my gurl and her friend give me their anal cherries

This is me jAckMihoFF!! And this is wat hapned tonight.......I'll skip thru the stuff noone wants to read pretty quick. I'm 22 mex 5'7 140 long hair with tats everywhere, My gurl 23 5'5 give or take
150 white green eyes blonde hair up and down big titties with a matchin FAT FAT ass
The kind u wanna slap, Not the kind with moon craters hahah. Her friend who will kall toni kus that's her name ahhh! Is pretty sexy but its manly the big titties and the fact That she told my gurl she wants to fuck me. Before my gurl told me that I never really look at toni that way....
Way off topic let's get back to the story..
I took our son to my moms for the weekend, so my gurl nvited toni over for drinks and to watch "its always sunny"...well they started to get alilto loud for me(I'm not a drinker, ima smoker)
So I went n the bedroom to play my ps3...they fallowed shortly to bug me..I thot..they kame n the room to use they bed haha I turned around and my gurl was sitting btween tonis legs as toni had hers arms around my gurl kissing her neck and rubbin her gurl smiled and said r u gona watch or give us a cock to play at this point u kan call my dick a chevy kus its like a rock.
I started kissin my gurls chest and as toni took off my gurls shirt..she push her titties together in my face. Ofcourse I wasted no time in licking and sucking on her nipples with help from toni, after about 5mins of this I noticed my gurl reached Down and put her hand in her panties. Her pussy must b soaked bkus she started moaning right. Away. I made my way up to her hicky batterd neck where toni only stopped to kiss me over my gurls shoulder. My gurl wisperd into tonis ear I wanna taste u..then into my ear "the back doors open tonight"....this is the end of the page...but not even half the story..hopefully I get enough good comments to put the rest up...for now ima jerk it to the memory hahaha
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3 years ago
very hot story
3 years ago
check out spell checker,but a good story,hope all had fun