My Life Sucks Pt 1

My Life Sucks

I am 40 years old, trapped in a loveless marriage of 21 years, a daughter who hates me a wife who hates me more and in a dead end job, with younger employees being promoted. However, it started way before I married my parents both ignored me and gave me no affection at all. Fiona my wife and I married when she discovered she was pregnant, we had only had sex once and even that was not good. Therefore, at nineteen, I did the right thing and we married, three month later Mary Ann was born, she was the light of my life. I started working as a clerk in local authority on the lowest wage scale; I am still working for the same authority in the same job, although I now earn five thousand pounds a year more than I did back then. I was never invited into conversations at work ate my sandwiches at my desk and never ever socialised with colleagues.

My sex life is non-existent; the last time my wife had sex was twenty years ago, we stopped sharing the bed fifteen years ago. Our daughter stopped listening to me when she was five years old; there were times at home when my wife of daughter never spoke more than twenty words to me in a week. Therefore, you see my life did suck.

Then one day a memo landed on my desk, I was to represent the authority at a conference in London, it was to last a week and accommodation and meals were arranged, plus there was an additional £400 for expenses. It was way more money than I had ever seen and decided not to tell Fiona about the extra money.

On the appointed day, I had to take a taxi to the airport as no-one was available to drive me, my daughter had to go to her friends house to listen to a new album, the authority said it was against Health and Safety, as they had no insurance coverage for accidents.

But I was free and did not care I planned to re-invent myself in London and make some good friends. When I arrived at the hotel, I realised why I was sent, the hotel was basic, then a problem when I checked in they said I was only booked from the next day for a week and they had no other rooms available. Just as I was about to leave with nowhere to go, a good Samaritan offered to share his room with me. I accepted and the receptionist had my suitcase taken up to the room as, Phil offered to buy me a drink.

I accepted an we had a couple of beers, then Phil had to go he had an appointment. I decided to take a walk in the big city. I had been in London less than two hours when I was mugged by two young teenage girls with a huge knife, they f***ed me down an alleyway and robbed me of my wallet with the £400; wedding ring: cheap mobile phone; watch and shoes. They then had me drop my trousers round my ankles, before making off. MY LIFE SUCKS

I walked to a park and sat on a bench, for the second time I was robbed of my coat by an aggressive tramp. MY LIFE SUCKS

I headed back to the hotel and went up to my shared room. The room only had a double bed, I went for a shower before dinner and as I stood under the hot water, I heard the room door opening and the telly was switched on. A few moments later the door to the shower opens and Phil is standing naked, I covered my cock with my hand and told him I’d be done in a minute. I glanced down and saw his cock long ,thick and erect, the purple glan poked from the foreskin. He ignored me and entered the cubicle placed his large hands on my shoulders and f***ed me to my knees.

I tried to protest but he slapped me hard across the face.

He put his face close to mine and I smelt whisky and cigarettes on his breath, ‘Shut the fuck up, just get your sweet lips round my cock, and I might not fuck your tight little ass’, he growled, ‘It had better be good or else’.

He made a fist to emphasise the point that, I got loud and clear. I sank to my knees his cock inches from my lips, I moved the few inches till his hard angry looking cock touched my lips, I hesitated for a mere moment before slipping my tongue out to licked his cock. It was not unpleasant and soon I had taken the head into my mouth and began slipping his cock in and out of my mouth. I must have been doing something right as he began encouraging me, calling me his baby, telling me how nice my mouth felt on his cock. I became aware of my own cock, it was standing erect and my balls hung free between my legs, I felt the urge to start stroking my 4 inch dick, as I wrapped two finger round the shaft, I moved my hand up and down slowly I felt the pressure building almost immediately, and when Phil took my head between his large hands and began thrusting even deeper, his cock filled my mouth and triggered my gag reflex and I felt like I was going to throw up, my own excitement erupted and one long jet of cum splattered on the tiled floor of the shower between Phil’s strong muscular legs.

Phil stopped thrusting and pulled out of my mouth and began masturbating, his cock must have been over 7 inches, ‘Open wide baby take daddies cum in your sweet sexy mouth, don’t swallow’, he said.

I sat on my haunches and waited mouth open tongue flat, waiting to receive my reward, I was not disappointed Phil’s cock jerked once twice and then several long thick jets of white creamy cum arched across to land more or less in my mouth or lips. Phil pumped his cock and dribbled in the last drops of cum onto my tongue then he knelt and kissed my cum filled mouth his tongue scooping his share of his cum from my mouth. He swallowed and I waited not wanting to rile him for his permission to swallow. Before he allowed me he put two fingers into my mouth and wrapped his meaty fist round my throat, stirring the remaining cum before he said, ‘Swallow’.

He stood and fed his cock back into my mouth for me to suck any remaining cum from his semi hard cock. After I had sucked and licked at his large hairy ball sack, he ordered me to wash him. I rubbed soap over his manly chest, stomach and back. As I worked. my cock started to rise, when I moved to Phil’s butt, my cock was stiff and throbbing, when Phil opened his legs to let me soap his ass, I was running a soapy hand along and over his anal opening I had an automatic ejaculation. Phil turned to let me wash and rise his cock, wanted to feel him in my mouth, I pulled his foreskin back and cleaned his deep purple glans, he was fully erect, I leant forward to take him into my mouth again, but he stopped me. Surprisingly I felt rejected, 40 minutes before I was a straight man and now I was a cock sucking whore.

Phil opened the shower door and stepped out, picked up a towel and walked naked into the bed room, picked up the phone and ordered dinner for two and a couple bottles of wine. I finished in the shower and wrapped a towel round my waist and entered the bedroom.

Phil made small talk till the knock on the door, a smile flittered across Phil’s face, ‘Take off the towel and open the door’, he said.

Without hesitation I did as Phil said, the waiter entered and placed the trolley in the middle of the room, Phil had removed his towel and lay stroking his cock, he invited the waiter to come back to the room when he finished if he wanted too.

The waiter thanked him and said he got off at 10pm.

Phil nodded and the waiter left.

My Life Sucks

The End Of Part One

86% (6/1)
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2 years ago
Can't wait to read part two. This has me hard as a rock too.
2 years ago
Wow what na start bhope you get into more you need it
2 years ago
Not bad actually it very erotic and super hot looking forward to the next installment