Dominate You, Punish Me!

I feel your hand stroke my shoulder and your finger tips graze the tops of my breasts then cup the undersides. . When you begin to nip and lick the spot where my neck meets my shoulder, goose bumps spring to the surface of my skin and I can't hold back a moan. My hips push back against you and my nipples pebble into hard little points.

Your not inside me yet....but I can feel your rigid erection between my buttocks. You slap my ass; hard, almost too hard. It stings and hurts, but the electricity shoots through my body in an instant and I feel it surge all across my back, down my arms and between my legs. It hurts, but I want you to do it again. You reach around with your hand between my legs. I arch my hips further towards you, wanting to feel some part of you, any part inside me. You slide just one finger in, it feels... it feels... oh it feels wet... perfect. You lean to my ear and utter your first words....

"mmm... my dirty little slut! Have you been playing with your pussy without me?"
I reply "mmmm...yes i have....deeper....go deeper.mmmmmmm"
I moan and as you slide your finger up and down the length of my wet pussy. I grab your arm. "Does my little slut like that?" you growl in my ear.

I straddle you with ease and put my hands around your cock, you arch in pleasure into my hand and ever so slowly I move your cock to my pussy. I lift my hips and let your cockhead tease my clit. Your eyes close trying to keep yourself from coming and you moan in pleasure. I slap your face playfully. I want you to open your eyes, so you can see that your being taken by me, that you are under my control, that I will f***e you to cum whether you like it or not and still fuck you till your hard again.

I suddenly sit down on your cock, givin no warning to you. I sit down all the way to the balls, you grit your teeth and your hips press up into me. You let out the breath that you were holding without even realising. I am laughing as I know you didnt expect me to be this tight, you are trembling with the effort of trying not to cum. I lean forward until my nipples touch your chest and my hands hold the top of the bedhead and I start to ride.

"Uh, Uh, Uh" are the sounds that can be hear being ripped from your mouth. I am gripping you and releasing you shocking your senses and before long the sweat starts to run freely from your brow. I lick a little..mmm the sweet taste of success..I feel your cock starting to spasm and I know you are going to cum. I suddenly turn with you deep within me, into the reverse cowgirl position. My hands are against each legs and I start to make my ass shake as I lift my hips up and down, swallowing and griping your cock in such a way that you roar out with the f***e of your cum. You arch up so high, that my body lifts of the bed and my legs are hanging in the air. You suddenly fall bad to the bed....1 down 10 to go......

You take at least 10 minutes to breathe with a semblence of normality. Your still hard as a rock and your shocked. I still have you held deep within me and then i stand up, purposely gripping you hard with my pussy. Your cock washed and wiped clean with my pussy. I turn towards you and straddle you again. My lips move to your ear "Did you like that?" What do you think I should do now? That cum was for you, now the rest will be for me..."

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2 years ago
hard now
2 years ago
mmmmmm Wow I hard.....
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
This is very arousing. Much appreciated for sharing.
3 years ago
yes i would!
3 years ago
3 years ago
my cock is yours!!!xx
3 years ago
loving it babe!!!xx