First time with a MILF

I went out last week to a local bar and found a woman at the bar drinking. I went to the bartender and happened to know him. He told me she's been waiting for someone so I didn't bother. I kept going on with my night I kept looking at her, she was blonde with some nice fake tits you can tell she works out she was dressed up too nice to be here unless waiting for a other guy. As the night When on she was still alone.
It was last call so I went up just sat down at the bar my friends left I was waiting to pay my tab and she looked at me and said "leaving so fast?". I said yeah but I can stay a while. So I started talking and asked her name, and that she was divorced and just started meeting people a bunch of bullshit. The bar closed at 2 so we walked out she asked me if I smoked I said no. I walked to a bench and sat down I was kinda d***k. She sat down and put her hand on my thigh, and I knew I was in. Lets just get to the good part.
I ended up at her apartment with boxes everywhere. We went on the couch and started kissing, I was nervous, more than being with any girl in my life. I finally grabbed fake tits, they felt amazing. Ah took her shirt off and had matching bra and underwear that made me almost cum right there. She said she's never been with a younger guy considering her k** was 5 years younger than me.
I slowly started rubbing her pussy on the outer par of her underwear until I could feel he get all wet. I wanted to finally eat some milf pussy so I took her underwear off and she had the most beautiful pussy and tasted even better. Just before I started using my finger she rocked her hips and came in my mouth, but I kept going using my finger as she was grinding on my face. I've never seen anyone cum that much. I stood up and she immediately took my cock In her mouth, she was aggressive just the way I like it. I told her to go the room so we can 69; she said she s never done it. I told her "I thought you were the one with he experience". She laughed and took me to the bedroom. As we started to fool around she asked me start loosening her asshole, and I said " I've never done that before". But I've always wanted to so I was 100 percent down. I used my finger first and the. Used my tongue. Them I started licking both holes and using both fingers before she came, before she ended I came in her mouth.
I turned her over on her stomach, I was still hard and put the condom on and slid my dick finally in her pussy, it was so tight she grabbed my wrist and said to move sllow. She hadn't had sex in a few months so I made sure to feel every inch of her. Slowly I started picking up until the bed was making noises and her quick breaths became moans and yes'. Just before I was about to finally to finish she pulled my dick and stuck it in her ass which sent me over the edge. I lasted another 2 minutes before I just unloaded. We both showered and she sucked me once more before I left. She said she'll be at the bar more often.
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1 year ago
trying to find more encounters, have few that i will keep to myself though ha,..
1 year ago
Hot story ;) n e more? will b waiting!
1 year ago
loved yur story mmmmm too bad yur so far away
2 years ago
Very nice!