Black Magic

I didn't know her name....

Sometimes when I'm walking down the street going to work or going to meet friends, my mind will go drift away, with memories of her with me and I'll smile and suddenly it will seem like everythings ok.

I know it probably wont be my luck to see her again, but hey, I'm glad that i got to know her, even if it was only for a few hours....

I fumbled with the keys to the door, sexual tension nearly kiling me.
She takes the keys and with surgeon presicion she puts the key into the lock and opens the door. I walk in after her like a guest, I have completely forgotten I have entered my own house.

Long legs that lead only to heaven lead the way, her skinny jeans, hugging her legs oh so perectly. I am jealous of the fact that those jeans have the priviledge of touching her skin. My ass travel up the highway which are her legs and caress the apple bottom which was almost too perfect in size, shape and look. My hand goes out tot touch her ass, like a man in the desert searching for a drop of water.

She looks back at me and smiles, her choclate skin shining in the light of the moon. A face like Naiomi Campbell but with the happiness of youth and the plumpness of youth. Her luscious lips enhanced by that pink tongue lightly skimming over them. Her eyea the colour of Onyx, slightly hooded from lust.
She walks towards me smiling in that cat like way. The door closes behind me...

I step back in reflex and her body anticipates and pinns mine to the door.
Her face moves to miine and she whispers in my ear.
"I hope you have had a goods night sl**p becuase dont think you'll be getting any tonight." Just the whisper of her breath against my neck made my body tingle.

Before i can even respond, she kisses me on my neck and my body arches into hers, her tongue peeps out licking my neck, my collar bone and I shudder in response. She obviously likes this as she rns one hand under my top and begins to play with my nipples whilst rubbing herself against me.

I vaguely remember moaning my approval as she took the time to use my daze to shed me of my top, bra and scarf. Like a d**g addict her tongue searched for that d**g she needed and my body provided. Her tongue darting out and sucking at my nipples untill they jutted out stiff and proud. Her free hand moving up my thighs to my hips then straight between my legs. I know thatb I cant hide the fact that I have completely soaked my panties and her fingers glisten like diamonds with my juices, she takes too fingers and rubs my pussy whilst talking dirty in my ear. Her fingers dip inside me, teasing me all the time.

I must have cried out as she suddenly stopped rubbing and brought her fingers to her lips and pt them straight into her mouth and sucked my juices right off her fingers, closing her eyes, savouring my flavour and moaning her approval.

"mmmmmmm i didnt know you could taste this sweet" her sexy voice deep and smooth like silk. I can only stare at her mouth, she kisses me long and hard, her tongue taste every bit of my mouth, her tongue caressing mine. I move my hands into her skinny jeans and find that little nub and i rub if ever so lightly, she moans and I stroke a little harder and faster. She is so wet that the only thing keep my hand next to her clit is her panties.

My other hand taking off her blouse and throwing it recklessly to the ground, no bra and her chest is big. A nubian no doubt. I bend down to taste her nipples and suck hard, my tongur runs rings around her nipples and my tongue tastes her neck, her shoulder and then my tongue runs to her belly button.
Without warning she straightens me back into a standing positions and pulls down my skirt and panties.

The shock of the movement and the speed doesn't even have time to register as she gets to her knees and her mouth dives into my pussy with precision.
I widen my stance to gain better access to her clever tongue and she works my pussy. My knees start to buckle and my hands manage to find their way into her hair, keeping that amazing tongue, swirling, licking, sucking and probing as close to me as possible.

My hips start to move and her mouth latches onto my clit sucking softly and getting firmer. My kneees finally buckle and she pulls me to the ground and lie me on my back and dives back in head first. I want to touch her, taste her, hear her moan, but it seems she had the idea first for me.
My hips buck into her mouth, she openes my legs wider than ever and pins them down either side. I like the stretch feeling...........

She starts licking my pussy with long wide licks, and like a lolly my juices run into her mouth. She licks with abandom and I can feel my orgasm on the way and she knows it too because she starts sucking and working my clit. I start moaning uncontrollably and her head presses into my pussy seeking extra purchase. I feel it on the horizon and my body is straining to have me cum and with a long suck, I cum into her mouth.

Her head leaves my pussy and I can see my juices on her mouth, messy like a c***d learning how to feed themselves. I focus on her tongue darting around licking up the mess till its gone. She takes her blouse and wipes her face then looks at me and says:

"Now that we have had our starters, what would you like for the main?"

82% (10/2)
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2 years ago
WOW WOW WOW , i can see why females are rating this HOT, because omg do you creative a vision one can only dream of and i like the use of the work=d anticipation within your stories, and with that i anticipate reading more and more. Very very good i want to meet that girl even if its for an hour and im sure i would fell the same.

You should publish your work big time and some how this story needs to be brought to the attention of others as it is really that good.


bang bang
3 years ago
Super hot baby.
3 years ago
*fans* HOTT!
3 years ago
It was delightful
3 years ago
Keep writing. We love it.