Helping my pissed daughter.

For those of you that have read my previous two posts, you will know where im coming from....also pics on my profile will help you to see who i am referring to, and hopefully make this more imaginable x.

This is a fantasy i have been giving much thought to recently so feel free to add any feedback.

It starts one evening when i am home alone, and i get a phone call from a friend of my daughter telling me she is at a party, pissed out of her head and can i come pick her up.

Naturally i oblige and upon arriving i find her in a very d***k state.

I drive her to her house, and help her in, then helping her upstairs to her bedroom.

I lay her fully clothed on her bed and ask her if she wants anything such as a glass of water to which she declines. Then i ask her if she wants her dildo to help her relax a bit and unwind before she falls asl**p, this offer is accepted.

I find it in her draw and pass it to her, then i ask her if she would mind me watching as she performs.

To my delight she accepts so i sit on the bed next to her and watch.

i help her to remove her black thong, her pussy is dark and hairy, just as i imagined it. she slowly rubs the dildo around her pussy lips, as they get wetter and wetter, determined not to miss out i undress so i can wank as she fucks herself with the dildo. As she slides it into her pussy i am wanking my cock enjoying every second.

Then i lean over and take her hand, helping her as she pushes the dildo in and out, all the time im tugging my erection.

She doesn't object so then i rub my finger tip over her pussy, gently prodding into her wet hole, hoping she doesn't suddenly realise what is happening.

Then i remove her black dress, the only thing she has on now is a black bra, 38DD, her body has a little padding but she looks amazing and i hurry to unclip the bra to release her lovely tis into my hands, squeezing them roughly i ask her to get on all fours so i can get underneath her and lick her tits as i finger her pussy.

I really hoped to would squat down enough to sit on my throbbing cock but instead she rubs her wetness into my stomach, me still playing with her amazing tits.

i can feel myself getting near to cumming but i dont want to waste it so i get up and lay her on her back, giving her her dildo back so she can carry on fucking herself.

At this point i wank myself off all over her lovely hairy pussy, my cum sticking to all the hair she has down there, like something from a porn film.

i rub my cock over her hairy minge, rubbing my cum around her fanny and thighs as she still fucks herself to an amazing orgasm, at which point she grabs hold of my cock and squeezes the last few drops of cum out of me into her hand, which she then rubs over her tits.

Maybe one day this can happen, but until then, let me know if you have any similar tastes and see if we can have a chat one night.
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11 months ago
Love this :P
2 years ago
i have same sort of tastes as you!
2 years ago
I'd love to see the photos you talk about here.
2 years ago
A terrific fantasy, hope it happens for you.