Fucking my husbands best mate

I always liked Jack.He wasn't Marks best looking friend. Or the coolest. Or the trendiest. But...he was... I don't know ? He was nice. And kinda cute, I suppose. But Mark, my husband was always always bugging me for us to have a 3some with him. I thought about it for a while, but every bl**dy time we had sex,he'd bring it up.What would you do if Jack was here,what would you do if Jack was fucking you,you want to fuck Jack don't you. Every time.Every bl**dy time.I got sick of it.Then I started hearing about Marks affairs.And I knew he brought that slag of a p.a. with him on his "business" trips. After a while I didn't even care.I had got too used to our big house on a posh road.I liked my 4x4 and frequent holidays in the villa in Nice that we owned.I wasn't losing all that.I probably still loved him anyway.The big lump.But I was bored.So I started flirting a bit with Jack.Never letting Mark see.I always wore low tops.I have great tits.Mark paid 10 grand for them a few years back,lol. He loved me showing them off.Loved men wanting me.So when Jack was over for beer nights, I always got him his refills,and I bent over at every opportunity.He always got an eyefull of my 36dd's. I always pretended not to notice him watching.I would brush past him if I could.And he always responded down below. I always struggled not to laugh when he was so noticeably hard.And the more I did it.The more I wanted him.The times he was over for beer we always hugged hello.And when he left,he always pecked me on the cheek.But recently, I always turned for a kiss on the lips.Just a peck at first,but longer each time.Until Jack started avoiding our traditional kiss goodbye.He would wait until I was across the room and bolt for the door.It was almost funny.Almost.Except for... Well.. To be honest.Even the first half a second long kiss on the lips had melted me.The spark between us,I swear,if the lights were off I'm sure it would have been visible.It was so so sweet.A taste of what might yet await.
So when my chance came,I grabbed it.It was a Sunday night.Mark was only back from a business trip with that slag Yvonne.I hoped he had got enough sex with her that he wouldn't want to come near me.He had been getting texts all day since he came back on the early flight from where ever the happy couple did their business. After the first two texts I seen him put his phone on mute.Then nearly every half hour he would suddenly touch his pocket and need to leave the room.He would go the loo.Out to the shed to check something.Upstairs to check something.Eventually he said he was going to visit his dad who lived about 30 miles away in corporation house.Fucks sake.I knew that Mark senior was without doubt in a d***ken stupor like he was every night since Marks mam died.O.k. I said.I knew Jack was coming over for beers.He had rang before Mark got home to say he would be over and I hadn't mentioned it to that cheating husband of mine.His sudden need to visit his dad was predictable.Every business trip was followed by texts and.well,whatever.So I had plans for Jack, who was single for the last few months.I wondered how long it had been since his last shag.I hoped I knew when his next one would be. In about an hour if I had my way....
Jack came over about 45 minutes after Mark left.I was getting more nervous as the minutes ticked by.But I was also getting more excited.More horny,and wetter.I had changed into my sexiest lingerie,but covered up with an old housecoat.Safe enough if anyone else happened to call.But it was Jack who called to the house.I let him in,giving him a hug as usual.Maybe a bit longer of a hug than usual,and with a barely audible sigh from me.I thought I heard him sigh too.And I definitely felt something.Either he has a big wallet,or... No,that wasn't his wallet."Wheres baldy ?," Jack asked."Off screwing his p.a. I replied."Oh Yvonne", said Jack.I was surprised. I assumed Jack knew about Marks affairs,and assumed he would cover up for him.I admired his honesty."Not going to lie for him" I asked."No", said Jack."No games,no lies,I respect you too much".And with that he turned his back to me,opened the fridge,and took out a can of Heineken.He opened it and gulped down a big mouthful as he turned back around to face me.I had dropped the housecoat to the ground.And when Jack seen me wearing a skimpy little Baby Doll with matching g-string, he nearly choked.Beer flew out of his mouth.He gazed hungrily and my barely covered tits.He looked me up and down as I approached him,taking in my short but shapely legs,my barely covered pussy,and back up to my tits."O.k." I said. "No games.No lies.I want you to fuck me.You don't owe that prick any loyalty,like I don't", I said as I reached him,the can falling from his hand as he tried to put it on the counter behind him,but his eyes never left me."I cant ", he said."I wont". "I moved closer still.My arms reached around his neck,pulling him closer.Pulling his face to mine.I felt his cock harden.No twitch,no semi.He was rock hard.I pushed my crotch into his,and he pushed his cock onto my wet pussy."I think you do want me ", I said."I didn't say I didn't want to", he said."But...". That was as far as I let him get.I pulled his lips onto mine.His tongue darted straight into my mouth.I usually hate that,but I was caught up in the heat of the moment too and responded the same way.Jacks hands dropped to my ass.Squeezing it,massaging it.I whimpered,and melted.I wanted him so bad.The conversation was over,any thoughts of behaving forgotten.Jack then cupped my ass and lifted me up on to the counter.I felt the muscles on his harms as he lifted me.He was buff ! He took his top off.His toned body told a story of many hours in the gym.Marks body told a story of many hours eating takeaways and drinking lager.Jack open his belt and was naked quicker than I would have thought possible.Was he huge? Was he 8 or 9 inches long ? No.He was a good 6 inches and decent girth.Jack ripped my g-string off in one sharp pull.I wouldn't be wearing that again.Jack thrust his cock inside me.We both let out a sigh,or to be more precise in Jacks case, a growl of pleasure.He pulled my top down exposing my tits.He attacked them with his hands,his mouth,his tongue.He was a bit rougher than I expected.So different to Mark who was in fairness a decent fuck,very gentle.Jack was more..manly I suppose.Not better...different.After a few minutes he pulled me down off the counter and without a word,spun me around.I put my hands on the counter as Jack took me from behind.Ramming his cock in me hard.It felt so good.Hard and fast,so different to what I was used to.I waited on him to explode inside me.He didn't. He slowed down.Then sped up a minute later.He seemed to last forever,until he whipped his cock out and wanked onto my ass.I loved that.How could he know ? What a perfect lover to know that I loved....No. NO No No. That prick Mark must have told him that I loved it.Prick.Although, I suppose I did tell the girlies everything.How mark loved my finger up his ass,especially when I sucked him off.Fairs fair.I turned to face Jack.I expected a quick embarrassed chat while he dressed,and left.Instead he pulled me to him.Kissed me.More gentle this time.Was that his cock hardening already.Oh my god it was.He lifted me onto the counter once more.Jack licked my wet pussy.And he knew what he was doing.His tongue gently circled my clit. Then licked it up and down,then circled it again till I came.Loudly.It was heaven.Mark rarely went down on me.And never ever after penetrating me.Jack stood up looking pleased.And he was hard.And ready.He entered me again,but more gently.Then he lifted me up.Easily.And I'm not a size 10 anymore.Or a size 12.We shuffled over to the sofa where we carefully lay down.He slowly fucked me again.With a lot less a****l aggression,which had been amazing,but with a slow gentleness.He too even longer the second time to come,and he came inside me,and lay there on top of me,still inside for a minute or two.After a while We stood up to dress.And chat.And kiss.I looked at the clock.It was midnight.You better go I said.Mark will be back in an hour, and I need to shower."So we have an hour". Jack said." I need a shower too". I looked down as he approached me. Maybe that's his mobile phone I thought, and laughed. I was going to be be sore .
The end.
Thanks for reading guys.Hope you enjoyed this piece of fiction.Love to see comments.xxx
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gtreat stories jack..enjoyin them all