Soccer Mom Slut

Just like a vampire can create another vampire, so can one slut create another. My name is Kate. I'm a soccer mom, kind you have dreamed about because I like to fuck. Picture a 47 year-old female, 5'7'', 135 lbs., 36C chest, light brown hair streaked with blonde highlights, and a taut, toned body. I was working out three times a week with my friend Catherine and I wanted her to be more than a friend.
It started one night when my husband, Mike, began exhibiting me to his poker playing friends. I was bending over serving drinks and he said stuff like "those breasts are as firm as the day we met" and "can you believe that ass". Most of his friends were too taken aback to comment, thinking that he had probably had a little too much to drink, but his best friend, Jack, put his hand on my ass without hesitation and rubbed it. "You're right, that's a damn fine ass, Mike," he said and the words were like a pocket rocket working my clit.

Maybe most women would have been upset, but that night Mike and I fucked like never before. I was soaking wet before he entered me thinking about Jack and the fact that Mike had offered me as some tawdry object of desire.

"So you like being a tease." He said it as he drove his hard cock down and into me.

"Fuck me." I answered, he thrusting with a power I had never felt before.

"You want Jack, don't you?" He went as deep as he could, his balls pushing against my ass, the thought of Jack's cock and hands taking me to a level pleasure I had never felt before.

"Yes." It was all I could get out. My heart was racing and I began to shudder inside with a new wanton freedom.

"You want to be slut, don't you?" He rammed me, my legs wrapped around his torso, my hands clawing at his back. I was dizzy from the thought of another man's cock after twenty of years of fidelity. The word "slut" was electricity surging through me.

"Yes, want to be a slut." It came out full of labored breathing, as if I had been running a marathon, but the moment was exquisitely laden with a new sexual awareness. The thought of Jack's cock inside of me rubbed up against the hard presence of Mike's cock instantly turned me into the woman I am today.

"You're thinking of Jack's cock right now, aren't you?"


"You want to fuck him just like this, don't you?"


"You want to take his cock and put it in your mouth and feel it grow, don't you?"


"You want to take his cock, wet with your spit, and put it in your soccer mom's pussy, don't you?"


"You want him to cum inside you, cum so hard that he screams at the urgency of it?"


"Then do it, cum on Jack's cock right now, cum all over it."

"God, Mike, yes, oh fucking God yes! Cummming so hard over Jack's cock, yes, yes, yes." We twisted and turned as Mike spurted his load into me, my pussy contracting in explosive waves.

"Slut, whore, tease! Cumming into your cum, aarrrrghhh."

All this before I had ever touched Jack's cock. The next card game was just me, Mike, and Jack. I was forever initiated into to the salacious life of a soccer mom slut that night, there was no turning back. But it's Catherine that I want to talk about, Catherine, 40, petite with hair just like mine, 34C breasts with dark brown nipples shaped like half lemons protruding from her creamy white breasts. Catherine with her flat smooth belly and always shaved pussy. Catherine with the sweetest, puffy cunt lips that I have ever seen and a clit like a small cock. Catherine with a tight, firm, ass to die for. Real sluts like both men and women, sluts need sex as if it were air and I needed to breathe Catherine. I wanted to make Catherine my slut, like Mike had made me his.

But Catherine was a church going, car-pooling, never a bad word about anyone, straight as an arrow mom, which only made me want her more. I came to know her body intimately in the locker room at the gym. At first I didn't want to take the chance of ruining our friendship by making a pass at her, but seeing her pert, puffy pussy three times a week became too much for me. I would race home after every work out, strip, and finger myself to orgasm imagining that pussy straddling my face, that clit rubbing up and down my tongue and lips, Catherine cumming into my mouth, like some sweet tropical drink that you can never have enough of. I began to sense that her revealing her body to me so freely in the locker room might lead to a more intimate revelation of desire.

I finally had my opportunity when Catherine asked me to go out for a drink after a Wednesday cardio work-out at the gym. "Brent's out of town and I feel like being a little naughty."

"I'll drink to naughty." I said, but I was fairly certain that Catherine's idea of naughty was a margarita or two at T.G.I. Friday's, while mine was bringing her home, stripping her, and making her do whatever I wanted.

It was early evening and every sad sack salesman's delusional eyes followed us to our table in the corner. They could sense the sexuality looming beneath our terry form fitting pants and ribbed tank tops. I'm sure that I was radiating enough pheromones for both of us, but a fierce, proprietary glance from my eyes held them all bay.

"Does Jack cum in five minutes like Brent does?" This after one long sip and her eyes staring directly into the lime froth of her margarita. All the usual Catherine perky goodness drained from her face.

"No." I wanted to say more, make a confession that I had become a slut, a lioness who fucked when, where, and whom she wanted, but I held back, hoping to draw her out.

"Maybe we, er I shouldn't be talking about this. Does it make you uncomfortable?" She shifted in her seat and looked at me, her face turning rosy with blush.

"No, it doesn't." I reached across the table and took her hand, women can get away with that move without seeming untoward. I could feel her longing and the gesture relaxed her.

"Does Mike like to kiss you down, you know, down between your legs?" She squeezed my hand as if it were painful for her to even vaguely describe the act of cunnilingus.

