My Daughter's Home Cooking Part I

I am 62, retired, and living in a small Florida town not far from the gulf, you'd be right to think that it sounds like a bit of cliché, but I left out one tiny detail, my naked daughter is in the kitchen right now preparing dinner for both of us. She is 40, but age is just a number isn't it? She looks more like 30, with a tanned, toned body and long, drizzled, sun-bleached brown hair. She's a bit of pixie, just over five feet tall, and lithe like a gymnast. I don't know what it is about seeing her in the kitchen that's gets me especially hard, she's making a fruit salad and maybe the blueberries remind me of her nipples and the honey dew melon echoes the taut curve of her ass.
"Daddy is hungry, baby girl." I grabbed her from behind, my cock just as hard as it was the first time so many years ago, after her mother had left us both to fend for ourselves. I was thirty-something then and she was, well, she was young. I thought she had been fast asl**p in her room when I pulled out one of the gash mags I kept under my mattress, Cavalier I think, those were the days before the internet and dvd's. Hard core porn meant going to go to a scummy adult bookstore, popping quarters into a machine, and risking slipping on the cum covered floor on the way out. I preferred a private session in my own bed with the lights down low and the full natural breasts and hairy, spread pussies featured in the porn mags of that era. I had never given a second thought to my daughter, or the fact that she was becoming a woman, she was my little girl and it was me and her against the world.
We were living in western Pennsylvania, I worked for the state as a surveyor, not the greatest job, but one that gave me plenty of time to be there for her and provide for us both comfortably. I didn't have any interest in dating, satisfied with my regular routine of pounding one out to whatever woman caught my fancy in my potpourri of glossy magazines. On that particular night I had been stroking for awhile with my eyes closed, imagining the woman walking out of that Cavalier spread into my bed when I felt a human presence.
"Daddy, what are you doing?" I opened my eyes to see her standing there in a t-shirt and the flash of her fingers dancing out from under her panties.
"Oh boy, well er, daddy has needs." I was naked, cock in hand, I'm no stud, but have a healthy 6" cut cock that is a bit thicker than most with a nice mushroom head that was glistening with pre-cum. I could see she was staring at it, and now that I think back to it, I didn't feel the need to cover it.
"It's so big." She said and took a few steps closer.
"Not big enough for your mother." Her mother was a real size queen and had always chided me on "how average" I was.
"It's bigger than when you pee." She took a few more steps and I let her watch it pulse and waver.
"You've been watching me in the bathroom?" I'd crack open the door from time to time to let the steam out after a shower so I could use the mirror to shave. My routine has always been to shower then shave. I never thought that she would be sneaking peeks.
"I just want to know about stuff, you know sex stuff." She kept her eyes on my cock . We had had "the talk" about her monthly friend a few months back, but I never equated it to sex, just that it was something a woman did when she reached a certain age. I realized that that was pretty stupid of me, but at the time she seemed satisfied and I was too embarrassed to explain any more of the details.
"Well, angel, I guess it's time we had another talk." I patted the empty space of bed beside me, and yes I remained naked and hard. I figured that it was too late to put the genie back in the bottle so to speak and decided to use the opportunity to explain things using my cock as a visual aid, and I want to emphasize, that at this point, had no other agenda, she was my only daughter after all and I loved the full fleshy older women found in gash magazines.
"Okay, daddy." She hopped right up and I noticed that there was a spreading wet spot on the crotch of her tight orange panties that went right to the core of my cock.
"It's actually quite simple, sweetie, a man puts his penis into a woman's vagina and, after awhile, he ejaculates into her and that's what makes babies and also why you should never let a boy put his penis in you or even near you so you don't get pregnant." I was proud of how simply I put it, never being a man to waste words. I gripped my cock with one hand while I explained all this and waved it around for emphasis as if it were a dangerous weapon to be avoided, but she gazed at it with a much different look.
"Gosh, some of the girls at school say they suck their boyfriend's cocks, er I mean, penis, sorry daddy, I know cock is a bad word. Can you get pregnant that way, you know with the jaculate stuff or whatever it is." She put her hand on my thigh a few inches from my cock which was now glistening even more. It felt natural and I had no desire to move it, not wanting her to feel that I was some sort of a pervert.
