My first orgasm

That happened in the bath tub when I was 4 or 5 years old, after being washed by my mother with a washcloth. She also retracted my foreskin during this procedure and washed my penis head, making half painful and half good feelings to me which I nearly couldn't stand. Therefore I fidgeted and lamented, forcing my mother to stop that. She then told me if I don't want this I had to wash my penis under the foreskin by myself. I agreed under the condition that I could do this alone, because my willy of course had already become half erect and I was ashamed for this. When I was alone then I tried to wash my penis head with the washcloth but stopped that immediately because it was too painful. Then I used my fingers for washing which was bearable. After that, having closed my foreskin, I became curious about those strange feelings I had when my mother washed my penis. I tried to pull the foreskin back quickly which felt much better than pulling back slowly as for washing. My penis became stiff again, making it easier to pull the foreskin back as much as was possible. So I concentrated on that intense feeling on pulling the foreskin quickly back and ignored the weak feeling when I slowly closed the foreskin again. Only after some weeks I learned to combine these single excitements by a quick closing of foreskin which allowed the excitements to pile up. Thus I had improved my wanking movements and managed to keep a high stroking velocity in a way that the feeling became more and more intense. And then, being curious how far this could go I accelerated my stroking so much that I experienced my first orgasm, an intense hot feeling, of course without cum, only accompanied by an awesome twitching running through my whole lower part of body. I was very proud of having discovered this!

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1 year ago
Nice story. I remember my mother and father bathing me early on and teaching me to wash under my foreskin, I am Uncut here in the United States, how the feeling of it being handled was quite different than when I did it myself. I don't remember having any sort of orgasm and dry cum until around 10. First cum squirt was at 13, almost 14. Yes, I was a late bloomer and slow learner.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Cool story - I started wanking curiously in the age of 8 years and got the first orgasm in my life ... it was a really stunning experience, I considered being in heaven ... :-)
3 years ago
I was the same age when I learned how to do this. I did it all the time during nap time at pre-school, under the covers !!
3 years ago
Lol cute....