My first time with another man

It was no big deal when my mate Mark came out as gay a few years ago. Most of us sort of knew already. Funny thing was, he had previously been the one the girls were most attracted to. He wasnt the most attractive in our circle either, but was very confident and I suppose funny. He was about five foot ten inches,same as me. But I have dark hair,cut short, Mark had a big head of blonde curly hair. We used to call him side show Mark, after the Simpsons character.
Most Saturday nights we all hit the local pub, Courtneys. Most weeks about five or six of us would drink ourselves stupid,then all go home separately,unless one of us clicked of course.Recently after a particularly heavy session in the bar, Mark and I found ourselves the last two to leave.The rest of the guys hopped in a cab to go dancing, but we were both going home.As we got closer and closer to my one bedroomed apartment, there was no sign of any taxis. I suggested we have a quick beer in mine,and we could phone a cab.The quick beer turned into about four each,followed by some Jack Daniels.Not a good idea.And when we tried to phone a cab we were so obviously d***k,the local cab firm wouldnt take Mark home.
"Oh just sl**p here" I said, "and I will drop you home in the morning", I said,barely comprehensible.I went into the only bedroom,stripped naked as I always did for bed,and got beneath the covers.I must have nodded off,but I woke up to find Mark suggling up behind me. He was also naked, and obviously hard. "I meant for you to sl**p on the sofa you muppet", I said."Oh,sorry" he giggled."Not scared are you", he asked."Course not", I said."But keep your cock to yourself"."Your the one rubbing your arse on me babe",he said,and I realised it was probably true.And it felt good.Sort of.In a weird way.Oh crap."Sorry", I said."Its the drink .Thought you were a girl,maybe my ex.I was confused."Well now Im horny", he said and moved closer to me,his cock resting between the cheeks of my arse.I couldnd even move in my bed which unfortunately usually only had one occupent."Have a bl**dy wank," I said. " I cant with you here", he said," I'd be too embaressed."Youre not too embaressed to rub that on my arse,"I said turning around and grabbing his cock."Oh....." was all Mark could get out of his mouth as all the air in his lungs left his mouth.I was still holding his cock.I was facinated.It was the first cock I ever held.Well ok the second,counting mine.It wasnt as long as my seven inch cock,but it was thicker.And warm.And...and getting bigger.I started wanking him off.I dont know why.It just felt right.It felt good."Oh my god,Jack.What are you doing," he whispered."Its the only way I'l get some sl**p." I said,as Mark leaned in and started biting my shoulder,and then my neck,as his hands squeezed my ass. I let him.Damn, I didnt want him to stop.I felt my own cock harden.Suddenly I felt him stiffen and with a loud grunt,he came all over me.He shuddered a couple of times,then pushed my hand off his still hard cock,as it became too sensitive."Do you want me to,you know,do you ?" he asked."Eh,NO" I said. "That was just so I could get some shut eye", I said and turned around again.He snuggled up to me again.It was nice.He moved his cock up and down the crack of my arse,not pushing,just getting comfy.It felt so nice,so right.I was sticky all over,and it smelled.Smelled nice I thought.After a few minutes I said, "Great,now I cant sl**p".I meant because of his cum all over me,which I needed to wash off.But Mark misundersood.I felt his hand move from my hip to my cock.My hardening cock.My now suddenly very hard cock."One good turn deserves another" he said .As I was on the edge of the bed, I couldnt move.I didnt want to move,Christ. I didnt want to move.I felt his cock get a bit harder as he pressed it on my ass.Or was it me pushing my ass on his cock as I received my first wank from another guy.And maybe more...
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16 days ago
great story and dialogue - fun times for a first one
1 year ago
tnx.probably similar to a lot of first timers first time,lol.
1 year ago
Enjoyed it and gave it a thumbs up.
1 year ago
good story
2 years ago
when i was a schoolboy and felt my first other cock ,it was like,i couldn't let go..see my story.
2 years ago
nice... tell more
2 years ago
Friends are great!
2 years ago
Great story...
2 years ago
Well Done...
Please Continue.
2 years ago
all of us have queer in us
2 years ago