What to do when you get bored.

This happened last week I was very horny and needed some release so I went to my favorite adult theater this is located in the northern part of the city. So Parking my car about a bloke away I walk in and found that the place was kind of quiet no very many guys out front withthe videos so I went to the counter and bought me a card for the videos and went inside once inside the arouma of sex and cum and piss was so strong that I had a hard on the booths on each side were all full and the hallway between hqad about 3 or 4 guys in it so I walked through to the back and found this guy who was naked with another guy who had his pants down to his knees there ws no one else around them and the guy with the pants on was shoving his cock in this guys ass at about a mile a minute they were so busy they didn't notice me so i took off my shirt and pants and got under the guy who was being fucked and started to suck his cock it was half hard but right away it got very hard and he started to pump my mouth has fasthas the guy that was fucking him was almost in no time he came in my mouth and his friend came in his ass so i got my first load of cum and it was good I went over to a chair and sat down and this guy that was being fuck in the ass came over and started to lick all over my face where is cum landed he said one good sucking deserves aniother so he went down on me and suck my cock mean while a another guy came in and walk over to see what we were doing he dropped his pants and started to fuck this guy again he reached around and grabbed this guys cock and began to ump for all he was worth in no time this new guy was gumming sll over his ass and my cock sucker was cumming all over my feet and I was cumming in hes mouth what a grand time we had. It was a long night more to cum in the future. thanks
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4 years ago
once i was watching a porn movie where 1 guy was blown by a other guy. the thing is i just noticed it just ltr on that it was a guy. but 2 guys or 2 girls dont get me horney a guy and a girl yes! or a girl alone.but 2 guys doing it doesnt look dirty either. nice story.
4 years ago
The stroy is a bit skimpy and am I correct but does it only contain two sentences? Someone's been reading James Joyce
4 years ago