Window Cleaner

In the late 70’s and early 80’s I worked for an industrial cleaning company, we cleaned windows etc in many heavy industries and companies in and around our area. We also did a few private houses; we did everything from clearing gutters to clearing basements and everything in between. I was in the office one morning when we got a call from a Mr Andrews he had recently moved into a large house in its own grounds and he wanted a quote for cleaning the windows inside and out, clearing all the guttering and cleaning out some outhouses.

My boss sent me out to the house a three storey building, were Mr Andrews was waiting after I measured up I quoted £1200 plus the cost of skip hire. He accepted and wanted to know when we could start, I called my boss, and he said we had pile of work, but he would send a team, a team was four. I told Mr Andrews we could start on it was a long weekend and my boss asked volunteers to work the 2 days. He agreed and I drove back to the office, to start my work for the day.

I volunteered and drove to the yard and entered into the office expecting to have my usual crew, but the boss had other ideas he gave me Adam 20, and Karen 19, every one had tried to get into Karen’s panties but she kept saying she had a boyfriend and immature boys did not interest her. She was a tiny girl but she was able to keep up with the men and took her turn on the high ladder work, she earned everyone’s respect. We loaded the van and set off, arriving twenty minutes later we climbed out and removed the ladders. The skips were on site, the plan was for us to blitz the outhouses while I took the first hour on the guttering then Adam followed by Karen repeated until the guttering was cleared. I went to the big house to get the key for the outhouses, a good-looking woman answered the door, I thought she was a house cleaner and asked her if the master was in. She said she was not the house cleaner and that she was Sylvia Andrews so I dug further and asked if her grandpa was in. She said I meant her husband and she was Mrs Andrews. She laughed at my obvious embarrassment and told me she had made breakfast for us all.

I called the others and we went into the kitchen of the main house, Sylvia had laid out a full cooked breakfast and mugs with tea or coffee. I suppose I should tell you about Mrs Sylvia Andrews she was early 30’s jet-black hair brown eyes and large titties she was attractive and friendly. After eating we went into the outhouses and began clearing we worked hard and fast and soon we had the first cleared only three more to clear. Sylvia came out to check on us at dinnertime and brought some pizzas and chips. This was one job I liked, she brought cold drinks throughout the day and by finishing time we had finished all the outhouses and the guttering, leaving just the house windows tomorrow. Sylvia said she would have breakfast ready by the time we arrived and she did.

Being manly on the drive back, Adam began saying many nasty things about Sylvia. That night I tossed off thinking about all that womanly flesh on her chest, I am willing to bet that Adam would have popped one out also. We met up at 7:30 for the 20-minute drive, on entering the long driveway we were pasted by Mr Andrews in his Jag he stopped and told me the cheque was in his drawer and his wife would give it to me when we were finished. We all hoped that there would be a tip in cash as our boss was never one to trust with passing on off tips.

I parked the van the kitchen door opened and Sylvia stood she wore a short nightgown and slippers, ‘breakfast is ready’, she called and we followed her in. She said she was going up stairs for a bath, adding start when you are ready. We tucked in and ate, 20 minutes later we were ready to start. We went outside; we had two three-story ladders and two story ladders. Therefore, Karen and I began the higher work leaving Adam and the second floor.

At 12, we had almost finished the outside when Sylvia called us in for lunch, by 2 pm we had finished the outside. We headed inside to do the windows, 20 minutes later I walked past the master bedroom I saw Sylvia was naked laying on top of a semi naked Karen on the bed. This was something I had never dreamed of seeing I dropped down to secretly spy on the pair, but Adam came out of the next room he asked me what I was doing alerting the 2 women before I could shut him up. Sylvia looked round and saw me watching. Instead of covering up as Karen was attempting Sylvia stood up and walked to the door she opening it she practically ordered Adam and me and to come into the room. We did not need asking twice we entered the bedroom. Sylvia who was on her knees her ass pointed directly towards us as she licked between Karen’s legs.

Now I’m no stud and looking at Adam neither was he, although no virgin I had only ever had quickies in the car or behind clubs or parks, I am short and with brown hair and very ordinary looking, Adam is the same height as me I suppose he could pass as handsome. The sight stunned us and hands flew to cover hard cocks as mouths opened.

Why you do not join us, Sylvia asked.

This was getting whacky and we were embarrassed to remove our clothes. Adam started stripping and went to the side of the bed, Sylvia told Karen to take him into her hand and wank him off as she licked her wet slit. That was it I stripped off and I went behind Sylvia and began lapping her wet snatch. She was so wet and my tongue jabbed against her opening she squirmed and reached back pulling my face hard against her beautiful ass. On the bed Adam was pumping his cock in and out Karen’s mouth, I stood on the bed and positioned my cock against her wet opening I slipped easily inside I felt her pussy clamping against my cock as I began pumping her hard while she buried her head against Karen’s pussy. I reached round and rubbed Sylvia’s clit, which incidentally I had just discovered around a month earlier. I was 18 at the time and very naive about the anatomy of women I knew which hole to use and that they loved having there tits played with but that was all. It was not long before I came and jetted a load of cum over Sylvia’s tummy. Adam had cum about minute earlier covering Karen’s tits with his cum. We stepped back and grabbed up our clothes as Sylvia and Karen remained locked on the bed, then the most erotic thing I had ever seen until then. Sylvia straddled Karen’s face and they lapped each others pussies, finally they both orgasm Sylvia rolled of Karen and both lay spread eagled on the bed staring up at the ceiling top to toe holding hands.

I nudged Adam and we left them alone and dressed before finishing the windows it was some 15 minutes later that a sheepish Karen joined us and told us not to tell anyone or she would say we ****d her or something. I did not intend to tell anyone but I hoped to take on Mrs Anderson, as a regular customer hoping to get more of the same every time but it was sadly not to happen.

When we left, Sylvia handed me the cheque and six ten pound notes and a kiss on the cheek. On the way back, Karen suggested we pull over somewhere. When I stopped she gave me a blow job as Adam slipped inside her from behind, she told him he had better not cum inside her as she was not on the pill. It was the best 10 minutes she swallowed my load before swallowing Adams. It was the first and only time but a treasured memory.

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2 years ago
fantastic story.