My first mother/son role play

Im not sure how or why i first became interested in i****t, but i do remember very clearly my first role play experience.

At the time i had just turned 21 and had just started working in a small factory in Southampton, and one of the first people to make me feel welcome was a lady of about 55 called Jean. She looked very good for her age, slim, slightly greying hair nice body etc and we got on fine.

After a few weeks of chattin she asked me if i wanted to pop round one evening and i was happy to accept ( i fancied her a lot and had several wanks fantasising about her).

The first few visits were just chattin about stuff in general, i think we both knew we fancied each other, it was just about making the first move.

On the fourth visit, as i was just leaving we were at the front door saying goodbye when i just decided to go for it and kissed her and to my delight she responded and we had a good hard snog before i left.

The next visit we were talking about massages and i ended up with her sat on the floor in front of me as i was on the sofa, she was stripped down to her bra and pants as i massaged her shoulders. I was really tempted to pull down her bra straps and rub her tits but bottled it, much to my disappointment.

This went on for several weeks and i had mentioned to her that i had this i****t fantasy in a previous chat, but got no reaction!

As i was leaving one day we got into the now routine goodbye snog at the front door, when she asked me if i wanted to come back in and stay a bit longer..instantly i said yes and she led me into the bedroom.On the pillow was a towel and i remembered a conversation we had once where she told me that whenever she had sex with her late husband, she had a towel handy to clear up the spunk.Straight away i knew she had planned this :)

Jean stood in front of me and said to you want mum to undress now, to which i replied yes and she stripped down to her black underwear and laid on the bed.
I undressed and when i was down to my boxers she commented that she was pleased she had got her son hard! i removed them and moved towards the bed, where she grabbed my bulging cock and started to pull it.

i started to remove her bra, her tits were small but firm, really nice for a 55 year old and i took great delighted running my fingers then toungue over "mums" erect nipples.

As she removed her panties, i saw her cunt for the first time, after weeks of fantazing about it, it was hairy, but i could see her tight pink lips poking through and i eagerly started to play with it, getting her wet as i put a finger in, then another as she groaned with pleasure.

She then laid me on my back and started to suck my cock, slow and sure as i carried on fingering her pussy. She wouldnt let me taste her pussy for some reason, so we then moved into the missionary position were i finally got the chance to enter "my mum".

needless to say the sex was erotic and when i came inside her i thought my cock was never going to stop pumping as all my hot cum emptied into her pussy.

After a ciggy (cliche i know) we had sex again, her riding me as it was her favourite position.

we carried this on for a couple of years, each time using various senarios for our role play, sometimes mum would bath her son, sometimes apply suntan lotion in the garden before popping into the shed for a quick fuck.

I often find myself reminiscing about her, wondering know at the age of 49, maybe i should find myself a "daughter" rather than using my real daughters underwear as a cum catcher.

Anyone else had a similar situation?

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11 months ago
haven't had the pleasure but it would be fun the way you told it
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very good, really enjoyed it mmm
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing the story, that kind of role play is great also. I enjoyed reading about your adventure!