"No, you can't get pregnant that way, honey, but you can get diseases, terrible diseases, like gonorrhea or syphilis and this crazy new thing called AIDs." I looked at her with the most serious fatherly face that I could assume. It's crazy, there I was trying frighten my own daughter from fooling around and I was naked, hard, and she had her hand on my thigh.
"Sounds pretty scary."
"It is. You can never be too careful. That's why when the time comes, after you're out of high school and ready, you should always make the boy wear a prophylactic."
"Gee, dad, what's a probalactic?" She mauled the pronunciation so completely that I began to laugh, and in so doing, her hand ended up resting on my balls which, I don't need to tell you, sent another electric jolt right through me.
"Angel, you have your hand on my scrotum, it's where the ejaculate is stored and a prophylactic covers a man's penis like a latex glove so it doesn't squirt into you."
"Scrotum sounds funny, but I like the way it feels." Her hand began massaging my balls.
"If only your mother would have liked it, you wouldn't have found me sitting here like this trying to pretend."
"Why do you have to pretend."
"It's called masturbation, dear, I am stroking my penis pretending it's in a woman."
"That's silly, daddy, why don't you put it in me, I'm a woman, aren't I?"
"That wouldn't be right, darling, fathers don't do that with their daughters. I could go to jail."
"I don't see why, I love you daddy, I don't want you to pretend." She continued to rub my balls and her hand travelled to the base of my cock. "Can't I just stroke it a little, daddy?"
"Okay, you might as well see what man's penis feels like when it's hard." I mean possession is nine tenths of the law and her hand was right there.
"Oh, I like rubbing it, I want to see your jaculate, can I daddy, puullease?" She looked up at me with innocent eyes and I had a week's worth of cum ready to explode.
"Okay, baby, spit in your hand and rub the shaft up and down."
"Like this, daddy?" She spit, squeezed, and rubbed with perfect pressure.
"Yesssss, sweetie, just like that.
"Yes?" My eyes were closed. I kept telling myself this was educational.
"Promise not to yell?" She stroked me with a sweet soft rhythm.
"Honey, why would I yell?"
"Because I want to put it in my mouth, just to see what it tastes like, puhhllleeease?" I opened my eyes to see her pert little mouth crinkled in supplication and I was afraid that if I said no, she would easily find some pimply high school boy to take my place and I couldn't stomach that thought. I mean, I knew that I could provide her with a safe and loving experience.
"Okay, sweetie, go ahead." And just like that her lips and tongue were exploring every inch of my cock, slurping and sucking with an expertise that seemed to indicate a certain amount of practice, although to this day she swears that I was the first.
"MMMM, daddy, I like it." She looked up at me with her innocent eyes, my cock fully buried in her mouth. I took her head and cradled it in my hands, feeling so many things.
"Daddy loves you so much, sweetie." I remember my heart beating wildly, the sensation of my spunk travelling up my shaft, thinking that I was about to cum in my daughter's mouth, and getting dizzy. "Jesus, baby, daddy is going to cum, daddy is going to cum so fucking hard, don't stop." I arched and exploded into her mouth and she sucked all the harder. I know it was only a matter of seconds, but it felt like minutes of her taking everything I had to offer.
"It tastes salty, daddy, I like it." She smiled, taking a drop of it that had spilled from her mouth and letting it rest on the tip of her index finger to study it for a second and then licking it salaciously and kissing me. After a long slow kiss, she snuggled up against me like she meant to spend the rest of the night with me.
At first I was going to tell her to return to her room, then I thought that I would let her fall asl**p and just carry her to her bed, but in the end I let her lay there as I stroked her hair, marveling at the fresh taut beauty of her only to fall into my own deep, satisfied sl**p.

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11 months ago
This is the start of a very, very erotic encounter! It's the stuff of so many fantasies!
1 year ago
you love erotic stories and you make them your own thanks
2 years ago
There's nothing better than a loving, caring daughter that has her father's "best interest" in hand, or mouth, or pussy...or even on her mind.

Good, but short, story; believeable.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot and so well-told- classic. Can't wait to get to Part 2!

2 years ago
Great story thanks.
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
Nice, sharp little story.
2 years ago
Please give us a part 2. I want to hear about how they developed into a full relationship
2 years ago
Very good, very hot.
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
good one
2 years ago
2 years ago
good story