Fun School Day - Part 1

Two years ago I was sitting in class in my last year of high school. I was s*******n and hadn’t had too much experience with the ladies. The teacher told us that next week we’d be going on a field trip to the zoo for something. I didn’t really feel like going, and I was just going to skip it, until my girlfriend at the time, Sarah asked me if I was gonna come. I said no, I’d rather skip, and she encouraged me to come. She even promised me a blowjob on the bus if I came!

Now let me describe Sarah, she was fucking gorgeous! She had a beautiful white face, b cup tits and a great ass! She was way out of my league and I considered myself lucky to have such a sexy girl. We hadn’t done too much sexually, so her offer to give me a blowjob was huge for me! I said I’d definitely come on the field trip.

On the day of the field trip I couldn’t believe it, but I slept in! I woke up late, dressed as fast as I could and ran to school. Just as I got there, the bus was leaving, and it left me behind. I texted Sarah and she said oh well, maybe next time. Fuck, I thought, I really lost my chance. Well I was about to leave the school when the assistant principal caught me and thought I was skipping. He took me to his office, not really the place I wanted to be. He told me that just because I missed the trip doesn’t mean I get a free day off. He told me theres a bunch of student teachers coming in who need to be shown around. He didn’t want to do it, so I had to give them tours of the school or risk being suspended. I would’ve said no, but getting suspended this late in the year could mean risking graduation.

The first group came in the morning and there was nothing interesting about them. Mostly guys and some girls who you could tell hadn’t gotten laid in a while. They dressed so they wouldn’t show anything, so there wasn’t much to look at. This happened throughout the day. Finally, I thought I could leave when one last girl came in the door. I tried being sneaky and telling her she was too late, but when she came up to me I couldn’t say it. She was beautiful and sexy. She was 23 and dressed in a white blouse with a black skirt just above her knees. The top few buttons were undone, so you could see the top of her boobs, which looked pretty good. Her ass looked great in the skirt, and I couldn’t resist staring at it. I told her id give her the tour. I only said yes so I could keep checking her out.

While we were walking I found out she was from the US (im in Canada) and was looking to move here if she found a job. She was staying at a hotel which I knew. It’s the same hotel which has a Starbucks where Sarah works. She was single and alone on this trip, which really got my attention. Anyways, we kept looking into open classrooms and seeing the school when we noticed a room with the lights off, but the door was open slightly. We opened the room to find it was empty. She insisted that we come in to the room so she could see how it would be like to teach a class in the building. I closed the door behind me and I sat on a desk. She took a marker and wrote on the board: “My name is Mrs. V, but you can call me Maya. Now Drop your pants.”

I looked at what she wrote and sat there confused. Was she joking or flirting with me? She came up to me and said “I’ve seen you staring at my ass and my chest all day, you dirty little perv. Why don’t you do something with them” She grabbed my hands and put them on her ass. I had no idea what was going on and the only thing I could think of was to squeeze, and I heard a gasp from Maya as I did so.

Still a little confused, I took a risk and grabbed her hips and brought her near me for a deep kiss. She kissed me back! Her hands went to my back and rubbed up and down my back, even squeezing my ass a couple times while our toungues played with each other.

I moved to kiss her neck and heard more gasps as I did that. While I kissed her there, my hands were slowly moving down and cupping her breasts. She pushed me back on the desk and took off her shirt slowly, revealing big tits in silky black C cup bra.

I fumbled with the hook, but managed to get the bra off so I could squeeze those tits of hers and suck on her nipples as I heard her moan. She pushed my head into her tits forcing me to bite on her nipples which caused louder moans.

My dick was getting hard from this and she could tell. She reached down and started rubbing my dick through my jeans. I was so horny I just pulled down my pants revealing my dick trying to escape from my boxers. Maya saw this and pulled down my boxers to reveal my already hard dick standing at attention.

She moved her head down and started licking it from my balls to my head. It was an incredible feeling! She was licking the head as her hand was jacking me off. I noticed her skirt had come off, when the hell did that happen? Whatever, I thought, as I watched her suck my dick and rub her own pussy at the same time.

It felt like she was sucking forever, but it was probably only about 5 minutes, when I tensed up and we both knew what was gonna happen. All the jizz I had saved up for Sarah was blown into Maya’s mouth. She caught most of it, but some landed on her chin and dripped down to her tits. I had never cum this much in my life!

Maya licked my dick and made it nice and clean before she sat up on a desk. “you're turn”. Now I had never licked a pussy before, and I was pretty clueless. I licked her clit and tried things I had seen in porn but she just grabbed my head and f***ed it to her cunt. I like and tasted and it was incredible, her pussy tasted amazing.

I kept licking and sucking while she rubbed her clit. She told me to put a couple fingers in her pussy and I did, which got her really horny. Maya was moaning so loud I got worried someone might here. Suddenly Maya said that she was going to cum and I started licking even harder. She loved it and her pussy juices just kept flowing into my mouth.

By this point we were both exhausted as we stood up and kissed each other again. We would’ve fucked if class wasn’t almost over and we didn’t know who was using room next period. We got dressed and she gave me her room number at the hotel she was staying at. She told me to be there at 7pm sharp if I wanted to have more fun. Then she gave me a wink as she left.

This is my first time writing a story on xhamster, and there is definitely a second part. Let me know if you want more and if you have any suggestions or criticisms, message me.

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3 years ago
Definitely not a real story, but still pretty nice.
3 years ago
Is this a real story?
3 years ago
Loved it! Alittle raw but that seems to be part of its charm. Will definately read part 2.
3 years ago
good story. part 2?