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fingering my s****r

I remember having to watch Christmas movies as a f****y every holiday season at least once and always the same ones every year. By the time my s****r and I were teens we were not at all interested. This one year it was a deep freeze outside and no one was going anywhere. my parents had us cornered so what the heck, let's get the movie night over with. I teased my mom as i sat on the couch beside my s****r and stole some of her blanket. we ended up keeping the blanket on us and i could feel my cock stiffening. i fingered my girlfriend in this covert manner in front of her parents --but my s****r? as you already know my s****r and i had fucked before. it was no surprise to her when my hand crept between her legs slowly while we stared at the screen. much to my surprise, she was ready for me. pj bottoms off and panties to the side. her cunt was hot and so slick with juice. my finger circled her clitty and down her slit. i loved probing every fold of that wet cunt while she was f***ed to sit still. her nipples were hard. she came on my hand, a gush as her pussy spasmed so much i thought her tight hole would break my three fingers as i kept pushing deep into her hole.

that night she snuck into my room, mounted me and rode me hard. someone got their present early.
Posted by jadon69 2 years ago
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1 year ago
lovely tale you have here