Jill tells Jack how she wants to penetrate him fro

Do you want to know one of my favorite moments?

It was the night I made you lay on your stomach with your hands and feet tied and I put the dildo in your ass. I loved watching it slide in and out and hearing your love every movement. I loved stroking your penis from the back and feeling you squirm in enjoyment and then I made you hump the bed to get yourself off. Ooooh I am getting wet right now just thinking about it!

I think if we were to do that again I would make sure your hands and feet were hog tied together - again laying on your stomach. I would slap your ass for being naughty and then spit on your asshole to get it nice and lubed up. I would lick it for awhile, teasing you with my tongue, and just when you were all nice and sensitive I would thrust the dildo into you. You wouldn't even see it coming but you would love every minute of it! As I move the dildo in and out of your ass I would slap your balls because I know you deserved it and give you the occasional hard spank just for fun! When I felt your ass loosen up I would pull out the little blue dildo and put in the big double dildo - never letting you know what was happening. I know you think you couldn't handle it but I know better - and if you say anything I will slap your balls so I put the big dildo in, and as much as you thought it was going to be too big you are loving every minute of it! While you are moaning in pleasure I re-situate myself so that I am reverse cowgirl on your back and then I slowly slide the dildo into my wet pussy, while it is still in your ass! Ooooh the feeling of it inside me is so good. I then proceed to hump it and you. Every time I want it deep you get it deep and when I lift up a little it slides out of you. I continue these motions and at the same time start rubbing the underside of your penis, paying special attention to the head because I know how sensitive it gets and I love watching you squirm ;). With all this set into place I continue to ride you and stroke you until we both burst into wonderful orgasms! I let you cum into my hand and then I rub it all over my body, which in a few minutes your are going to have to lick and kiss off - once I untie you that is ;)
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3 months ago
great story!
6 months ago
Hard (no pun intended) not to like this!
2 years ago
This suggests a taste of BDSM in the strap on that turns me on.
3 years ago
another good story
3 years ago
3 years ago
pleasant reading n_n
3 years ago
would love to have Jill do that to me.
3 years ago
If Jack does not want to try it let me know. My butt is open for you