A Daughter Discovered

I was thinking about her eyes while driving south from Parma, Ohio, skirting the edge of blue-black clouds fast becoming a monstrous claw of energy ready to strike from the sky. She had revealed her eyes in a cropped avatar photo and then teased me to imagine the rest of her body with adjectives like taut, pink, puffy, and shaved. Her eyes were seared into my soul as my Taurus was enveloped in a brilliant flash and I was deafened by its singeing crackle. I was in the middle of Munroe Falls, the sign at the edge of town proclaiming it "a great little place to call home". The engine died and I rolled to a stop in front of a bar and grill called Brewster's. For all I knew the charge could have sent me into another dimension, like an old Twilight Zone episode. Ohio has that effect on me, a timeless sort of place when one spends a lot of time on the road.

I got out to inspect the damage, feeling my body to make sure that I was the same whole person. The black roof of my Taurus looked as if the bony hand of a skeletal god had reached down to sc**** it with charred, forked lines etched through the finish down to the metal.

I needed a drink and took a window seat in a Brewster's booth and ordered a double scotch neat to watch the storm pour forth. She walked in right before the real rain began and I was struck by her eyes, rubbing my own vigorously, thinking that the odds of her eyes entering my time and space had to be a million times a million. The f***es of nature had rattled my brain, I sipped my scotch and tried to compose myself by plotting the business of my business.

I sell hand tools for a living, not the greatest job in the world, but these days a man is lucky to have any job. A wrench has been a wrench for two hundred years, although most of the hands that hold them now are in India, Singapore, and China. I'm married, but not a saint. It's lonely on the road and just as lonely when I get home. My c***dren are grown and my wife is another story that I'll write one day. I had discovered a new world of fantasy made for guys like me. I'm 56 and beat down like Willy Loman, only without his dreams. A man can be anyone he wants in cyberspace, where a big imagination is better than a big cock and performance is based on words, not flesh. I write raw stories about sex and post them on porno sites, letting the readers be the judge.

I'm a half-literate pervert who lives for internet connections. That's where I found her, a young woman damaged by her father, vulnerable and powerful all at once. She had read a father/daughter story that I had written. A twisted little story that had echoed her past. She sent me a message, we chatted back and forth. Her avatar showed her eyes in shadowed black and white, mine showed my naked torso standing in a boat, not too shabby for a guy my age. She confessed the sins of her father and I told her to write them down. Our chats continued, and in a world where thoughts meet thoughts without the artifice of flesh, I became her father and she became my sweet angel dear. We recreated her twisted past and turned it into an urgent sexual event, me seated at my hotel room desk and she somewhere in space and time. Me stroking to her father's sins, committing them over again, she, an angel vixen teasing her daddy dear, both of us concluding in a certain orgasm, mine in hand, hers in words reflected back to me.

I swallowed more scotch still shaking, not wanting to look to the bar where she sat, but then thinking that her back was turned and decided to study her nubile curves while I could. She swiveled as I stared and caught me gazing. I blushed and turned away, I had only seen the eyes in shaded black and white, it couldn't be her, impossible.

"Was it you in the Taurus?"

"Pardon?" I didn't hear her approach and nearly dropped the scotch from my hand.

"It was hard to miss the flash from my office." She stood a foot away, blonde and young, her eyes two sea-green pools, dressed as if she were a real estate agent or an insurance broker or maybe both.

"Felt like I was being hammered by the bad guy in a summer blockbuster."

"It's a good thing you don't have any hair."

"You're right." I rubbed my shaved head and tried to smile, but must have shown a bit of hurt in my eyes, the wounded pride of once vain man.

"I think it's cute." She touched my head as she spoke, as if to reassure me that she had meant no insult and let her fingers linger for a moment.

"Um, I guess I had better see if my car will start and hit the road." I finished my drink and stood up a bit too quickly, swaying as if I had had one too many.

"Steady, there, take a few more minutes, have another drink." She intercepted me and gently pushed me back down.

"Akron isn't that far I guess." I sat down and placed my hands flat on the table.

"Less than ten miles."

"Maybe a cup of coffee would help." I mumbled thoughts that might make sense.

"I was on the phone with a client, it was like an explosion, the whole building shook." She sat down across from me in the booth, a classic 8 oz. coke in her hand.

"Ergonomic." I pointed to her coke bottle.

"I don't understand." She squinted those eyes, Christ what were the odds.

"The shape of the bottle easily fits your hand, like the way they design the wrench handles these days, ergonomic to easily fit in your hand." I blushed realizing how that might have sounded.

