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Elizabeth and I got caught

Elizabeth and I were to our secret love nest at work and we had just finished fucking.She was just pulling her shirt over her head and I had just buckled my belt.I was still shirtless when we heard someone unlocking the door.We both froze and in walks a woman.She didn't expect anyone to be in there so she was looking down.As she raised her head she screamed "OH MY GOD."

There was a long awkward moment until I spoke taking the offensive "how did you get the key to this door?" I demanded

"I used to work in this office and I still have stuff stored in here" she said

Elizabeth ran from the room.I got my shirt on and left quickly also.

Elizabeth was freaking out "we are going to get fired and my husband will find out.Oh fuck."

I said " look I know where this woman works let me talk to her."

Elizabeth was still freaking and ran off. I went back to talk to the woman.I was willing to listen and before I got to far she started laughing "I'm sorry I have never walked in on something like that.That poor woman must be mortified."

"She is freaking out" I said.

"Well look, tell her it will be our secret I'm not a prude I know things go on around here.Are you two a couple?" she said.

"No,in fact she is married." She held her hand to her mouth." Are you?"

"No" I said.

"Please tell her it is alright it is our secret but you have to tell me how it happened and how long you have been coming in here.

We must have just been missing one another because this is my hide out too.Which means you two have to find another place."

She wanted to know everything,she said it would make her day to here all about it.I stayed and I laid it all out and she hung on every word.

Just before we left she asked my name and told me her name was Carolyn.

Elizabeth and I are hold right now because she is worried about getting caught again.

The next day at work I got a phone call from Carolyn.She asked me to meet her at her hide out.I met her there the next day and that is another story.
Posted by jaimie49 1 year ago
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