how i got my sexual education

This is a true story. When I was about 20 years old i went to the university in Mexico where i learned to speak spanish and got my degree in how to have sex and make a women happy. i thought I was hot stuff when i was studing because i could have almost any girl I wanted most Mexican girls won't go to bed with you they say they are saving themselves for when they get married and I found this to be mostly true they did take care not to get involed with a guy like me. but patience helps I did have my fun kissing, heavy petting and even a blowjob or two but just to fuck was not impossible but it was defulcult to say the least. in the aparment building where I lived it was almost all students living there except for an older couple and a middle aged couple the rest were all students. Well one saturday at about noon time I was going out to find something to eat when as i passed through the lobby i heard a lady's voice call to me she said excuse me but could you help me with the curtins i said sure she was the lady of the middle aged couple in the second floor she had on a skirt and blouse she didn't look very old but she must of been about 30 to 40 years old. She ask me to help her with the curtin rod that had fallen down i said sure. I went upstairs to her appartment she said she had a hammer and some nails to fix the rod for her, when i looked at the curtins it looked like someone had hanged from them so i nailed them back up for her she was so greatful that she asked where i was headed i said that i was going to find something to eat for lunch she said That at least she can repay me for fixing my curtins so she fixed me some sandwiches and a beer and she joined me for lunch. After lunch we went into her living room to finish of the beer and have a cigerette i sat on the chair and she sat on the sofa in front of me she leaned back and let her legs open just enough so i could see she had no panties on and had a very hairy pussy that was one invitation i could'nt refuse after a few minute of small talk i got up and walked over to where she was sitting i reached for her she came into my arms and gave me a very wet kiss mouth tongue and all. We keeped on kissing for maybe 15 to 20 minutes mean while I undid her blouse her bra her skirt and finally pulled down her panties i fingered her pussy until she had my fingers very wet i laided her back onto the sofa I opened her legs wide so I put my cock into her pussy we went add it pumping in and out for more that 20 munites she started to moan and pump back she really got into it I could feel starting to get wetter and moved even faster she was like riding a bucking bronco she rolled over ontop of me and screamed at me to fuck her harder so I gave her all i had and she took it just fine finally i could feel her cunt began to squize my cock really hard has she came all over my cock which made me cum deep inside her she fell over on to me breathing very hard it tooks us a while to get back to normal. When she did she rolled off me to one side and laided there i reached over for a cigarette and just kind of laid there i had never had and older women before it was not like fucking some college girl this was a lady. Anyway after a while she said to me your not bad very strong but i don't want to hurt your feelings. She said that with a very big smile on her face how would like to learn to really make love to a girl not just have sex to make her have orgasm after orgasm leave her like a wet rag doll putty in your hands, she said i can teach you tobe the best lover you can be learn what todo to make her happy and wild its not just the cock in the pussy mind you but what you do with everything else. You can becum a love machine. I looked at her and said when do we start. If you want to learn more let me know this all happened to me some 42 years ago and it still gets better and better. thanks
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A few carriage returns to separate the paragraphs would help ...
4 years ago
When she was sitting on the sofa, she had no panties and when you were undressing her, she had her panties on. What the fuck?
4 years ago
When she was sitting on the sofa, she had no panties and when you were undressing her, she had her panties on. What the fuck?