"Sounds sexy." She immediately laughed, as if to show that she had regretted the mention of sex to an older man, but it was a test of sorts, to see if I would pounce.

"Insurance or real estate?" A little misdirection to show her that I wasn't a horny old fool.

"Insurance, pretty good, what else can you tell me?" She smiled, her tone led me on and I decided to play along.

"Your name is Ashley." It was a popular name for a female her age, and the same name my avatar princess used.

"Lucky guess, anything else?" She looked a bit more serious now as if she were daring me.

"You have had a troubled history with your father." I could have said a number of innocuous things that would have kept to more innocent edges, but her eyes compelled me. Her smile disappeared and her eyes became the black and white shadows that I knew so well.

"Who are you?" She whispered.

"An admirer," I said. We both sat silent, looking into each other's eyes.

"The lightning..." She finally spoke.

"For all I know it's taken me into some improbable dimension. Isn't it the way so many speculative stories begin?" I had spent too many hours reading cheap fiction and listening to charlatans on late night radio.

"Tell me how my troubled history began." She said.

"He entered your room when you were too young for me to imagine." My heart took up a quicker beat.

"And?" She looked at me, her eyes no longer shadowed, green eyes of truth.

"He said he was sorry." I felt the sweat gathering beneath my armpits, I measured my breaths.

"Sorry for what?" She slapped the table with her right hand matching the thunder that vibrated the room.

"Sorry for sticking his cock between your lips and his cum running down your chin." I whispered it hoarsely, as if made to confess after a sl**pless night in a windowless room.

"Daddy." She closed her eyes and smiled as she relaxed her body against the back of the booth. Her hands beneath the table. I knew what must be done, because fathers had been fucking their daughters since biblical times. It wasn't up to me to judge or explain, but to carry the scene to its bittersweet end.

"Princess." I said. She got up and I followed her out the door, down Main Street one block south through pouring rain to her storefront office covered with the words f****y, Home, Health, and Auto in gold and black. She unlocked the door. There isn't a policy that protects daughters from their dads. She led me up a stairway to an exposed brick, loft, light and airy with wooden beams and floors varnished to a high gloss glaze, open so there wouldn't be any secret places for a father to commit his sins. Everything was placed just so, the only thing lacking was daddy's picture in a silver frame.

"Daddy, I need to change." A small pool of water formed at my feet and I began to shiver. She went up to a loft in the loft where I supposed she had her bed and threw down a black terrycloth robe and towel. I needed to dress for my part, or rather undress, so to speak, the rain being convenient for our little theater. She came back down in a Hello Kitty shirt, too short to cover pink cotton panties, and nothing else.

"How's this, daddy?" She did a little pirouette, her voice suddenly small and insecure, and sat down on her pale beige leather couch.

"Here on my lap." I didn't hesitate to join her and put her where she belonged. I ran my fingers through her hair as she nuzzled her head against my chest. I felt the weight of her body cupped into mine and listened to her soft little sighs. "Daddy's here, princess and he has missed you so very much." My hands travelled up and down her aerobically toned body slumped against mine. I gently patted her ass. I wore the robe cinched tight around my waist and nothing else.

"Daddy?" She angled her head to look up at me. I took a deep breath of her. She smelled of tea and citrus.

"Yes, angel."

"Do you think, I'm pretty?"

"You're my beautiful princess." I started to explore, placing my hand between her naked legs and gently moving up.


"Yes, sweetie."

"Do you think I'm, well...sexy? Her head was still angled up but she cast her eyes down as she enunciated sexy. My right hand went to the pink cotton fabric that covered her pussy. I pushed against it and felt the soft geography of her moist lips growing thicker.

"Daddy thinks you're very sexy." She lifted her head and I kissed her lips and soon our mouths were open and we began eagerly tonguing one another. "Jesus, I'm sorry, so sorry, sweetie." My cock was finally responding, erections a head game for a guy my age, I had a lot to overcome, lightning, scotch, a failed sales call, an overwhelming dream come true.

"Sorry for what daddy?"

"For what I am about to do." I pulled back my robe and pushed her down to the head of my cock, now glistening with pre-cum dew.

"Daddy, I'm afraid."

"Daddy needs your lips." I pushed my cock against her limp lips and slapped it against them when her mouth didn't open.

"Daddy, please..." I shoved my cock in when she spoke and her words turned to slurps as I rocked my hips to pump her sweet little mouth.

"That's it angel, suck daddy's cock.
"Daddy, it's too big..."

