Jenna again

I walked into a bar and when my eyes adjusted to the dark I saw a woman at the other end.It looked like Jenna from the pool.I hadn't seen or heard from her since the summer.I walked down to her and it was her.When I said Hi she looked up her eyes lit up and a big smile came across her face. "Hi Jaimie!" she said.

I sat and she told me all her problems at home.I listened intently but in the back of my mind I was thinking "revenge sex."

Finally she asked," can we go to your place?"

That is what I was waiting for.i responded,"sure we can."

We left and when we were in my apartment she said," drop your pants and sit in that chair." I did as she said.She knelt between my legs and furiously sucked and stroked my cock saying "come on get hard ,I want it hard,I want a big hard cock."

She was deepthroating me.There was saliva dripping all over my cock and balls,She was gaging making it sloppier and sloppier.

She said in between swallows," I want you to cum down my throat."Then went back to swallowing me.She didn't stop until I shot a big load down her throat making her gag bad spitting cum and spit all over my cock and balls.

"O god that's good," she gargled.She continued to suck keeping me hard.When she looked up at me her eyes were bl**dshot from gagging.Then she got up,removed her pants and sat on my cock.She slowly slid her cunt over my hard cock devouring it inch by inch until it was all the way in.She sat there still for a few moments.Then she started to ride me slowly at first then increasing her speed until she was riding me hard slamming her cunt down hard on my balls.She pulled off her tee shirt and I grabbed her nipples hard.She began crying out as she came to a climax but showed no signs of stopping.She bounced up and down coming to another climax.It sounded like I was splashing my dick in a puddle of water it got so wet down there.

Jenna was relentless fucking my cock,climaxing over and over.Just when I thought she was done she picked up her pace again pounding her cunt hard on my cock.I was ready to do this all day but after a long time she finally had enough.

She said,in a horse voice,"fuck baby that was just what I needed."

" I'm glad you enjoyed it,I know I did.You were a wild woman."

She apologized,"I sorry to take that out on you but you were in the right place at the right time Jaimie."

"No need to be sorry," I said "I had a blast watching you cum so hard and so much."

I dropped her off back at the bar and she promised she would call me.
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