Crazy Lady Part 1

I was in the Supermarket and walking down an aisle I saw this woman from the back.What caught my eye was her hair.It was long,down to her ass and a beautiful dark shiny brunette color.Then I noticed the skin tight jeans,They were black with sequins on the pockets,down the side,a lot of sequins.She was wearing high heel boots that ended just above her calf.She was pretty skinny and it looked good.I lost her but then saw her coming towards me in another aisle.The first thing that caught my attention this time was her face.I don't like to use the word ugly because we are all more than our looks.Let's just say if she didn't have the body she had she wouldn't get the looks she was getting.It was like someone photo shopped some old woman's face on a sexy young woman's body.She was wearing a leopard print waist length jacket,with more sequins on the front of her jeans and a over sized shiny sequined belt buckle.Under the jacket was a tee shirt,with more sequins,that left her abs exposed and looked like it was purposely cut to reveal as much cleavage as possible.Her boots even had sequins around the top and down the sides.I couldn't get over her face though.Lot's of makeup,lot's of jewelery everywhere.She had a big hook nose and big lips.

We smiled at one another then I noticed her eyes.They were this incredible piercing green .About the third time we ran into one another she looked at me smiling "we have to stop meeting like this."

I replied " I agree but where do you want to meet." I meant that as a joke but she took it as a come on I guess.

" I don't know.Do you have somewhere in mind?" she said looking at me, batting her eyes.

I thought she was joking too but she stood there staring at me waiting for an answer.

I didn't have one and thought,what have I gottin myself into?

"Ahm.........would you like to have lunch with me" I stuttered.

She shot back " absolutely.I do know a place to do that."

We met in the parking lot and I followed her to this local eatery.

She straight out asked me during lunch "so, what are you looking for a relationship or just some fun?" She just stared again waiting for an answer.

"Well" I said " to be honest I wasn't looking for anything but I am definitely not into relationships,except friend types."

I really didn't know at that point if I wanted to have anything to do with her because she seemed a little crazy.Her eyes were beautiful to look into but there was also a weirdness in there.

" How about sexual" she said.

I hesitated "sure I am always up for that."

She came back with "do you find me sexually attractive."

I didn't hesitate this time "of course I do." In my mind I said "at least from the neck down" and immediately thought "don't be an a jackass."

Believe it or not at this stage we still don't know each others names and that was fine if that is how she wanted it so I didn't bring it up.

We left the eatery and standing outside at her car she said "I would like to see you again."

I replied "yeah sure me too." We exchanged phone numbers and left."

I honestly didn't think I was going to call her.

I didn't have to as it turned out.She called me that night.

When I picked her up you should have seen this outfit she had on.

First her hair was beautiful as it was before.Her face covered in makeup,bright red lipstick,dark eye shadow.Big hooped earrings.Lots of beads and chains around her neck.Three or four bracelets on each wrist.Rings on all but one finger,even thumb rings.She was wearing a blue sequin jacket,a low cut shirt with a strap around her neck,her boobs trying to break out but this shirt covered her abs.Another big belt buckle,sequin top blue jeans and low bootie high heels.

We went to a couple of clubs until late in the night then she wanted to go back to her place.

After some drinks she excused herself because she wanted to get comfortable and told me to turn on the TV while I waited.

About twenty minutes later she walks into the room wearing a black leather mini skirt,a fishnet bodysuit and high heel boots.

She looked straight out of a porn vid.She had big beautiful tits standing straight up with no support.She had big hard nipples straining against the tight fishnet.She strolled over to me sitting in the chair and placed her one foot on the chair arm straddling my legs.One hand on her hip the other resting on her knee she said " do you like?"

"Fuck yeah" I said.

I starred between her legs and saw her bare pussy between her crotchless fishnets. She put her hand under my chin lifting my head saying "you are not allowed to look anywhere but into my eyes unless I give you permission.And you will call me Mistress Stacy.Do you understand?"

I stupidly responded "yeah."

She grabbed my chin squeezing saying sternly"yes what?"

She wasn't joking.I replied "yes Mistress Stacy."

She released my chin from her tight grip and I kept starring into her beautiful green eyes.

" That's good " she said and after a few seconds of starring "now you can look at me pussy."

I lowered my head to see these big pussy lips protruding from the opening in the fishnets.I starred wanting to touch them but I knew that would be a no no,so I just starred.

Then she said "touch my pussy lips,see how soft and moist they are."

I reached between her legs my fingers gently touching the hanging lips.She inhaled quickly holding her breath then exhaled as I stroked her lips.Man they were big meaty lips.

She then asked " can you feel how moist I am?"

" Yes Mistress Stacey" I replied obediently.

" Do you want to feel my cunt hole to see how moist I am?" she said.

" Yes Mistress Stacey I do please" I begged.

"OK but you must do as I say" she quipped.

"Yes Mistress Stacy."

She waited a few seconds as I played with her pussy lips " OK, put your finger slowly in my hole" she demanded "stop"she commanded.I was only in just past my finger nail and she was soaking wet.I froze not moving "OK a little more".I pushed slowly in her wet walls soaking my finger making it slide easily in.As I got about half my finger in she yelled "STOP."

