklewood for over 20 years its nice to see it in a story! I had lost count of the times I walked down cricklewood broadway in the rain. I used to shag a lady across the road from the old dairy in claremont road she lived about 10 doors down from me and my mate who lived in the same house as me got caught by his wife trying to shag her as well LMAO.