"Just suck the head, sweetie, pretend it's a tootsie roll pop." She whimpered as she sucked, I lifted her panties and felt her wet shaved pubic mound. My finger easily slid up and down her slit.

"Daddy, should you be touching me there?" She held my cock with one hand and looked up at me with those sea-green eyes.

"Oh god, princess, I need your special gift."

"But, daddy, your birthday's in June."

"But your gift is ready now." I pulled off her panties and drove my right index finger into her tight, quivering quim. She moaned and closed her eyes. "That's it, see how easily my finger slides in."

"It feels so..." She road my finger looking directly into my eyes, hers turning from innocent to slut.

"Say it, angel." I pulled her forehead against mine feeling the weight of her body riding my finger, squirming over it.

"Sexy." She purred it like the cat in heat that she had become.

"Now take daddy's cock." I hesitated for a moment and under my breath whispered the word "vasectomy" an aside of sorts to our drama in full play and she nodded breaking character for one split second. I lifted her and slumped back a bit into the couch. "You're going to have help daddy, take my cock and rub it on your clit"

"Will it hurt?" She was tentative in her grasp, playing her part to the hilt.

"Did my finger hurt?" I put my hand around hers and directed my cock to her swollen pubic mound.

"No." A quiet no, as if she had been chided for a simple spelling error or failure of logic.

"That's it, sweetie, rub it up and down." My cock was standing as straight and thick as a Stonehenge monumental block, enjoying the silky velvet pleasure of her. She moaned and I pushed into her at just the right moment.

"Daddy!" She gasped at the urge of it.

"Take daddy's cock and fuck it like the slut you really are." I rammed it up her deep and hard, her ass flapping down into my lap and held her still for a bit. "This is your cock, feel it alive inside you, your pussy belongs to daddy." My third person dialogue rendering her afloat in memories good and bad, the twists that make sex so dirty and so fucking good. She kissed me and road me without words, both of us allowing different recollections to consume us in other-worldly coital union. I finally lifted her and placed her seated on the couch and entered her with her legs wrapped around my back, driving as deeply as I could into her, wanting to possess her as if I could have her tangled around my body in fuck for time eternal.

"Baby, daddy is going to..." I was on the edge of exploding.

"Fuck me, daddy, fuck your little whore!" Her words like gasoline to the fire in my cock.

"Jesus, fuck, baby, cummmmingggg, you fucking sweet baby slut, cumming in my daughter, fuck.....cummmming." I drove down as deeply as I could, feeling dizzy and enveloped by her eyes, wanting her to cum with me, her fingernails clawing red welts on my back.

"Daddy, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh god, daddy...." I held her beneath me, as she heaved in long wet sobbing breaths.

"It's okay, baby, it's okay." I kept my cock inside her as I tried to soothe a lifelong ache, bearing the sins of her father, as if I had fucked my own daughter.

I left her on her couch, she dabbing her swollen eyes, those shadowed eyes that had so many tears to shed. I kissed her on her head as if she were my daughter and our visit had come to an end.

I had to get the car towed to a dealer in Akron. It needed a new battery, starter, and an alternator. The marks on the roof were like the marks she left on my back, "from the lightning" I told my wife, and it was true in its own perverted way. I have yet to get the bodywork done, "it makes for a good story on a sales call" I'll say, but the truth is, it's the only part of her that I have left.

97% (35/1)
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1 year ago
Another winner!
1 year ago
Fantastic story so romantic and so true
1 year ago
Hmm, Parma, Monroe Falls to Akron, I'm from the Cleveland area, and I was wondering just how true your story was? You see in everything that I write there is a lot of truth that filters out into the story. I was actually thinking of taking a trip to Brewsters to see if it and the Insurance Company existed there and who knows maybe running into the lady with the Sea-Green eyes.
2 years ago
A shocking and exciting story, an anticipated storyline but deliciously special resolutions. men and young women will do these things to each other. The trick is how you tell about it.
2 years ago
Very hot, very nice
2 years ago
2 years ago
hot hot hot lol
2 years ago
Interesting, how you guessed and found it really happened
2 years ago
That was a wonderful description of daddy/daughter role-play. It wasn't cliche and it captured the taboo nature of the subject and kept my pussy wet even though the story actually being about a real father daughter couple.
2 years ago
Love the way you put the daughter in her place and called her whore. Making your load into a gift for her is hot too- a device I used in one of my own stories where I fucked a buddy's son. It's twisted but so fucking hot! Damn well-written, too!

2 years ago