Sex with Ther****t

I had been going to see this ther****t for close to three years. She was about thirty years older than me, a MILF for sure. I had fantasized many times about fucking her in every position possible. One afternoon in session, we were discussing my virtually sexless relationship with my wife. As i expressed my frustration at what i felt was the lack of control over when i got to have sex given my wife was never in the mood, she said i did have control. I could masturbate.

She parted her legs ever so slightly in her chair and I began to feel bl**d rushing to my cock as i tried to peer up her skirt. Fuck, not now, I thought. I tried to casually cover the edvidence of my arousal.

"It's okay", she said, "it's perfectly natural". She glanced at the time and the soundproofed door.

"Why don't you relax and just rub your penis through your jeans, for me. Just lightly caress yourself"

My cock was getting so hard so quickly. I did as she instructed and watched as she reached to unbutton the top three buttons on her blouse. Her slender fingers slipped into her blouse and cupped her beautiful breast. Her legs parted more and she hiked up up skirt to reveal that she was not wearing any panties!
Her natural bush was so different than my wife's shaved pussy but somehow it fit.

I reached for my zipper and unfasted my jeans. "Pull them off but leave your underwear on", she instructed.

My eight inch cock was throbbing against my tight boxers. I wet spot was forming where i leaked precum as i rubbed my shaft and balls through my underwear. Her slipped a finger up and down her slit, parting the folds of her pussy. "Now, take off your underwear and jerk your cock for me. I want you to take your fingers and stroke your head lightly, rubbing it in the palm of your hand before gripping your thick shaft and stroking it in long slow deep strokes. Imagine your cock fucking my hairy pussy".

As I jerked for her she put her legs up on either arm of the chair. The folds of her cunt exposed as glistening as her fingers worked her clit and plunged into her hole. It was so hot to watch her fingers, one, two then three disappear into her hole. She pulled them out and I jerked so hard watching her gape.

"Are you close?" she gasped.

I was jerking my stiff cock like there was no tomorrow. "yes" i said.

"I want you to cum on my hairy pussy"

I walked over to her chair and blew a nice thick hot load on her dark brown bush. She rubbed it into her cunt and tasted some. "Ummmm, your hour is up, please see my receptionist to determine when you can cum again". I hope the next time I can taste her pussy.
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2 years ago
thats different, a therapist I mean. older than you, hairy vs. smooth is good to.
2 years ago