The Bet: a game of chance...and control

you and I have been playing strip poker and having fun, feeling the sexual tension rise as we deal out another hand. As I look at you, now in your bra and panties from across the glass table and imagine kissing your sensual neck and shoulders I can feel the tension in my balls growing more as my cock hardens; I shift my position slightly to try and subtly hide my bulging manhood as i pick up and look at each card handed to me. You can plainly see through the table my growing erection and smile slightly at my coy attempt to hide it. Thinking about how good it would feel inside you, throbbing in your tight pussy as it pumps in and out makes you feel a warmth and wetness that makes you bite your lip. as we each pick up our last cards and feel pretty good about the hand you say "how bout we make a bet...winner takes all! If you win, I will be your slave you can have my body completely to do with as you like" My eyes obviously gleamed at this idea, not that I had the best poker face to begin with, then you said "But if I win, you will be my sex toy and slave to do whatever i want with." neither of these ideas sounded like I could loose and since I was currently holding a straight I felt pretty confident in the bet. Neither of us needed any cards and so i called and confidently showed my straight, thinking about what I would do with you, maybe start with a firm spanking? maybe tease those hard nipples with my teeth a bit? but then you smugly laid down a four of a kind and looked at me like a piece of meat I felt a different sort of excitement, a somewhat nervous excitement. you smile broadly, such a beautiful smile, and say "well, well your not thinking about backing out of our bet now that you've lost are you?" as your finger caresses down your chest and teases your breasts. "no, baby never my body belongs to you now" just saying the words to you made me somehow hornier than I already was. "good! then go upstairs and wait for me just a minute lover, I want to get some things" we both finished our drinks and as i walked past you toward the bedroom, you stop me and I kiss you, our tongues mingle as our lips are locked my hand combs softly through your hair. then as we pull away, gazing into each other's eyes you smack my ass hard and bite your lip "now go upstairs and wait for me, i want you naked" startled and playful i said ok and headed up to the bedroom. you go to the drawer and get a wooden spoon and to the closet for the small white pole i have, then you walk upstairs and into the bedroom and place the items next to the bed. you come up to me and slide your hands down my broad shoulders to my strong arms, sizing me up we begin to kiss and you ask me between breaths "who do you belong to" i respond "you" Loving saying the words, somewhere in my mind i knew i wanted to be used, i wanted to let go and having you take control felt right. i felt you moan mmmmm into my mouth as we kissed, my hand at the base of your head and the other caressing your back; then your hand slid down my stomach, just past my cock, and then you grabbed my balls hard. i felt the air escape my lungs out of surprise and my one hand grabbed your wrist as the other supported some of my weight on your shoulder. "did i tell you to grab my wrist?" you said to me as you squeezed my balls harder, "no" i said as i let go of your wrist. your grip loosened up a little bit, but you still were squeezing my balls hard. surprisingly my erection grew as i panted and you bit my lip and sucked on it, i felt you moan again mmmmmm into my mouth as we kissed, my legs weak, you let go of my balls and then rubbed them a little bit, sliding your hand to my large cock and stroking it. the pain subsiding I felt a new bl**d flow to my cock and balls, invigorating me. I began to kiss down to your neck, sucking and kissing your lovely shoulders and collar bone, which made your pussy get even wetter than it was, you lean forward and as you place your hand around my neck you tell me that you want me on my knees. with the throbbing delight still in my balls i didn't want to question the order and quickly went to one knee, then kneeled before you on both. you seemed happy with how quick i learned and then sat on the edge of the bed and simply said "please me" as you put your foot out. i took your foot in both hands and began to rub it, kissing it and then kissing your toes. taking each one of your toes into my mouth, sucking it up and down. then kissing the inside arch of your foot as i worked my way to the other. you laid back on the bed a bit and enjoyed the foot rub and attention as i sucked on each one of your toes on the other foot. looking down you see my blue eyes looking back up at you, delighted in the job of licking and sucking on your delicious feet. i then began to kiss my way up your leg to your calf. biting on it a little and sucking my way to the back of your knee. i looked up and saw your hand sliding inside your panties as i licked and sucked your sensitive area. your slender fingers nimbly working on your clit, bringing your wetness up to it and then circling in again and again. your wetness was now clearly soaking through your panties as your stomach tighten and loosened, my mouth longing for your pussy juice i began kissing my way to your inner thigh. you then moaned slightly "come up and lay on the bed baby". i got up and laid on the large bed. you then got up, took off your panties and we began to kiss as you grabbed my cock by the base, stroking up and down its long shaft. my hand moved to your pussy and began to finger you with two fingers. large circles inside your cunt making your legs weak each time i hit your special spot, you jerking my dick harder made me moan as we kissed. you then smacked my balls, i moaned loader and i felt your wetness grow. you smacked them again and again, the rush of bl**d and feeling to my now slightly red balls was exhilarating and i felt your cum building as i fingered you, both of us now moaning in between kisses and i feel your pussy start to pulsate around my fingers, your now leaning on me with alot of your small weight and striking my balls, making me jump and