Me dressed as a Gurl

this happened about 25 years ago when i could half way pass i went to this night club for crossdresser, transexuals and transvestites west of balboa park one thursday night it wasn't has busy has on a friday or week end but there was a nice crowd mustly crossdressers a few trannys it was not to late about 8:30pm the company was fine mainly playing pool and looking around some good conversation us gurls we in back the guys were in front at the bar checking us out i was dressed to kill had on black 4" spiked heels with mesh stocking to my teights with a garter belt and black thong black butt length skirt with a white satin blouse with a black pushup bra with silicon inserts a black wig down to my shoulders and a good make up job done by a friend of mine anyway i was shooting pool wiith a couple of over gurls and each time i made a shot you could take a good look at my ass so it was quite a show. there was and older gentleman buying drinks for us gurls to see who would go over and sit with him at the bar when it was my turn for the invite i walked over and thanked him for the drink with a little pick on the chick he said your welcum why don't you sit with me i sid O K but not a the bar so he took my hand and led me over to one of the booths along the wall. we sat and he introduced himself has sam and he was in san diego on business that the taxi driver recomended this place to see some action i gave him my name as veronica that i was a local gurl that i loved to dress he said i was just what he was looking for if i would return with him to his hotel so we could be more confortable i thught about and later said yes that he knew what he was getting and than he reached over and grabbed my cock and said yes i want you to eat mine and let me fuck you in the ass and he said maybe he would suck my cock in return well after that we headed out the door and got a taxi back to his hotel which was only about a mile away we went in through the lobby over to the elevator and road it up to his room where as soon has he closted the door he grabbed me and kiss me very hard on the lips his tougue went into my mouth i could taste him real good he was really horny i hugged hime for what seemed like about 10 minutes i could feel his cock pushing into my belly it was so hard so got his zipper opened and started to jack him off we finally broke off the kiss and he pushed my head down to his cock so i could suck his beautiful 8" cock that was as hard as a rock i started licking all around his head it tasted a little salty but good and clean i keeped on sucking hopping to get him to cum when he says lets take off our closes you down to your tong and garter belt and me naked so we did he wasn't bad he was about 6' 4" tall but he had a very nice cock almost 8" and about 21/2" in dia. he had pepper gray hair and was in good shape some love handles but thats ok suntanned nice white butt so i went down on him again but this time he moved around so he could suck my cock a little form the moans and the movement of his hipps i think he was getting hot and from the way he was sucking my cock he was almost there i pulled away and said in my sexest voice let fuck i got a condom out and unrolled it on to his cock wi9th my mouth, he laided me on my back raised up my legs so he could ram his cock into my gurl pussy it hurt a little at first than it alomost always does when i start to get fucked but has he slide his cock all the way in it started to make me very horny has he fuck me in and out first slow but than i said youi can fuck me harder it won't hurt me that much so he fucked me a little harder after a few minutes he was going a mile a minute which made me even harder and hotter we were now sweatting really good and he keeped pound into my ass for all he was worth i was in heaven i could feel his cock getting harder and bigger as he pumped away in my ass than he said i'm going to cum i'm going to cum i said go ahead all the into my ass please i screamed at him harder and faster please do it more than i felt him start to shoot his load deep in my ass it was so good that i could feel my cock start to pump out a lot of heavy cream between us the stickyness made even hornier i just couldn't stop he must of cum 5 or 6 times in my ass he laid on top of me for a bit than started to get off i said wait a minute you feel so good like that so we stayed that was until his cock poped out on its own. this story goes on later into the night leave me a coment if you want to read more thanks
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3 years ago
Very hot story would like to do of that myself thanks
3 years ago
That was hot I know that she enioyed that hot man pumping his hot cum up her ass hole it must of felt really good. She should have made him suck her off and made him swallow her cum.
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
hottt story :)
4 years ago