My Mom, my first experience (Heini's story/3)

Written by aweiawa on Dec. 28th 2003 at 13:07
translated by jack4fun on Oct. 6th 2012, 03:00

Heini's story part 3

"Come on son, now you may make me happy too, I even believe that you'll like
that." She vanished shortly into the kitchen, then she pulled me away to her
bed room, took off her clothes in a hurry, laid down in the bed on her back,
raised her legs angled, spread them and pointed to her widely opened pussy.
"Do you see her, she wants to be caressed too, and she likes most a
longlasting licking. As a reward I have hidden something inside."
Wow, that could become funny. Of course I hadn't yet seen a woman down there
clearly, not to speak of exploring and caressing with my tongue, though I had
already seen this often on pics. Bravely I approached to the spreading slit and,
hesitating at first but then more and more wildly and overbording, I began to
lick her.
It tasted horny somehow, and like chocolate. When I moved my tongue as deep
into her opening as I could, I encountered something like a barrier. At this
moment she pushed this something with her vaginal muscles into my mouth, and it
was ... a chocolate fudge. Therefore the chocolate taste.
"Now, are you surprised?" she laughed at me. "But now concentrate on to the
clitoris, that's the small bud there, then I'll come soon too."
She was right, because after a very short time her breath became faster and faster
and she moaned quite loudly. And then she climaxed. A dwell flooded over my chin
and I slurped her juice as much as I could reach it.

From this moment on we used every opportunity to caress ourselves mutually with
the mouth and with the hand. Often several times a day we held up each other.
Since my mother always wore super horny clothes from then on which merely hid the
essential parts, I cruised the area constantly sporting a boner.
Our favorite position was the no. 69, giving us the possibility to cum synchronously
to orgasm. She had aqcuired the trick to drive me to squirting exactly in that moment
when she was cumming too, so that we were flooded at the same time. Our mouths well
filled, we loved it to kiss us and to share this bless between us. We were both
eager about this mixture.
She never wanted to fuck with me, because she didn't like that to do with her son,
for that she wanted to find another man. But licking and caressing us to orgasm as
a spare time pleasure was totally ok for her.
One saturday, when mom came home from night duty at the hospital, I wanted to start
at once our mutual pleasure, but she said:
"Listen, just before I left I've fucked with a patient in the hospital, I'm still
completely full with his sperm, let me first take a shower." But my cock was throbbing
already some time in expectation of her arrival, so I didn't want to wait.
When my own sperm tasted that good to me, the foreign one couldn't be so bad either.
So I convinced her to a 69-round and even insisted on laying on bottom. Thus she knelt
across me, took my cock into her mouth and began to blow it. At same time she levelled
down her well filled cream cup over my face. First hesitatingly, then with growing
excitement I licked empty her cup, the taste of her pussy juice, mixed with the sperm,
nearly drove me crazy. And already my sperm shot deeply into mother's throat, so that
she nearly gagged on that. This time I had completely surprised her, since this horny
experience had accelerated my orgasm enormously.
"If you like that so much, then we can still optimize this eventually."
she proposed to me, after she had swallowed my portion and we were standing in the shower.
I soon should realize how she meant this. Already at Sunday morning after her weekly duty,
she came home with a friend.
She introduced me to him and since she had already explained to him on the way what was going
on, we went to her sl**ping room at once, undressed and with mother in the middle we went
to bed. Egon, that was the name of that guy, and I began to caress her and already soon
she was ready to fuck. She knelt down, Egon came from behind and I laid down below her,
so that she had my willy directly in front of her nose. At once she began to blow my
cock to one's heart's content. Directly above my face was the awesome pussy of my mother
and I saw Egon's cock like in a close up bumping in with all power. I started now to
lick wildly her pussy and the slippery phallus sliding in and out, my tongue lapped
over her clit and his cock.
Together they produced a superb taste and smell.
Then Egon bumped ever more quickly and I had to keep my head safely.
He squirted his full load into her cunt and withdraw his prick only when it was totally
exhausted. At once my mother lowered her cunt above my face and I could lick out the
mixed juices. That drove me so horny that I ejaculated in shortest time, what excited
again my mother so that she flooded my mouth with her juice.
That was a crazy experience. Still today there is nothing which I appreciate so much as
licking out a freshly filled pussy. We have repeated that still often, and even today,
after many years, my mother and I please each other when I visit her, but as usually
without having intercourse.

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This venue is for incest lovers! Anything short of intercourse is not incest; not even close!!
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