My daughters true story

Recently i have been looking at my 29 year old daughter in a different way. As she has got older she has had a couple of k**s and put on a bit of weight (havn't we all) but it all seemed to be good weight. I couldn't be excatly sure but i was sure her tits had got bigger and i found myself more often trying to catch a glimpse of her cleavage everytime she bends over, and didn't feel ashamed by this at all.

About a month ago she called to say her washing machine had broken and would i mind doing her washing. Of course i agreed straight away as any parent would and told her i would help her whenever she needed any washing done until her machine was fixed.

It was when i was getting her washing out of the bag she had given me that i found her underwear.I was curious, i checked her bra size..38DD, that was a surprise and i found myself running my fingers over the inside of the bra cups, right where her big tits had been, probably very recently.

the next step was to rub the bra over my face, then..making sure the front door was locked and my wife wouldn't be home, i undressed and started to wank my cock using the bra and a pair of her black panties (thong).

The pics from this have been uploaded to my profile if you want a look (plus pics of her).

The actual feeling of spunking into my daughters bra was a mixture of shock, pleasure and pure horniness, and i loved rubbing my spunk all round the inner cup of her bra.

I made sure that i washed the bra, with all her other washing but kept a different one back for later, as well as a thong.

Luckily for me her machine wasn't fixed for a few weeks so i was able to perform various acts with her underwear for a while longer.

Also more recently i was at her house and she had to pop to the shop so i stayed indoors, and while she was out i rummaged through her dirty washing and shoved another bra down my trousers for wanking into later that night.

Whenever i see her now i wonder to myself if she wearing one of the bras i rubbed my cock into and shot my load in.That in itself is fucking horny, the thought of my cum over her tits.

Am i alone in this, or does anyone else do the same?
84% (27/5)
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5 months ago
I've done it all my life. The bigger the bra, the bigger the load. I love to wrap the hook part around my cock and fuck it. Has to be three or more hooks though :) I love the heavy duty engineering.
1 year ago
ur defo no alone lol
1 year ago
I too love to wank into my daughters underwear.I do it whenever I get the chance
1 year ago
Nice hot story!!
1 year ago
1 year ago
I like your taste
1 year ago
it was a great story!!
1 year ago
so hot!!!
1 year ago
1 year ago
i would do the same great story
2 years ago
Love doing the same
2 years ago
soo hot
2 years ago
Natural as breathing man
2 years ago
I did it twice in my wifres bras. put them back in her drawer so she could wear it the next day, assuming it would be dry. She wore it so I guess it was. Pumped a huge load, for me, just doing it and thinking about it.
2 years ago
I do the same with my step daughters knickers wank and smell them they are 18 23
2 years ago
I'd do the same if i have a daughter. I do have a mother in law, sis in law, neice and aunt on my wife's side that i've done that too :)