How We Started Swinging, An Essay

My wife is petite, beautiful in the manner of Audrey Hepburn, and looks ten years younger than her actual age. She is sweet and innocent, as if she just walked out of a Doris Day movie. You would never suspect that a mere two weeks ago she spent a warm, breezy Sunday afternoon fucking a strong Black man bareback and letting him cum in her mouth, while I fucked his lovely wife in another room. I have often been asked by members at another site how my wife and I began swinging some seven years ago. They are husbands looking to convince reluctant wives or partners to do the same. They all want to know how to turn ordinary wives into hungry, writhing sluts.

I don't have any easy answers, I can only detail how my wife became that hungry woman. It started with our acquisition of a digital camera. There has been no more important advance in technology for the promulgation of pornography. Anybody can take hundreds of pictures and see them instantly. Thousands of pictures and or videos can be stored on flash devices the size of an index finger. Any woman can pose for the camera without anyone else ever having to see the result, but many secretly want to be discovered. I started taking digital pictures of my wife as a prelude to sex a little over eight years ago and I sensed this desire lurking deep inside her.

She allowed herself to be captured naked, bending and arching this way and that way, even spreading her pussy lips and pouting playfully. Afterwards we made love like horny young teens, I aroused by her exposition, she wet with teasing desire. I promised to delete all the pictures, until the day I didn't, and posted them on an amateur site. I made sure her face was hidden or cut off, but the rest of her was there, in all her wanton, naked beauty, her melon-sized breasts, her pink nipples, her trim wet pussy, her elliptical ass, garnished in black nylon mesh and leopard prints.

I posted three or four shots of her and the response was incredible. The post generated numerous emails and dozens of tribute pictures. I had her sit down next to me at the computer and navigated to the site. I clicked on the code name and her pictures came up. Her jaw dropped and she punched my arm hard. She was about to storm out of the room, but I convinced her to read the comments that were made and to look at the pictures of hard cocks that had been sent from all over the world. The digital camera is the source of desire. The world wide web connects all of us. Any woman can be a dirty little slut in secret and go to church on Sunday morning, or take the dog for a walk, or go to work at an ordinary job, all the time knowing that she has exposed herself.

My wife's response to the comments was visceral. I eased my fingers under her panties and worked my way down to her slit to find it dripping wet. We developed a routine of more pictures and she reveled in the knowledge that they would be posted on-line. She sat, becoming ever-wetter, reading the comments and reviewing cock after cock cumming on pictures of her ass, her breasts, her pussy. Soon I would talk about how hard she had made other men as we fucked with abandon, after pictures had been posted and comments had been read. My cock became all the cocks that had been proffered, but she wanted more, image and thought were no longer enough.

"We could consider swinging," I said as drove my cock up and into her, she loving to ride cowgirl. "You know how much I want to see you taken by another man." I wasn't lying, I wanted her to be taken by another man. This is the great hurdle that must be overcome for swinging to succeed, the thought that we possess our spouse must be destroyed. Once you allow your spouse, significant other, girlfriend, whoever, the freedom to fuck others, you will be rewarded beyond belief. This is why I can watch my wife take another man's cock in her mouth and suck him until he cums, or ride him bareback, or in any other position. Another man's desire only makes me want her more, another man's cum only hardens me, another man shows me how truly sexy she is, and we relive every moment over and over when we fuck.

This week-end another couple will be visiting. We will take them to separate rooms and spend hours exploring them and then return to each other and relate every little detail. I am the luckiest man in the world, I share my wife and she shares me. When we return to each other's arms we bring with us the memory of all who have been with us.

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3 months ago
very revealing, you honesty with your wife opened up a new chapter in your sexual relationship
1 year ago
Outstanding! Your composition is flawless.
2 years ago
I enjoyed reading this. I might try it sometime. Thanks!
2 years ago
hot story---I wish my wife would agree to swing like that..she gets hot about it when we are fucking but.....
I, like you, really get turned on imagining another guy fucking/licking her and having his cock sucked by her...
2 years ago
good read
2 years ago
Very instructive Wish me luck!