Well this happened to me about 10 years ago i was still dressing when ever i could you know shaved body no hair anywhere i'd put on a waist cincher (tie-up corset) gave more hips and smaller waist also added to my tits with inserts and pushup bra with nude stockings, tong, micro mini skirt, with a loose silk blouse and 4 inch heels i was almost passable add make-up and you couldn't tell me from a tall girl anyway i went off to one of our many locations for gays, t/v, t/s, c/d and lesbian bars you know northpark and hillcrest of san diego. it was a saturday night and the place was already buzzing everybody was there so i went to the back by the bar where the dance floor was got a bench along the wall. there were other gurls i knew and we were checking out the hot guys and gurls that were there anyway after a drink or two it got interesting i was watching this lady she was very hot and sexy not very tall but boy did she have tits and with the outfit she was wearing they looked real she was kind of looking around like she was trying to reconise someone we made eye contact and she smiled and with her mouth said hi from across the dance floor i said hi and gave her sign if she wanrted to dance she movied her head up and down saying yes so we met on the dance floor because of my 4 inch heels i was almost a foot taller than she was, but she fit just right and i could feel her titis just below mine she almost put her head against my tits so i put my head on top of hers, so we danced for the whole set and than we went over to get her bag and went over to where i had been sitting we she didn't talk much other than to say that i was a big gurl, i said that she was just fine and i comented on her tits she said the were almost real but felt real and she liked that she was a real transexual and loved to live that way she said that she came by the club every once in a while and dance for a while and maybe take a gurl home with her so i said i was available she said she could see that and was very happy with what she saw. we danced another set she keeped opening her legs and let me get in very close to her i could feel her pushing her croch up against my leg and i could bearly feel her cock against my leg i started to get very hot and i could feel my cock trying to get hard in my tong. at about 11:30 pm she said if i wouid join her at her place that it wasn't far so we took my car and drove to her house which was just north of the park on the other side of the freeway. we got to her house i parked my car in her driveway and we went in it was a very nice house large with a living room, den, dinning room, and kitchen and kitchenet with a small bathroom down stairs and up stairs there was three bedrooms, and two bathrooms she took me into the livingroom and poured us some drinks we started to hugh and kiss with everthing we had and it took us a good 20 minutes before we came up for air by this time i had her blouse off and was starting to suck on her tits she was moaning she said suck my tits and i didn't have tobe told twice i sucked first one while i played with the other she worked her hands around back of my skirt and took it off she also slipped me out of my blouse she wispered you are very beautiful i love big gurls i went down to her panties and slipped them off her and started to suck on her thinny cocklet she just moaned somemore i grabbed her legs and moved them up to her shoulders so i could get to her brown asshole and began to suck lick and eat out her asshole she was shaking all over while i ate her her little cocklet was very hard but not much bigger but i made her cum anyway i keeped eat out her asshole and she said to me between moans of pleasure to fuck her so i did i was so hard the when i slipped my cock into her asshole she almost screamed she said fuck me hard so i did and we must of fuck for maybe 10 minutes i couldn't hold back for long i was so horny and she was so hot and sexy so i keeped pumping in and out and finally started to cum she screamed at me to cum in her mouth so i pulled out and stuck my cock into her mouth and she suck me off it felt so good that i lost all control i was going nuts she keeped on sucking me even after the last dropps came out she just keeped on sucking me very softly and slow she than worked down to my ball and really gave them a soft and hot sucking and finally she got down to my asshole and she suck me until i was hard again she said to hold that postition for a minute she went upstairs and was back about 3 minutes later with this 12 inch long and 3 inch in diamiter big dildo it had a vibertor so she smiled and said i think you can take this big gurl and i almost came just looking at it she had some lube and really lubed up my asshole and this dildo she switched it on. Very gentle started to insert it into my ass hole which because it had so much lube on it it just slipped in but it filled my ass up and made me even hornier i could feel it all the into my throat it just felt great and has it vibrated in my ass i started to cum and this time she wasn't touching my cock neither was i but i came gallons it was amasing she keeped on pushing it in and out of my ass hole i keeped getting hotter and hotter i finally grabbed her and pushed her onto her belly with dildo still stuck in my ass, i fucked her again in the ass until i came again wow that was great we kind of laid there me on top of her for a while until finally she said i think we need to clean up so i rolled off her she got up put out her hand and said follow me so we went upstairs. Thats another story i hoped you liked this one because when i lived it i couldn't belive all the fun we had. let me know what you think.
24% (3/10)
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3 years ago
Wow i think i've been to that place before wow what a small world
4 years ago
4 years ago
wonderfull story i almost cum when i was reading it