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[Story] Office carpet ......... part 2

As she sits in her car, adrenalin rushing through her body, Is she doing the right thing?
Should she go and meet him?
The one thing she knows is she will have fun.
She starts the car, her cunt twitches with excitement, he nipples firm as she thinks about his masculine hands on her breasts.
Her phone beeps, “ where are you?”
It beeps again “ my cock is hard for you….. Get here NOW!”
A small smile spreads across her face, she know’s his playing with her, she knows his cock will be hard, longing for her.
Her mind wonders to previous times together, how his firm cock enters her always mo... Continue»
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Office Carpet.........part 1

As she wondered round the supermarket, just getting on with her daily grid, her phone vibrates, flipping back the case she is surprised to see a message from E.
The message reads – where are you? – I’m heading to your house, right now.
A smile spreads across her face, she quickly taps out her reply - I hope you’re not heading to my home , you’ll be in for a surprise as my son is there!!!
E’s message was – Fuck!!!
His Next message was – meet me for coffee , usual place. I need to see you.
Her reply was, but I’m busy, I can’t just drop everything!
E’s messages back- I’ll see you in an ho... Continue»
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