More fun with Elizabeth

Elizabeth and I are still working together but have only got together one other time.It had been months since the last time.Whenever we were alone and out of every ones sight I would tease her,touching her ass or her tit.One time she was wearing shorts and I slid my hand up her thigh.She was so horny she let me.I moved up under her shorts.I was shocked when I hit a naked pussy.

Elizabeth shivered then pulled away"god you'll have me dripping,knock it off."

"We need to go somewhere" I said.

"I agree but I have too many things going on at home to get away" she remarked.

We work at a large office building and our job takes us all over the building.That gave me an idea to look for a spot where Elizabeth and I can sneek off to for a quickie.She told me if I can find a good secure spot that she would love to do it.She said it would make it more naughty and exciting.I found a perfect spot.

We took a day when things were quite and we could take an extended break.The spot had a desk,a nice chair and a bunch of boxes.

Once we got there and locked ourselves in we proceeded to remove our clothes.We stripped down completely naked.I sat on the chair and Elizabeth sat on my legs.We kissed hard and my hands went right to her tits, thumbing her nipples.She caressed my back then her hand made it's way down to my cock.She stroked it making it grow quickly.Her nipples were rock hard.I kissed and sucked her nipples as she continued to stroke my cock.I left her tits and pushed my hand between her legs separating them.She responded dropping her one leg off my lap.I put my finger between her pussy lips feeling her juices already flowing.I pushed in feeling her smooth wet insides.She was breathing heavy and pulling at my cock as I dug my finger deeper into her cunt.

Neither one of us could take it any more and she got up then straddled me on the chair.She grabbed my cock,holding it straight up and sat down on it.I slid easily in and she didn't stop until my whole shaft was buried inside her tight hole.

" Oh fuck" she said quietly "that is so fucking good."

She slowly stroked up and down my rock hard rod.I watched each time as it disappeared up inside her cunt.I sucked her hard nipples as she tried not to cry out.

Then her movements became more and more rapid until she was almost out of control her cunt slamming down hard on my balls.It was heaven and my cum was building.I knew from the way she was moving that it was going to be a hell of an orgasm for her.Her body was glistening from sweat as she finally let out a loud groan trying to contain her voice.Her movements slowed as she climaxed adding to the juices dripping from her cunt.She stopped moving pushing down hard on my cock burying it deep inside her.Her cunt was spasming and that did it for me.I exploded inside her.She sat back her cunt still holding my cock captive inside her " oh fuck that is amazing.Give me all you have," as she rotated her pelvis on my cock. Her nipples were harder and bigger than I have seen.

" Wow" she said "you are still unloading in me.I guess you enjoyed that as much as I did?"

I couldn't even talk, I just shook my head.Our bodies were shiny from sweat and man did that feel good against each other.

We hugged and kissed for a long time while our cum just seeped out all over us and the chair but we could care less that was such an intense orgasm for us both.

Elizabeth finally spoke first "I think that might hold us for awhile."

I quipped back "you mean we are done.I'm ready for more." I was k**ding but she gave me this scrunched up face,her eye brows lowered and her mouth clenched.

"I'm k**ding" I said "unless........." I didn't even finish as she smacked my chest and got off me.

As she bent over to pick up her clothes I hurried behind her,grabbing her by the hips and got a perfect aim on her pussy hole sinking my cock all the way in quickly.She let me get a few good stokes in before she said "come on let's go you can remember this feeling for next time."

I reluctantly slid slowly out enjoying every inch of her soaked cunt.She turned looking at me and kissing my lips "you know I want to but we don't want to get caught,so let's save it for next time."

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Good story
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