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Plain Janes

I was in the store with a buddy and he noticed me checking out this woman.He said what are you looking at she is nothing to look at check out this chic over there.There was this gorgious sexy woman not 5 feet away from this plain looking woman.He said there is something wrong with you dude.You are always doing these plain janes instead of going after the hot chics that I know you could have.
I thought about it later after I hooked up with the plain chic.I do that but I thought back to all the women I have slept with and realized that I had more fun and some incredible sex with theses plain chics.I also discovered that a lot of these women had gorgious bodies hidden under their unassuming cloths.So I think I will continue to persue these plain janes in there sweat pants and frumpy cloths and not have to deal with some of these women who think I am not worth giving the time of day to.They are the ones missing out on a great time just because they are shallow.
Any thoughts?
Posted by jaimie49 2 years ago
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