she loves it in her ass

Its me again jackmihoff!!!
Lastnight I was sittin on the couch when my gurl kam up to me and sat on my lap. She jus sat there dry humping me,maken my cock hard..the harder it got the harder she wud grind. She didn't have a bra on so she ripped her shirt off n pulled my face into her I sucked and licked her beautiful nipples, she stuck her hand down her pants. Her moans tell me she's grinding her fingers now n not my cock haha.. she slides down to the floor (still 2 fingers deep) n slowly pulls my shorts off..when my dick pops out she dives on it balls deep..omg she's horny..she jerks it as she's sucks. For the next 5 mins she titty fucks and sucks me and stops right bfore I cum..I look down at her with my what the fuck eyes and she laughs...she stands up and back up against the wall,she tells me she wants me to fuck her so hard her ass bounces off the wall...I think I'm up for that..her pussy is soaked, I slide in with the first thrust as she closes her eyes. Soon I take control and jus spin her around. Now her hands r holding her up against the wall whilst I beat it from the back..I grab her shoulders so I kan give her som long hard strokes, she thros that ass back and swivles her hips when I'm all the way in..I think to my self (I havnt been near her ass since tonis been over and my gurls not d***k this time so I wonder what will happen) I gently rub my fingers down her spine as she grinds wanting me to fuck her more..when I get to her booty I jus hold her hips, I pull out slow and shuve it deep again I do that untill she thros her head back in mid moan.. now I slap her fat booty,that vmakes her shiver..I'm still fuckin her good when I slide my thumb right to her booty hole. Its wet from her pussy juice.I rub it a little and she start moven like she wants my thumb deeper, so I push it in and she yells NO!! I want ur cock!! Mmm I'm glad I already had iy out of her pussy or hearing her say that mite have made me nut haha..when I put it n her ass she screams "omfg" fuck my ass...I fuck her deep and hard at the same time I kan feel her fingers in her pussy..I don't last long only bcus n the middle of fucking her deep in the ass she tell me she wants to watch me with another guy...I'm bi and love cock she don't no that but she will soon mmmm I kant wait!! I turnd my shy gurl into a nympho yeeeeessssss!!!
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3 years ago
Good story you have your moments thanks