Son of Soccer Mom

" I want your stiff, young cock!"

"But mom, er I..."

"No more games, Kyle, it's time you fucked a real woman."

Kate is my stepmother, my real mother took off when I was three, maybe that's why I have always had this sick fixation on her, or maybe her tight, tan body was too much for a healthy 18 year-old to bear. I don't want to overanalyze, it was hard enough keeping up with my class load and being the midfielder for a division I NCAA soccer team. She earned her right to be called a soccer mom by taking me to every game, practice, and tournament until I got my license and now she was extending the same dedicated effort to becoming a slut. I had just returned home for the summer. I had been trying my best to hide errant erections from her for years, but when I walked into the kitchen she pressed her body against mine, rotated her hips against my crotch, and kissed me square on the lips, her tongue slipping in for a brief second. Her usual prim blouse, tailored slacks, and sensible flats, had been replaced with a tight dress and strappy opened-toed heels that reeked of milf-desire. But more telling than anything else were the blue-green ring tattoos on the long toes of both her feet and the sterling silver bracelet that circled the flesh of her right her ankle, as if she were saying come and get me, the hardest cock wins.

My dad had left for a week-long business trip to Singapore only an hour earlier. "Take care of your mother," he said and winked with the same face he makes when telling a dirty joke, as if he were giving me his blessing. I have a girlfriend, Sara, but comparing her to Kate is like comparing me to David Beckham.

I was in my room unpacking when she appeared at my door, her long brown hair with gold highlights complimenting her late spring tan. She was naked and fingering her shaved pussy with her right hand.

"What about, you know, um, dad."

"Didn't you hear what he said?" She threw her head back and laughed.

"Yeah, well, take care, can mean a lot of different things." I had probably cum a thousand times with her image in my mind's eye, her perfect pert breasts, her full hips, her legs wrapped around my body as I pegged her standing in my dirty dreams.

"He meant fuck, Kyle, as in you are now going to fuck me." She walked into my room staring at my crotch, the crotch containing her 18 year-old step-son's cock, the cock that was so ready to cum.

"Jesus, Kate, I mean I want this, but your my mot...." I stopped in midsentence as she stooped and pulled my shorts and briefs down with one deft yank and her mouth and tongue began slurping away at my penis.

"I don't play games anymore, dear, unless they are filled with fucking, sucking, and orgasms." She looked up at me with an innocent face as she spoke, stroking my cock wet with her saliva, precum making the tip of it glisten as if glazed by a layer of honey.

"I don't have any, you know, um..."

"You don't have any what, Kyle?" Her eyes grew severe, her hand squeezed my turgid cock to the brink of pain.

"Condoms." I had used my last one with Sara the night before in our last dorm room fuck, me staring at the painted concrete block wall as I quickly came into her tight little pussy, wanting to finish before my roommate returned. That was the thing about college fucking, it was always furtive, rushed, and glazed with a beery haze. I was standing in my bedroom, my stepmother stroking my cock with all the time in the world, and there was nobody to interrupt us.

"I'm fixed, dear, surely you knew that. I never wanted c***dren. I only ever wanted you." She took on a somber tone and nuzzled my purple mushroom head against her cheek.

"Oh god, mom, I want you." I gushed and bent down to pick her up, we stood together as if we were about to slow dance. I quickly took off my shirt so our naked bodies could merge into one plethora of flesh. We remained like that, skin to skin, my hard-on pressed flat against her stomach, her supple breasts pushed into my lower chest, our hands gripping each other's ass cheeks.

"I want you to be my baby boy, to swear that you will always, always take care of me." She whispered into my ear. "That you will make mommy cum over and over again. I need you to promise."

"Promise." One word was all that I could speak. I was in a sex daze, all of my sensual memories of her in bikinis, bending in front of me to show more of her breasts, leaving the bathroom door half-open as she exited the shower and wrapped a towel around herself, how she had always kissed and squeezed my cheeks calling me her good little boy.

We somehow walked, floated, danced, arrived at my bed without losing our embrace, as if any diminution of our flesh to flesh contact would be more than either of us could bear. Within seconds she was on top of me and my cock slowly slid into her wet, motherly, pussy. How can any son describe the experience of entering his mother's cunt, even if this wasn't the cunt that bore me, she was the woman who meant more to me than any other and the other-worldly feel of the silky wet insides of her, well, I came before I was all the way in.

"Sorry, mom." I said, but she continued to ride my still stiff cock.

"Shhhhh." She placed her index finger on my lips. "Don't talk, close your eyes, think about how good mommy feels right now. How much you want to be in mommy's pussy, how you've been jacking off to me for years. You think I didn't know?"

Her words were like concrete pouring into my shaft, even though I had just come, my cock began to twitch and throb.

"You want to fuck mommy for a long time, don't you? Make mommy scream and cum. Aren't I better than Sara? She'll never fuck you like this. I bet you've never even had her ass."

"Oh god, mom!" The word ass surged through my body, like gasoline poured on a fire. "Fuck, I want you." I took her off the top of me and made her kneel on my bed and started thrusting into her doggy style."Want to make you my bitch!" I slapped her ass slamming into her again and again, as if I were stabbing her pussy with my dick.

"That's it baby, fuck your mommy, fuck mommy hard!"

I grimaced, made every kind of stupid sex face, pawed at her hanging breasts, lost myself inside her. Sara was nothing compared to this. My arousal had been enslaved by my stepmother's body, she could have put a leather collar around my neck, attached a leash and walked me around like some helpless, circus b**st. She was marking me as hers.

"Take my cock, mom. Do you like me fucking you like a doggy bitch?"

"Baby, mommy is going to cum all over your cock, fuck mommy, fuck mommy..."

I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and a new wet surge inside her rose as a tide of orgasms washed over my cock like a fucking tsunami. "Jesus, mommy, cummming, fucking cummming so fucking hard!"

"Don't stop, baby, please fuck me, make me your mommy slut whore, oh god, Kyle cumming so fucking hard over your cock, fuck baby, don't stop fucking me, harder, harder, put it in mommy's ass, now, do it, fuck my dirty slut ass, baby."

I had just cum twice, but her urgent plea kept me hard. My cock was sloppy with her cum and mine and I easily pushed it in her tight, sweet ass. Having never ass-fucked before, I didn't know what to expect. Her pillow-tight grip was overwhelming. The thought of ass fucking her with my cock actually there was unbelievable. "Oh god, mom, fucking your slutty ass."

"Mommy needs you in her ass, fuck me."

She began to cry as I continued to thrust, her tears made me want her more. I was Oedipus. I understood what is to want your mother, that the sick, twisted reality of it was about to make me cum for the third time in less than an hour, cum in my stepmother's tight ass.

"Mother, I'm going to..." I stopped midsentence when I heard footsteps in the hallway.

"What the fuck, Kyle?" Sara walked into the room, her eyes riveted on my cock deep in my stepmother's ass.

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11 months ago
Oh boy, add one more to the fun! Great story and ending!
1 year ago
Oh so fantastic, erotic made me cum all over my panties
1 year ago
love it!
1 year ago
Great writing. Thanks
1 year ago
Nice shock at the end that implies more fucking. Great!
2 years ago
outstanding!! a plethora of flesh a part 2, 3, 4... out of this one for sure
2 years ago
waiting for part 2 !!!!!!
2 years ago
threesum yeah baby! 5*
2 years ago
oh there better be a part 2! i wanna read that!
2 years ago
there had better be a part 2 or i will be very sad
2 years ago
I really hope part 2 is forthcoming
2 years ago
bring on part two carnt wait to see what happens
2 years ago
Roll on part two
2 years ago
Fuckm' both