Jill's plans for after work ;).

You come from work - all exhausted and ready to get out of your clothes. i say, 'go ahead baby, take a seat, let me take care of you' ;) so you sit and before you know it your hands are behind your back and handcuffed together. i unzip your pants and pull them down around your ankles and leave them there - this way you can't move your legs too much. i immediately start giving you head - fast and furious - you didn't even have time to prepare and already you are about to cum! i slow down for a minute and tease your head and fondle your balls, when i feel you relax i spit on your dick and go at it again - fast and hard until i feel you explode down my throat! As much as you loved it i can feel your disappointment that its already over. oh but wait . . . its not over!

I start to peel off my clothes - you thought this was going to be about just you?! underneath my first layer i reveal the yellow lingerie you bought me and stockings pulled up to my thighs. While i let you recover i let you watch me get myself ready. i am sitting in the chair across from you with my legs slightly parted - just enough so that you can see i don't have anything on. i let my hand wander down my body until i reach my pussy. i start to caress myself. you start to move around, motioning that you would like to help (oh did i forget to mention that you have the ball gag on?) but i don't need you right now so i put my leg on yours so that you quit moving and now you have an even better view of my wide open pussy. sucking your cock got me pretty excited and i am already so wet that it is running down my legs just a little. i wipe it up and massage my clit until i am shaking with excitement - and just when you think i am going to have all my fun without you i jump up and onto you. Feeling you enter me. ooo, it feel so good. i sit facing you, straddling your hard cock and bouncing so that i can feel you in me as deep as possible. ooo how i love that feeling! I hold on to the back of the chair and lean back and and swing a little so that i can feel the whole length of your penis going in and out - but never quite coming out and finally i wrap all my limbs around and we fuck together - feeling each others pleasure and we both explode together.

did you think i was done? oh no. i am not yet satisfied! i slowly pull myself off of you and again while you recover i attend to myself. you know i am never satisfied with just one orgasm. So I sit in the chair again. this time i am so wet it is dripping down my leg but i don't care - i let it run all over - playing with myself just isn't cutting it so i untie your hands and move you down to the foot of my chair and make your eat my wet pussy. oh how your tongue works! and not not just your tongue, you slide your finger into my ass while your tongue caresses my clit - i never stood a chance! in no time i am melting away into the pleasure of my orgasm, sliding down the chair in utter contentment.

This is not what you wanted though so you start kissing me, aggressively, letting my pussy juice flow between us - as i regain consciousness i realize what i wanted to do to you that i have not yet! i jump up and run away - this time i come back with the strap-on on. your still sitting on the floor confused as to what is going on so i take advantage of your position and make you suck my cock, just when you are really getting into it i spin you around and put you on your hands and knees, since my dick is already wet i just plunge it straight into your ass - and i tell you if you want to cum then you better jack yourself off! of course you do as a i say and i fuck your ass until you cum once again. after all this, your penis is getting a little sore so i crawl below you and start sucking on it - very softly, like a feather, just kissing around and licking until you have one more orgasm - there is hardly any cum in my mouth so i know i have finally done my job for the day and i let you finally relax.
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3 years ago
I enjoyed this :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Would love to take a strap on like that
3 years ago
A very nice way to end the day! Totally DRAINED