how i got my sex education

Well After our little session she started to explain what a women wants to feel you touch her. She said that her husband was out of town for at least a week and that she'd show me how to make love to a lady. The next day my schooling began a about 2:00pm when I showed up and knocked on her door she hollered the doors open to lock it and come into her bathroom when I entered she was in the tube soaking she told me get naked and take a wash cloth and soap up her back so I she said to do it gently as if her skin was that of a baby to wash down here back all the way to her asshole than she stood up in the tube she turned to me and said very gently wash my pussy and her tits when she rinse off she steped out of the tub heres your first lesson you start by very slowly with you tongue to lick all around her tits especially softly around her nipples to suck on them softly to try to take her entirer tit into my mouth only by sucking them. I could tell by her moaning that I was doing something right, than she said to now move over to her other tit but to lick her chest with a little flutter of the tongue and than do the same to the other tit after a while to lick my way back to the middle of her chest and down very slowly using my tongue down to her belly botton all arround it and into her belly botton to work my mouth down to her pussy through her hairy pussy and finally to her pussy lips and clit to very softly nibbele on her clit until it started to get hard in my mouth at about this time she grabbed my head and held me there on her clit she was breathing very hard she wasn't moaning anymore she was almost screaming out yes yes yes yes over and over again she held me there until she settled down she said go into her pussy and lick very softly each lip make them real wet and to suck what really struck me was her aroma of her pussy hair and her cum that was cumming out of her pussy. She said to stick my tongue into her pussy and drink all her cum which tasted pretty good Wiht the smell of her pussy, I had a hard on you wouldn't belive she starts to pant again and yelles yes yes yes over and over again now put your cock in my pussy and fuck in to next week which I did I must have pumped her for maybe 10 minutes and I couldn't hold my climax any longer so I came in her pussy and she came again it felt great with her cum and mixing in her pussy than she said pull out and have your creamie pie well who was I to argue I dove in there and ate up my cum and her cum the combinations got me all hard again I couldn't belive it I was already hard has a rock. She you can't cum yet you gotta make me cum one more time so she held my head so my mouth was on her pussy and clit I started in with long strokes than short ones it didn't take long for her to cum again than she said get up, get up, I want you to fuck me again hardder this time and I did she came one more time and this one was so hard that she almost blacked out on me Oh yeh I came with her too I was so hot an horny she said I'm going to suck your cock and make you cum for me in my mouth wow I didn't think I could make it but her mouth was so good that after about 20 minutes I was cumming all over her face man and this was lesson 1. Let me know what you think theres a lot more she taught me.
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