Bath Time

This happened this summer and was actually hot....

I'm from this small town and jobs are really hard to come by. I ended up taking a job in a retirement residence. My job was to work in the nursing home side and move the patients, etc. a lot of heavy lifting. One evening I was called in to help this nurse who was supposed to give this old lady a bath. The nurse got a lot of flack for being a "male nurse" but I can see now why he loves his job so much.

The old girl was wrinkly and old but under that you could tell she had been really good looking when she was younger. She was quite nice and had big nipples on her sagging tits. She had a private room so when I came to help, my buddy told me to lock the door. We helped her out of her bathroom and my buddy started to give her a sponge bath. She got this sparkle in her eye and as he leaned over her, her hand raised and touched his scrubs right in the crotch area. Not a grab just a light brush. He started to get hard.

"you boys are all the same", she said smiling and then started to tell us about when she was a young woman living on her fathers farm. she would go out into the fields to give the young men water and something to eat. "but that's not all I gave them"

"what?" I couldn't help it and started to laugh.

"oh come on!" she said, "I was a beautiful young thing with so many urges. I remember being in the hayloft and being taken every way possible"

Holy shit, my cock was getting hard. It was so wierd, I wanted to touch her. My buddy was taking her tits out of her nightie to wash them. "ooh", she groaned, "just squeeze my breast and run that sponge over my nipples".

"yes ma'am" my buddy said as he looked at me and smiled. Had he done this before?

I wanted to touch her saggy tits, I wanted to suck her nipples hard. It was like she read my mind, "Don't just stand there, your friend called you in here to help! when I was your age I didn't need to beg to have my titties fondled".

I reached out and cupped her tits. Her skin was so soft. As a did, my buddy hitched up her night dress and revealed a hairy pussy. I didn't care, I wanted more. I sucked her nipples and stroked her inner thigh while spreading her legs apart. My fingers slid across her slit and into the folds of her cunt. I rubbed her clit as she moaned. My buddy kissed her, his tongue in and out of her mouth. He removed her false teeth and she reached to free his cock. She started sucking him off and moaned as I rubbed her twat. I reached for my cock and undid my pants. I jacked myself for a few strokes.

"Oh look at that big cock you have. I would like to feel you pumping into me. You strong fit boy, fuck my hole"

It was wierd to have someone's granny talk so dirty but my nuts were aching and who would know. She beckoned for my cock and practically swallowed it. She gummed my shaft and flicked her tongue in my slit while tickling my balls. I fucked her mouth and then pulled my cock out. It dripped with spit.

"There you go, laddy, my cunt doesn't get as wet as it used to. I reckon you can slide into her now though".

And that I did. We raised the bed so it was level and I shoved my head into what was a tight pussy. Holy fuck was she tight. She gasped as I pushed my head in and then I felt her heat as I pushed my cock balls deep. It was so gross it was hot. I was pistoning in and out of this old broad, her tits bouncing and skin jiggling as she sucked my buddy's dick.

We took turns pussy and mouth until I couldn't take it anymore. My girl never let's me cum in her cunt but granny was primed. "Give me your hot load" and with that I nutted like never before. I pulled out and she licked me clean of cum and pussy juice. My buddy jacked and came on her face.

We cleaned her up and said goodnight. She looked at me and winked "I hope you'll cum again soon"
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gummers are fantastic
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Nice, and why not, age isn't a barrier to pleasure.
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Hot story
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oh my