Oral for her

we are in my bedroom kissing passionately and deeply, i have your soft sexy body rubbing against me and my hand has gone through your silky hair to the base of your head, pulling you close as we kiss, feeling your mouth on mine breathing in what you exhale as my other hand unbutton's your blouse turns me on so much and you feel the buldge in my pants grow as i take off your shirt. between kisses you take off my shirt and run your hands over my large chest and broad, muscular shoulders as i kiss your cheek, then down you jaw line. we stumble backwards to the bed and i slide my hand up your skirt to your succulent ass as you hop ontop of me grinding your womanhood against the, now rock hard, cock beneath the demin jeans and zipper. i hear you moan slightly as my mouth moves down you neck to your collar bone. my kisses and tongue are eager to envelop your breasts, and as i kiss my way to your nipple my hand slickly cups it and releases it from your bra, then the other and as i kiss, suck and lick your breasts both my hands move to your ass and massage it as your weight shifts forward and you grind your clit on my hard buldge even more. your forarms on my shoulders and hands feeling my shaved head as i thrust my hips along with your movements, almost trying to fuck you through my jeans and your silky panties. you postoir your body up a bit and i get to kiss your soft lips some more as i look into your eyes, then my strong arms surround your body, i unclasp your bra, and i pick you up, putting you on the bed with me on top. you remove your bra as we kiss, my hips already gyrating and you can feel my hard jeans pressing up against your already soaking panties. i kiss and suck my way down your chest to your breasts, cupping them with my hands, as i look at you with your nipple in my mouth, i put it in my teeth, nibbling on it, the slight pain and exileration make a surge of wetness to your pussy and your panties are now soaking into my jeans. my hands move down your body with my mouth following. your stomach is soo sexy, i wanna lick your belly button, i lick and tease down your slim body to the outline of your panties, im salavating more with the thoughts of tasting you. i kiss down the outside of your panties as my hands go under your legs, you rest your legs on my strong shoulders as i begin to kiss your saturated underwear. you feel the warmth from my breath though them as i take your small clothed vagina im my mouth. I love your juices soo much i suck them out of your panties as i take off my jeans and boxers, kissing now down your inner thighs and sliding off your last peice of clothing aswell. my mouth kisses and softly sucks its was back up your thigh and as i look at your fantastic pussy my mouth automatically opens for it, as though that is all it has ever wanted to taste. my tongue licking outside your lips as i kiss up and down just outside your wetness, you have me soo horny i am pumping away at my hard cock as my tongue slips inside your sentual folds and i slide up and down your pussy, worshiping it with my mouth. kissing and teasing it, i can tell how bad you want me to go to town on your clit as you begin to gyrate your hips, forcing your clit into my eager mouth, "mmmmmm" i moan as i take you in making sure my mouth is soo wet and ready for you. you feel my moan and begin to moan yourself as my lips massage your clit, rubbing it up and down as i turn my head slightly sideways, sucking on it. sucking softly at first as my tongue emerges from my lips and delves in just below your hood. pushing its way up, past, then to the sides of your engorged clit. i love tasting your juices and i get more of them in my mouth every time i suck on your pussy, sucking on your clit as my tongue is frantically writing the alphabet on and around your love hub. i can feel im gettin close to having you cum as your legs begin to tense around my head and quiver so i release my hand from my throbbing cock and slide a finger into your wetness. not into you at first, first i slide it into the pool of precum that is flowing out of your pussy and then into my mouth, scooping your wetness into me as i look up at you with my blue eyes, longing for your cum. then my finger slides right into you. my mouth still systematically picking your lock now two fingers are sliding in and out of your pussy. i moan again "mmmmm, oh nataly" directly into your clit as i worship it with my mouth, your body is now shaking and tensing up, your hands frantically grabbing my head and at the free arm wich is now pinching and caressing your left nipple. my jaw tightening, but i know i will be rewarded soon with your cum so i continue to suck on your clit, working my tongue in between my lips, flicking it, pushing deep into your clit to the hole that drives you wild, your pussy pulsating around my fingers pumping in and out of you, your arched back and then one last nipple pinch hard then as i release and you feel the cum rushing to your pussy, and with it extra bl**d to my cock that is now throbbing! i feel your cum, but i don't care, i wanna feel you squirm so i keep licking and sucking you, knowing your cumming. your hand that was pulling my head in a second ago is now pushing against my forhead cause your soo sensitive! i take your hint and begin to suculently kiss down your lips again as my fingers slide out of you and i lick your cum off of them. I relish in your cum, you can hear and feel my soft moaning as i clean you up, my hand instictually goes back to stroking my throbbing cock but softly and slowly now, in cadence with your body, my soft blue eyes smiling at you as you look down at me, my mouth loving making love to you......

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