The Violation of My Stepmother and Steps****r

The vulnerability of my stepmother aroused me first, a primitive biological urge harkening back to the plains of the Great Rift Valley when our ancestors slept in trees and sowed their seed whenever and with whomever they could in the survival of the fittest or, in my case, the most voyeuristically surreptitious. Add the sibling rivalry of a b*****r with his steps****r and color it with the twisted desire of i****t, one of the biggest taboos of our culture, a taboo so tempting that it is broken more often than any of us would like to think. In one glorious evening of lust and perversion over twenty-five years ago I crossed all the boundaries of propriety, first with my stepmother and then with my steps****r and have never returned.

My name is Mike, the same Mike married to Kate featured in the previous stories Soccer Mom Slut and Son of Soccer Mom. It's time that I revealed secrets from my past in my own words. I love a good sex story and have many to tell, my sexual odyssey began with a fixation on sl**ping women, the tempting apple of repose, my stepmother being the Eve to my boyish Abel. She is the reason that I urged Kate to seduce my son Kyle. I wanted him to experience the twisted sexual thrill of it, and Kate, being the good slut she is, was more than ready to play her part.

My stepmother was twenty years older than me and closely resembled Linda Evans from the old Dynasty TV series. She had the same frosted blonde hair and full, svelte body. One evening, when my father was out of town and my steps****r, Julie, was supposedly spending the weekend with an aunt, my stepmother invited her best girlfriend over for a night of experimental cooking. They attempted to make Coq au Vin, having long admired Julia c***d's culinary skills on TV, but were more adept at mimicking her wine consumption. The result was an inedible mess of undercooked chicken, bacon, and mushrooms and me having to drive her too-d***k friend home. When I returned I found my stepmother passed out at the kitchen table, unable to rouse her, I proceeded to carry/drag her limp body to her bed. I had my arms under hers and her head and torso leaning against my chest when I realized just how vulnerable she was. Being all of 18, it didn't take much to get hard back then and by the time I got her to bed, the shape of my 7" cock was fully outlined by my blue jeans.

I looked down at her body and realized that I had a free play, like being in a dream and realizing that it's a dream and one can do anything one pleases. I tried slapping her lightly and she muttered a few incoherent words, but her eyes never opened. "I'm going to take my cock out now, mom." I said it as if I were speaking loud enough to be heard across a crowded room without reaction. Her body lay limp on the bed and I looked at her as if she were some exquisite Christmas present that I had spent a lifetime waiting for. I took my cock out and traced the line of her body without touching her like a dowser searching the ground for water.

"Look how hard you made me, mom." I stripped and got up on the bed next to her. I removed her sandals, her toe nails were lacquered fire-engine red, a color that drew the first ooze of precum as I took her now naked feet and used them like tongs to play with my cock. Her soft soles and petite toes feeling better than I had imagined. "That's it mom, toe my cock with your pretty feet."

Every so often she would let out a little moan or babble a word or two that made no sense. My mother's bed had a mirrored headboard adding to the perverted rush her pliant body was providing. It didn't take long for my first orgasm. "Oh god, mom, I am going to cum all over your pretty feet. Jesus, mommy, cummmming so fucking hard!" I pressed her soles against my balls as I spewed my first hot wave of spunk over her perfect feet. My semen covered the space between her big toe and long toe and I took my cock head and pressed it between them as it twitched in the aftermath of orgasm, trying to calm it down a bit, but it only succeeded in keeping me hard as I pulled down her slacks and then her panties.

These were the days when women had full furry pussies and hers was a fragrant brown tuft that I leaned over and inhaled. I took her leopard print panties and wiped my cock clean feeling the silky smoothness of them and then rubbed my nose in them, like a wild bull using her scent to keep my swollen prick engorged, egging me on to violate her further.

"Mother, I want to eat you." The instant of sex can do this to a man/boy, the genitals of an adult, the unrestrained id of a c***d left alone in a candy shop. I was dizzy with energy and fantasy, my stepmother a pliant sexual laboratory beneath me. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down the cups of her matching leopard print bra, freeing her ample breasts, taking the time to study her areolas and nipples up close. Taking my cock and probing the surface of each, over, under, side, and between. I pressed and slapped each nipple with the head of my dick, leaving glistening precum covering both and then ran it over her lips, trying to push into her mouth without success, but her lips were enough as I could feel the f***e in my ball sack pushing my sperm down its tight little vascular highway, moaning as it erupted from my mushroom head and covered her lips.

I was hungry for more. I spread her legs and knelt between them to lap away at the sweet brown hairy core of her, reveling in the tart, dank taste of her vulva and clit. I especially loved her clit, not knowing completely how it functioned, but finding that after a few deft licks it expanded to more than an inch, like a little cock for me to suckle. My stepmother was moaning regularly now and her hips began a subtle gyration. I wanted to feel her clit and pussy with my cock and positioned it at her pink entrance after posing her as if she were modeling for Cavalier, or High Society, two of my favorite gash mags back in the day. I could feel a growing accumulation of moisture as I edged my cock against that sweet pink morass of flesh.

"I want to fuck you, mommy, what do you think?" I asked as if I were asking permission to stay overnight at a friend's house or to borrow the car, like the answer was always going to be yes. When you're a pervert like me, the answer is always yes, but in this case her eyes remained closed, there was an involuntary smacking of her lips and I pushed in, fell in, dove in, oh the tight slick memory of it, my first fuck and it was my own stepmother. Even now as write these words I am hard at the memory of it. It only took three insanely quick thrusts and I came inside of her. I never thought about using a condom, even though I should have, she was only 38, but I was lucky.