I froze and she sighed with pleasure.I lifted my eyes trying not to get caught looking.I could see her long hair swaying back and forth,her head was up and her hair was down past her ass.

Then she told me to wiggle my finger.I wiggled it against her soft wet pussy walls.I could here her breathing heavy.

She then said "pull it out, pull it out." I did as she said.

She grabbed my chin again pulling my head up to look into my eyes saying "do you like Mistress Stacey's pussy old man?"

"I do " I replied "it is the sexiest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of touching Mistress Stacey."

She smiled broadly "good answer man toy." Then she stepped on to the chair placing her soaking pussy against my mouth saying "eat me old man eat me."

I started to talk when she shouted at me "don't talk just eat you perv.Eat me and do a good job or else."

I lapped at her cunt like a dog.She pushed her pussy down hard trying to cover my nose and mouth.My tongue was so deep inside her fuck hole.She moaned and squealed as I tasted the inside of her dripping wet cunt.She had her hands on my head shoving me hard against her.I had trouble breathing but was loving it.

Then she yelled at me "get your cock out and stroke it for me.Get it rock hard for Mistress Stacey."

I did as I was told.My cock was already hard and I stroked as I was told.My eyes were looking straight up her body as she had removed the leather skirt somehow.She twisted her body trying to see me jerking my cock.

"That's it" she said "stroke it make it really hard so I can fuck it."

I stroked my cock and ate her pussy for a long time until she started to cum.She cried out and was taking deep breathes as her juices flooded my mouth.The weight of her body was on my mouth.Her drippings were running down my chin then down my neck.Then suddenly I got a blast of pussy juice squirting up my nose into my eyes as she screamed out "oh fuck you old perv you made me squirt shit." She gritted her teeth saying "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck yes fuck yes you old cunt whore fuck that is fucking great."

I was soaked as she stepped down off the chair.She leaned down licking my face "I taste good don't I ?"she demanded.

"You taste amazing Mistress Stacey" I answered back.

She told me to keep stroking my cock as she stood there pushing her fingers into her cunt pulling them out and licking them teasingly.I stroked faster my cock was flaming red my head swollen.

Then she said " stop jerking off you old pervert." I stopped and she leaned down sucking my swollen cock into her mouth.She only sucked a little then told me to get in the bedroom.I obeyed.Once in the room she told me to strip.When I was naked she told me to lay on the bed.I laid on my back my cock still swollen from my jerking.She told me to spread my legs and arms out and not to move no matter what.As I lay there she climbed on the bed.First she got between my legs holding my cock in her hand sucked on the head like she was sucking on a straw trying to suck the cum right out of me.I groaned with pain and pleasure.Then she got off the bed went to the night stand pulling something out.The next thing I know she is strapping my legs down then my wrists.She got back on the bed and started to bite my cock.I tried not to move but you guys know what that feels like so I finally started to squirm and she yelled "stop moving or I will bite harder."

Shit I knew I should have left this one alone she's crazy.She tortured me relentlessly.My cock was red,swollen and in extreme pain.I thought "I hope she is worth this." Then she positioned herself over me.Then squatted down grabbing my cock in a tight grip.She pulled hard on it making me yell out then she pushed her pussy down on my swollen red cock.Then she fell hard down on my cock and I grunted in pain as my cock was swallowed up in her juicy cunt.She pounded up and down hard.She screamed out "oh fuck I'm cumming"over and over finally stopping after a long orgasm.I could feel her juices soaking my balls down to my asshole.

She then untied me and told me that I was now allowed to cum inside her.She was naked now laying on the bed spread eagle.I got between her legs slipping my rock hard swollen cock easily into her soaking wet cunt.I stroked in and out my cum rising up in my cock.Then I got an idea she probably won't like.I slowly reached around her back pulling her up to me then slamming her body down on the bed with me trapping her and started to fuck her as hard and deep as I could.She screamed out to let her go.I ignored her pounding her hard.She tried to say I was hurting her but I just kept it up.She was beating my back she even bit me on the shoulder drawing bl**d but I was determined to keep going.It was a real fight to keep pounding her but finally I must have been hitting the right spot and she cried out "you motherfucker oh fuck IIIII'M CUMMING FUCK SHIT YOU OLD FUCKER STOP IT FUCKER YOU." I would not and she continued to cum the harder I fucked her.

She was struggling under me but she was no match,she was too skinny.

She tried again this time pleading with me that I was hurting her.I just didn't believe her.I decided to let my cum go and exploded like a fire hose.She screamed as my cum filled her pussy.Then she calmed down laying her arms down on the bed.I finished emptying my cock inside her.I left my pulsating cock inside her for a long time.As I relaxed she made a quick move and got out from under me.

She stood at the side of the bed yelling at me "you fucking jerk off who do you think you are.I am in charge her and if you do that again I will bite your balls off.You understand you old fuck?"

I hesitated thinking did I really want to do this,then conceded why not.

I said "I'm sorry Mistress Stacey you are so sexy I couldn't help myself."

She responded "OK you are forgiven since you did make me cum so much."

"Thank you Mistress Stacey" I said.
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