moan. "oh nataly, go god, yes" i moan as i kiss past your mouth to your check and ear, and then i felt the surge of fantastic cum in your pussy, i put my fingers deep into you pumping into your g spot and you body shakes every time i hit it. you take my wrist and have me scoop the cum from your pussy, placing my hand in my mouth. mmmm god you taste soooo, good. my hand eagerly goes back to your wetness to feed my greedy slutty mouth with your cum. you strattle my head with your legs in a 69 position instructing me to just do clean up and i happily oblige. licking and kissing the lips of your pussy. you have my huge throbbing cock in your face and want to taste it, first licking up and down the shaft, teasing me and driving me wild, then you get it my the base and tilt it into your mouth. as you envelop it i moan into your cunt, loving having your ass in my face, thinking about how next time we be i will be pinching your ass, then inner part as we 69, making you jump with each sharp pinch to your skin. you mouth moving up and down my thick shaft, getting wetter and wetter, you press into it and see how far you can take it. then as my head goes back in bliss and my hands begin to rub your ass cheeks you reach next to the bed and grab the wooden spoon. not even noticing you did this i begin to lick your pussy again and work my way to your clit, licking and sucking on it, making all the fluids from your pussy flow again. you smack my balls with the spoon while its all the way down your throat and i jump pushing it farther, you hit it again and again, and pretty soon i am fucking your throat with the rhythm of the smacks. i begin to moan and cry out, "oh nataly, oh god nataly" getting soo worked up as you smack my balls. my balls are beet red now and i am crying out with every strike, my mouth almost biting into your inner thigh as i cry "yes oh god, yes nataly, oh thank you, oh please oh god, oh fuck" your pussy is soooo wet from this it is dripping onto my face. you start to rub your pussy onto my face and my cheek smearing your cum across it and then you sit up a bit, no longer smacking my balls with the spoon. you look and begin to rub yourself as you watch my hips gyrate and my body writhe rhythmically as i continue to moan. you feel another surge of cum coming as you rub your clit. you then give my cock and balls a few kisses and then turn around, so you are stratteling over my face. i figure you want me to suck and please your pussy but when i move to do so you tell me no. instead you knee just over my face and begin masturbating. your rubbing your pussy so fast playing with and rubbing your clit, your juices dripping on my face and that makes you wanna cum more. you start to shake again and moan you grab my head and then rub one out on my face. you cum so hard using my face as your cum rag. you spray your pussy juices all over my face covering me, then you fall forward moaning and gasping as you rub your cunt up and down on my face. every time my nose hits your clit you jump a little. you then roll off of me and i start pushing all your cum from around my face into my mouth like a good little boy. licking my fingers cleaned and cleaning up all your delicious mess. you tell me to wash my face in the bathroom and i do, then i return to you layin on the bed telling me to come over here. I come over to the bed and mount on top of you kissing your breasts and up to your full lips. as i do so you can feel he fat head of my cock pushing up against your soaking wet pussy. i feel you hand slide down to my ass and grab deeply with your fingernails. i jump and my cock slides 4 inches into you, you gasps at the suddenness of that and then in begin to work my cock in and out of you inch by inch till you have all of it inside you. my cock lubed with soo much of your cum slides easily in and out of you, every time its all the way in , i buck my hips forwards and my head slams into your special spot. then i get up on my toes and arms causing my hips to grind into your clit harder with every thrust and for my strong arms support my weight causing them to become harder as i fuck you. your hands feel and caress my arms and to my strong back. you are moaning as i kiss your neck and collar and then you dig your finger nails into me. i moan out in pain and drop from my toes to my knees, but never stop fucking you pumping my dick deeply into your wetness as you dig your nails sooo deeply into me, scratching my skin off as your legs wrap around me and you begin to grin my cock with your pussy. i am almost still, holding form as you fuck my brains out from underneath, continually digging into me with your nails and making my huge cock thrash around inside you with every thrust of your hips. "Oh baby" i moan and you tell me not to cum without permission. I start to fuck you back as i grow accustomed to the pain in my back, my hips now grinding in succession with yours causing my dick to jump and throb inside of you, your breaths quicken i push deeper, your moans grow loader and i fuck harder, i say "oh nataly, this cock is yours" as i pump you full of it and your hands dig sooo deep into me i cry out, your body tenses and you start to squirt out cum. im sooo close to cumming, every time your body shakes and i thrust into you im about to loose it, i moan "please can i cum baby" and you nod, you body loosening from the orgasm and i push down on your hips with my hands and pump you in and out several times then as im about to burst i pull out and shoot, streams of hot cum hit your clit, and then your pussy lips and i spray all over your wonderful womanhood. i lean forward kissing you so softly and sweetly, my somewhat still hard cock hitting your cum drenched pussy when you tell me you need me to clean you up and then you put your one finger over my lips. i understand fully what you mean and i place your legs on my shoulders as i begin to lick up my cum from you. kissing and sucking up all of my load from your pussy all while looking up at you. you can see my baby blue eyes just past your pelvis as i lick up and swallow all of my cum for you, my lovely mistress..........
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