This was about the fifth or sixth time I had been to the arcade. I went in and got some change for the movie booths. The place always made me horny because of the smell of sex. It was so heady I was hard before I got into a booth, I stepped into a booth and dropped a few quarters into the slot, started to watch a movie but the action in the main part of the theater was hotter there. There were two guys naked in the corner one bent over the other had his cock in this guys ass and was going about a mile a minute. The guy in the booth next to mine reached over and grabed my ass he squised me, said if I wanted him to eat out my ass I said yeh so I lowered my pants, than my shorts he came into my booth sat on the floor spread my cheeks he started to lick my ass cheeks than he went straight to my ass hole he licked and sucked my hole for a good 10 minutes had me all nice and wet I was so hot my cock was super hard I started to jack myself off. Then he gets up and suddenly shoves his cock into my ass hole I said hey i've never been fucked before he it's OK I'll go easy at first. It slipped right in, it hurt like hell at first but he stopped and waitted until I said it was OK, for him to fuck me easy he grabbed hold of my hips with both his hands and work my ass hole very slowly and it did hurt but after a few minutes it was still hurtting but not has much but now it started to feel good, got me so hot that I started to push back to get more of his cock into my ass he started to push forward slow at first than I said god please fuck me harder so he did in a few minutes he was humpping me for he was worth after a couple of munites, he said, I'm going to cum I said yes cum in my ass let me feel how you cum than pull out, let me drink the last of your cum and he did. When he started to cum in my ass i started to cum with out touching my cock it was amazing how hard I came. He came in my ass than on my face I than took his cock into my mouth and cleaned up my shit and his cum off his cock. It was great the taste was different but sexy and hot. I didn't know I would like it but I've been hooked since. More to cum thanks to all.
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4 years ago
not of my taste
4 years ago
I never tasted shit before so I fingered my ass then licked my finger clean. Tasted bitter but not bad so I fucked my ass with a dildo then licked it clean. Next time after I pulled the dildo out with shit on it I rubbed the shit covered dildo against the head of my cock until I shot my cum on it. I then licked all the shit and cum. It tasted better when mixed with cum. Would like to find someone to fuck me so I can clean his cock as he shoots his cum in my mouth.
4 years ago
wish i was there to clean your ass after he fucked you.
4 years ago
great story mate
4 years ago
Very exciting story, thanks.