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I'm 30 years old and want to fuck my mother. I have always had sexual feeling for my mom even before I even knew what sex was. I remember when I was young and would see her naked it would stir a feeling inside I could not explain. The first time I ever masterbated was about my mom. I was 13 and my mom came in my room to wake me up to get ready for school. She had just gotten out of shower and had a towel w****d around her and as she was walking out my room she stoped in hallway and bent down to pick something up and I got a great view of her hairy pussy from behind and my Dick got so hard. I laid in bed thinking about that as rubbed my Dick till I got off . Being that was first time I had ever gotten off I was just amazed with what had just happened. I just laid there till she came by room agian and told me to get up or I was gonna be late for school. That afternoon as soon as I got home from school I ran to my bedroom to play with myself and thus began my love affair with my mom, I must have gotten off 10 times that night. As I got older I got bolder and started peaking threw the crack where her bedroom door met the door frame . Her and my dad divorced when I was. 5 , so it was only mom and I living together . So I was on my knees a lot peaking threw her door pretty much all the time trying to catch her naked. One night after dinner my mom told me to clean up ,and that she was gonna go take a shower and get ready for bed. I waited for her to go in her room and shut the door then did like I always did and got down by her door holding to see something good. Now looking threw the crack wasn't the best view and is mostly see her walk past just get a sneak peak as she walked within my line of site. But this night I was in for a treat. The bathroom in her room was just to the right of me just out of view. I watched as she crossed in front of door I few times andcould hear her moving about. Then she comes over and stops right in full view in front of me and starts to get undressed. Now by this time I had seen her walk past door naked ,but now she was standing right there in front of me . She takes off her shirt first then reached around and unsnaps her bra . As she takes her bra off her tits pop out and get a good look at her big dark nipples. She then starts to take off her pants and I see her standing there in these black granny pantys. She has a very hairy bush and I can see hair sticking out oneach side. I watch as she slips out of her pantys and watch them fall to floor . She then dissapears out of my view and I soon hear her get in the shower. All I can see now are her black pantys laying on floor and I looked at them and I really wanted to go get them. I slowly opened her bedroom door and crawl over and pick them up. They were soft and silky . I ran my hand over them and thought of my moms pussy. Then I bring them up to my face and for the first time in my life smell some pussy. I bury my nose in them and inhale the aroma I was in heaven, pure ecstasy. I was so excited that I only had to rub my Dick threw my pants and made my self cum. I was hooked after that. Every chance I got I would get my moms dirty pantys and run to my room and masterbate. I loved smelling her pussy on them and then cum all in them. To this day whenever I go to my mothers house I sneak a dirty pair into bathroom and cum in them. She is 62 now and her pussy still smells amazing. This was just the start for me , there are many more dirty stories to tell about my quest get some of her pussy.
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