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We went out for an Italian meal to our local restaurant after a few drinks in the pub first. After our meal we had some more beers in the downstairs bar. The owner Dave joined us as he knew Elaine. We had booked a 60th party for my dads 60th some months before and Elaine and Dave had met a few times to organise the food and band etc. Dave kept ordering free rounds and we were all half pissed. Dave kept putting his hand high up on Elaine's leg, and I pretended not to notice. On the way out at about 3 in the morning Elaine hung back as I walked out the door. She took too long to be just saying goodbye, and sure enough when we got home she told me he had grabbed her and snogged the face off her. I asked her if anything else happened and she told me that when she went to the bar at one stage to grab some drinks, he had pressed up against her and she felt his hard cock on her arse. This turned me on so much.Then Elaine's phone beeped, and it was a text from Dave. He told Elaine how horny he was and he would love to lick her pussy. She texted back that I was asl**p, and she could get a taxi back if he wanted. He immediately replied "get your ass down here quick before I explode". I gave her permission as it had been a fantasy of mine for to come home filled with cum.She left minutes later and didn't return for about an hour and a half.She told me she had knocked on the restaurant door which was locked and it was opened by Dave, (his father was Italian,his mother Irish).He grabbed her in and kicked the door closed.He pulled her close and kissed her hungrily and passionately.She lowered her hand and rubbed his already rock hard cock.He quickly opened his trousers and actually popped the button off. Elaine pulled them down and he sat down on the receptionists desk behind him.She dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and sucked him as she rubbed and squeezed his balls.He pulled her hair hard and groaned and said he was going to cum.Elaine immediately stopped,much to his disappointment. She took his hand and pulled him up off the desk and she sat down,her legs spread.Lick me, she said.He might have thought she had tights on under her mid length skirt,but no.She wore stockings,and skimpy red knickers.He pulled them off her throwing them aside and thrust his tongue into her soaking wet pussy.Then he slowly licked her clitoris.Slowly up and down , them in a circular motion.Then up and down again but quicker.Then he eased his finger into her her pussy.Elaine groaned then told him to rub her ass.If he was surprised he didn't hesitate.her ass was wet from her pussy juices dripping down.He gently eased his finger in and began to finger fuck her as he continued to lick her now swollen clitoris.Elaine soon came.Loudly.Her ass muscles tightening on his finger.He pulled his finger out and turned Elaine over,face down on the desk.He put his cock in her pussy and fucked her hard.It wasn't long before he shot his load inside her.He seemed to spurt at least three times. She didn't stay long after that,saying she had to go home in case I woke up and found her gone.When she got home I was so hard My cock hurt.She asked me if I wanted to fuck her while she gave me all the dirty details of what she had got up to.Instead, I got her to lay back on our bed and I started to lick her clitoris.I had to do it gently as she was very sensitive. Dave's cum was dripping out of her and I licked it all up,every drop.I licked her her soaking pussy,wet with her juices and his cum as she told me what happened.Incredibly her phone beeped again,it was Dave ! It said, "you forgot your knickers, I am sniffing them as I wank off thinking of you". She texted back "maybe I'll collect them tomorrow night". This only made me hornier, and I stood up to fuck her.She was so wet it didn't feel as good as usual so I rubbed my cock on her ass.She usually protested but not this time.My cock slid in with a little effort.It was beautifully tight.I soon came inside her ass for the first time.We both collapsed on the bed side by side,now naked.I wondered if she would collect her knickers the following night.I looked at Elaine.She was smiling,deep in thought.Either remembering her night of filthy fun,or maybe thinking of her knickers too.I'd find out tomorrow, my cock hardening at the thought.
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1 year ago
glad u enjoyed my story :)try my others.
1 year ago
You hot fucker. I'd love to suck that guys load from your mouth and finger your hole while you shot your load into your wife's ass.
1 year ago
My favourite thing. Popped my load to this.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot....going to open me a cafe or something tomorrow. Lol
2 years ago
wow such a hot story