"You mean does Mike like to eat my pussy?" I said it firmly without being overly loud.

"Yes." She turned a deeper shade of crimson.

"I sit on Mike's face and rub my pussy against his tongue and lips and feed him my cum."

"Oh my." She trembled a bit.

"Would you like to do that to Brent?"

"He thinks it's too vulgar." She looked up at the ceiling as if Brent were right and she were some sort of pervert, too sick to be allowed out in public. I had my own intuition that Brent was probably carrying on with a twenty-something bimbo at that very minute. He was a portfolio manager for a hedge fund and made more money than Catherine could ever hope to spend on updated kitchens or remodeled bathrooms. Security comes with a price I thought.

"Maybe I could help you." I looked directly into her blue-green eyes. She had mouth that reminded me of Nicole k**man. She didn't turn away.

"I don't understand."

"I want to take you to my bedroom, strip you, and make you climax like you have never climaxed before." There was no taking it back. We either walked out together or she bolted right then and there and we would be left with awkward encounters around town. My pussy was soaking through my thong panties and terry form pants.

"I'm so hungry, Kate."

"Then let's eat."

We had driven to the restaurant in separate cars, but I didn't want to take the chance of losing her now and led her to my car. "I'll drive you back when we're done."

"But what will people say?"

"That they saw two soccer moms in the same car, how often must that happen every day in America?" We both laughed, easing the awkwardness, but not the sexual tension that had been building.

"I want this, Kate."

"No, you want me to lick your pussy, now say it." It was only a few blocks back to my place. Wednesday was Mike's golf night, nine holes before it got dark and my son was away at college. Not that I wasn't going to tell Mike everything later, not that I didn't want to share Catherine with him the next time, but I wanted to be the one to turn her, possess her, make her my slut.

"I want you to lick me." She said it slowly.

"God damn it, say pussy!" I braked the car and pulled over. I wanted her ready by the time we walked through the door of my bedroom.

"Pussy!" She said it as if she had unshackled herself from a lifetime of caution, reserve, and regret. "I want your pussy, Kate, and I want to feed you mine."

"Pull your pants down and let me feel how wet you are." She did as I told her. I took a sidelong glance and reached over with my right hand and felt the moisture oozing from her pout perfect shaved lips and licked my fingers clean as I pulled into the garage and closed the door.

I don't remember walking through the house, just pushing her down on my bed, stripping her, and marveling at her lithe, nude body next to mine. We kissed for what seemed like hours, swallowing the tart aftertaste of tequila and lime, our naked bodies pressed against each other, our hands traversing breasts, nipples, thighs, asses, and finally pussies.

"You're my slut now." I said.

"Oh, Kate." She looked directly into my eyes as I fingered her thick juicy clit.

"You're going to eat my pussy. I want to mark you with my cum, make you mine." She began to go down on me, a trail of kisses from my full breasts down my stomach, to my inner thighs, her tongue reaching the edge of my labia when I pushed her away.

"Did I do something wrong?" She looked hurt and surprised.

"Lie down flat, slut!" She did as I said. I straddled her face and spread my pussy wide open and gyrated it inches from her mouth. "You want this?"


"Not yes, say you want my pussy, say it like a dirty slut, the slut you yearn to become, my slut, my baby!"

"I want your pussy, I need it, Kate, oh god!"

"Lick it, whore!" I pushed my wet, dripping cunt into her open mouth, she grabbed my ass cheeks and began to lick and suck. I held her head and moved up and down against her tongue. "Oh god, lick it, suck it, make mommy cum in your mouth, do it!" I hovered, rode, wiped, pressed my pussy over and over calling her a whore, a slut, a cunt, and my sweet baby and then the quiver arose from within and I trembled. "Yes, mommy is going to cum in your mouth, going to cum, making you my slut forever, marking you with my sloppy, wet cunt!" I arched back, she licked and slurped and I screamed. "Oh jesus fuck baby cummmmmmmming so fucking hard!" It was wave after wave until I couldn't take it anymore and slipped off and collapsed, crying, dizzy, shaking all over.

Catherine kissed me with my cum fresh on her lips, a communion of cum between us, a holy ritual of everything only two women can share, and then she mounted my face as I had mounted hers. Her pussy was soaking. Her bl**d engorged clit was fresh and tart. I eagerly lapped away with all my fantasies fleshly present.

"Make me your slut, lick my wet pussy, make me cum!" Catherine rode my mouth as if my tongue were a bucking bronco beneath her. Our bodies writhed together, my fingernails clawing her ass until she froze and squeezed my face between her thighs and growled from deep within, her right hand pulling my hair so my mouth was centered perfectly over her clit and cunt. "Cummmmmming, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes cumming so hard, Kate, your slut, always your slut!"

She crumpled atop me, the two of us panting naked on the bed when Mike walked in...

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1 year ago
How I wish I was Mike! Bravo!
1 year ago
made me cum so hard
2 years ago
I have new fantasy! two soccer moms for me lol
2 years ago
very horny,plse carry on need more now
2 years ago
2 years ago
a well-written and horny story that I loved reading
2 years ago
Loved the story and we are seeing Catherine tonight. Thanks my friend and you really should write more.
2 years ago
That was HOT! Tell me more...