I had come three times in less than an hour and she appeared to be in the same daze I had found her in. I took a Kleenex and wiped my cum from her lips and feet. I put her panties back on and pulled her bra back up over her beautiful cans and began devising a plan to get her d***k again as soon as possible. I tried to arrange her body on the bed as best I could and found myself getting hard for the fourth time so I went to her laundry basket and fished out a pair of dirty panties and returned to my room where I replayed the events step by step stroking my cock with the silk black fabric when my steps****r walked in.

She was a year older than me and I had always resented the way my father favored her, I was his flesh and bl**d, yet he gave her anything she wanted. I soon found out that his favoritism had a lot to do with her sucking his cock. She always pranced around the house in her bra and panties when our parents were out and, as much as I disliked her, there was no denying that she had a hot teen body. My resentment hadn't kept me from jerry rigging one of those little door viewers through a vent between our bedrooms, the only shop project that I had ever completed to perfection. I would often stare at her as she lay naked on her bed using a little pocket rocket to get herself off as I stroked my meat, she writhing to a wet orgasm and me cumming into my hands.

"Don't you knock, bitch?"

"I would have if I had known what a little perv you are." She stared at my raging hard boner wrapped in her mother's black silk panties.

"Fuck you, I've seen you with your little vibrator, so don't act so high and mighty."

"You peeping prick!" She walked up to the bed took a swing at me but I caught her hand and pulled her down on top of me.

"I'll give you a fight, you stuck-up bitch!" I quickly flipped her over and was on top of her. I was naked with my stepmother's panties still twisted around my cock. She struggled beneath me and her short skirt lifted above her bikini panties as I pinned her hands over her head.

"Get off me, you immature prick." She tried bucking me off as if she were a wild horse, but I was too strong.

"Not until you give."


"Then I guess we're going to be here awhile."

"I can't wait to tell daddy what you've been up to."

"As soon as I let him know his precious princess has a vibrator."

"Maybe he already knows, douche bag."

"No wonder you get anything you want."

"That's right, anything, including his cock."

"You little fucking whore." I acted without thinking, although upon reflection, my anger was really jealousy. I moved up so that my cock was dangling over her pert little mouth. "Suck this!" She easily could have bit into my dick and ruined me for life, but she began sucking, my first real blow job, and I suddenly realized exactly why she had barged into my room unannounced, she was horny and a pocket rocket wasn't going to do it for her. She wanted the real thing and daddy was out of town.

"MMMMMM" She untangled her mother's panties from my cock and began to lick and slurp, one hand stroking my cock, the other cupping my balls. My father had made her an expert in the nuance of cock-sucking.

"Suck my cock, Julie, suck it!" She eagerly complied as we bonded into a new distorted union of stepb*****r and steps****r, consummating what had been the seething undertone of our relationship for the last six years, our snide remarks and put downs all little acts of sexual aggression that we had been dying to act upon.

"Fuck, going to cum." I shoved my cock deep into her mouth making her gag.

"No you're not!" She spit me out and squeezed my balls with one hand and twisted the tip of my boner with the other stopping my urge to climax in mid-eruption.

"Jesus Julie, what the fuck, afraid of a little cum in your mouth?"

"No, asshole, I want you to fuck me, don't be such a selfish little prick."

"It always has to be your way, doesn't it?" I got up and was actually thinking about walking away, crazy huh? I stopped as she ripped her panties off and spread her athletic thighs.

"Really, Mike, you're going to walk away from the tightest pussy you'll ever have?" She lay there fingering her sopping wet snatch.

"You are some find of fucked-up bitch." I said, as I returned to the bed and drove my cock into her.

"Shut-up and fuck me!" She slapped me hard and pulled my face down to kiss me and bit my lip.

"Fuck your b*****r!" I was lost in the haze of wet sexual union, trembling as I pumped into her and feeling her respond to every move I made.

"That's it, fuck me hard, make me your bitch." She dug into my back with her nails, the pain making me fuck her harder as if I were trying to slice through her with my cock as a weapon.

"God, Julie, fucking you, fucking my whore s****r."

"Give it to me, Mike, give me your spunk." She twisted my nipples hard.

"Wait, no rubber." I was about to explode, but this time the thought of making a baby stopped me.

"Do you think I'd let your dweeb cock inside of me if I weren't on the pill? You're such a dork, Michael." She laughed and wrapped her legs around my torso.
"Now fuck me!"

Our foreheads merged, her eyelashes weaved through mine, our tongues stretched out to meet, I plunged into her as deeply as I could and kept my cock there as she tightened and relaxed her pussy around it.

"Oh fuck, Julie, going to..."

"Cum in me Michael, cum in your s****r's pussy."

"Oh god, fucking cummmmmmiinnngg..." I held her. She screamed into my chest. My heart pounded and I gasped for breath kissing her at the same time. She lay there with me for another hour in silence and left wordlessly.

The next morning my stepmother sat holding her head at the kitchen table sipping her coffee. Julie sat across from her in the same bra and panties she had on the night before spooning yogurt. I entered the room naked. "I think it it's time we got some issues straightened out." I said. They looked up at me and smiled.

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4 months ago
3 words sum this up, fap fap fap.
1 year ago
You have pushed all the right buttons with this story!
1 year ago
you made me cum all over everthing
1 year ago
Lucky bastard - she sounds like a dirty little whore
2 years ago
A busy young man. I enjoy the way the story resolved into even more, open sex with the two women.
2 years ago
Fucking HOT!!!!
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
2 years ago
very hot story.
2 years ago
nice family