Good old VHS days...

Guys today have it easy. Nowadays you just have to log on and have access to unlimited porn. Back in my day we had to work our asses off to get our hands on some porn. And since this was such a rare item to get, when any of us got some we would share them with the others. This eventualy led to watching porn videos togheter.

The first time we did it, was when a friend of mine came across a porn VHS. However, since his grandmother was always in the house we could not view it there so we arranged things so we could watch it in my house, since my parents would only come home from work late.

So, 3 of us got togheter and put on the VHS. It was a shitty movie, but for a bunch of guys who had in lingerie catalogs their best jerk off material it was really hot. For quite a while no one said anything as the girl in the movie sucked the guy off. I felt my cock harden beneath my pants but like everyone else I was too shy even to caress it on the outside, so I just continued watching the movie. I could tell that everyone was like me, with bulges in their pants but not doing anything about it. That first time all we did was talk and laugh about it and nothing else happened. Of course when they left, i kept the movie in my house so I used it to jack off lots of times when I was alone.

Some time after that we decided to watch it togheter again but this time one of my friends couldn't hold it anymore and asked if he could use the bathroom. I say it was all right and he went in there. We gave him a hard time when he returned because he took forever in there, ruining the chance for anyone to go after him because it was getting close to the time my parents got home.

The next time, the same guy said he was going to the bathroom and me and the other guy said "No way" and began to argue to see who was going in first until one of them said "Why don't we do it here? It's even hotter if we do it watching the movie". Me and my other friend looked at each other and figures "Why not?", since we had already seen each other naked, since we shower togheter at sports. And that said, we each droped our pants, sat down on the couches and began to stroke our cocks to the movie.

Dispite our attention was focused on the movie I couldn't help but to give quick peeks at their hard cocks, because this was the first time I was seeing anyone masturbate next to me. I've already seen their cocks in gym class but they were soft then, and it impressed me how big they got when hard. One of them was uncut like me but the other one was cut and it was whose cock turned me on the most because he had a perfect head and it was way bigger than mine.

The fact we were masturbating togheter brought the climax much sooner than the other times, so it wasn't long before my uncut friend said he was going to cum and shot his load over his stomach. I came right after, probably because the rush of seeing him cum made me cum as weel but our cut friend took a while still jerking his cock before he came and was during that time that I got really good glimpses of his big meaty cut cock. He came like crazy, I even feared I overshot his stomach and messed up my parents couch, but it was freakin' hot and I almost felt the need to jerk it again.

And there we were, the three of us with cum covered bellies looking at each other and laughing. That was the first time I ever jerked of with friends, but it wouldn't be the last...
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1 year ago
my friends and i use to do that all the time :)
1 year ago
Cool story dude.
1 year ago
Very hot! But please check out spell-check!