The Best Adult Arcade in San Diego

There was a place on university av. in san diego,ca. that you had to buy a membership card to join and it had a thearter, a couple of semi private television rooms, with about 4 private rooms it had 2 large restrooms back in a counter this place didn't have a bad aroma it was clean and nice. it was layed out sort of like a large square circle must have been about 4,000 to 5,000 square feet. it cost for a membership about $20.00 and was good for a year and each time you went in it cost $5.00 and you got a condom if you needed more the condoms cost 3 for a $1.00 they also carried poppers there was no smoking inside but you know how that goes. they also gave you a key to a locker so you could put your things away in a safe place or to change your closths. anyway one late afternoon about 4:30pm i stopped by to see how the action was. i put my stuff in my rented locker and striped down and put on a black tong and bra with a lace cape over my shoulders. i walked around and most of the rooms were quiet but the theater was almost full they were running bunch of male porn with guys sucking and fucking these hugh cocks it was great so i took a sit it didn't take long before a guy to come over and set next to me he reached over and grabed my balls through the tong i got hard real quick so i reached over and rubbed his cock through his shorts he wispered to me if i wanted to go some where more private i said yes so we got up and headed over to the private rooms and went inside there was a bench down one wall sort of like a 3/4 bed its made of plywood and is painted black this guy sat me down and dropped his shorts i grabbed his cock and started to kiss it i guess he had just showered because he smelled to soapy clean his cock tasted wonderful i kiss it somemore than i started to suck it real good taking it deep into my throat it was about 6 inches long and not to big around but it was good to have in my mouth so i keeped on sucking him until he pulled out and said if we could 69 so i layed back on the bench and he got on top of me and we both had a great taste of double pleasure we did that for about 15-20 minutes he said do you want me to cum in you mouth or your ass by now i was so hot that i said in my ass so i took out my lube and spread it all over his cock and my asshole i layed back on the bench and he very slowly put is cock into my ass he let me take it at my speed until he had his balls up against my ass he moved out real slow and than back in he stated to pick up the tempo he'd slide it until i could almost feel it in my throat than he'd pull it almost all the way out so just the head would still be in my ass he was starting to drive me crazy with lust i almost screamed at him fuck me hard oh god fuck me harder and faster do me good do me hard so he fucked my ass for all he was worth banging into me so hard i was moving on the bench toward the wall where i finally stop sliding when my head hit it he keeped on pounding my asshole for about 10 minutes i could feel his cock inside of me getting bigger and harder until it exploded in my ass i could feel all that hot cum shooting into the condom he wore. it felt great he collapsed on to my chest and stayed there for a while as he kissed my lips and stuck his tongue into my mouth, while his cock started to shrink back down he pulled back and out the condom stayed half way in my ass so i reached around and grabed it so it wouldn't leak all over the bench i was so horny that i came all over myself so i rubbed my cum into my stomach and chest all over my nipples it felt so nasty and erotic at the same time i turned toward him and reach over for his now small cock i brought over to my mouth and sucked it clean he said that, that tickled to please stop. well thats the first part of a great time i remember if you want to read more let me know just imagine i was there for almost 6 hours there are quite a few more thing that happen that night. thanks
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2 years ago
Excitting is this place still in San diego would like to check it out thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
moving to ca. see you there.