s****r Di

I had just finished my second year of college and was looking forward to being home with my f****y, however being home this year was going to be a bit different. While I was away at school my parent had moved to a new state to follow my father’s job. I knew that I would not know anyone but my parents and s****rs, but that would be enough for a few weeks.

It was the third week of May and it was already showing signs of being a very hot summer. The new house was a large ranch type house, with all the rooms on the same floor. It was a nice place with 5 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths and a two car garage. It sat on large lot with wooded areas to the left and rear of the house.

Coming home was amazing; mom had cooked a turkey with all the rest of the goodies that you would find at Thanksgiving. That night I ate like a prince with the King and Queen and their three daughters, my s****rs. We sat at the table for hours talking about everything that I had missed out on, while I was at school.

I learned that my oldest s****r had found a good job and was seeing and older man, that mom and dad were not to happy about. My middle s****r Di was going to finish high school in 2 weeks and my youngest, the brat, was going to high school come the fall. Mom was still mom and was into nothing much but cleaning the house and dad was working 60 hours a week.

Di and I cleaned up the dishes that night, her washing and me drying. Mom away made us dry the dishes; she would never allow then to sit in the drain to dry. While we were at the sink I could tell that something was on Di mind. She looked up at me and in a small voice asked me to go out back and sit with her when we done.

When we finished cleaning up, I got two glasses of ice tea and headed for the back yard. It was still very light out side as the sun stays up until close to 8:30 that time of the year. We sat down at the small white table, that mom kept in the back yard with white metal chairs and sipped on our teas for awhile just drinking in nature.

Twenty minuets into this nature fest, I turned to Di and asked her what the problem was that she needed to talk about. She gave me that little s****r look that over the years I had learned so well meant that she needed me to do something big for her. She just sat there and looked at me and I could tell this was going to be like pulling teeth out of a shark’s mouth.

Finally she blurted out, I have no friend in this god forsaken town and I don’t know what I’m going to do. She had tears in her eyes and was trying to look any place but at me. I didn’t seem that she was going to tell me more.

What do you mean you have no friends and why the hell is it so important right now to have them?

Well Friday night is my senior call night and I can’t go if I don’t have a member of the opposite sex as and e****t.

I took a long look at her and that little light went off over my head, she wanted me to take her to her class night. I thought about it for a bit and everything started to fall into place.

Di, are you asking me to be your date for your class night? Don’t you think someone will say something about it?

No Jack, I have it all figured out. No one knows who you are in my school, you don’t look that much older than I do and I think we will make a good looking couple. I can introduce you to my few girl friends as my friend from back home.

I don’t know about this Di, what will mom and dad say about this? You think they will go along with it?

I’ve got that covered to. We just tell mom and dad that we are going out to the drive, with my girl friends, to get out of the house and also that way we don’t have to take the brat with us!

But how do we explain being dressed up for a dance?

We don’t have to dress up, class night is a dress down even, and jeans and sneakers are cool.

OK, so let me get this straight. Friday night we are going to tell mom and dad that we are going out to the drive in and instead we are going to your class night.


OK! I’ll do it, just because you’re my favorite s****r and I can see how much it means to you to go.

* * * * *

We didn’t talk about class night over the rest of the week and in fact we stayed away from each other for the most part until Friday night came around. Just before dinner I grabbed the news paper to see what was playing at the local drive ins and picked a triple horror show headlining with Taste the bl**d of Dracula. I got Di and showed her the paper and she agreed that we could fake seeing a Dracula movie if mom or dad asked about it the next day.

It was around seven when Di and I jumped in my old Buick and made out like we were going to pick up her girls friends. Instead we head straight for her school and her big night.

When we got inside the schools gym, we made our way over to fourth row of tables were her girl friends were already sitting with their dates. Di introduced me to them as we sat down.

Hi guys, this is Joe my friend from back home. He came into town just to bring me tonight.

Hi Joe it’s good to meet you, I’m Cindy and this is Larry, that’s Mary Ellen and her date Greg and that’s Sue and James on the end.

Nice to meet you guys, I hope I can keep your names straight, I said to her.

The night started out with some light refreshments and a few speeches by teachers and student council member and such. They showed some slides of some of the big things that happened to the senior class over the past 4 years. All the while the 8 of us at the table told stories about shit we had done in our lives and funny stuff that had happened.

It was about nine when the band finally started to play. It took about 6 songs before they turned the lights down some and a few couples got up to dance. Within another few songs the dance floor was packed.

The couples at our table were getting up a random to dance, the girls were watching each others hand bags. Finally Di whispered in my ear that she wanted to dance to and that I should take her out to the dance floor.

She picked “Color My World” as the song she wanted to dance to and pulled me out of my seat.

Come on Jack, dance with me, and hold me like you mean it.

The next thing I knew we were out of the dance floor and Di had pulled me close. So close that I could feel her breasts pushing against me. She reached around me and pulled me into her and I could feel the curves of her body. Her body felt so warm and soft in my hands and I could smell her. Oh god I could smell her.

I was having the normal male reaction to having a female so close. I could feel myself getting aroused and didn’t know how to stop it. I know Di could feel me, because she was rubbing her body all over mine. She reached down my front with her right hand and the next thing I knew; she had a handful of my hard dick.

Thank god that when the song ended that they went right into another slow one. We stayed right on the dance floor and didn’t let go of each other. Di looked up at me with her brown eyes and I could tell she was as aroused as I was. The next thing I knew she kissed me on the mouth and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I returned her kiss and our tongues did a dance of love. Then she shocked me by sucking on my tongue, I had never had anyone do that before.

Thanks god the lights were down, because walking back to the table with a hard-on is not that easy. When we sat down Di got real close to me and put her hand down and grabbed hold of my dick again. She leaned in and kissed me on the ear and she whispered in my ear, did I do that?

The rest of the dance went along this way until eleven. Di had me more turned on than I think I had ever been before. We had danced many more times and I had held her ass and rubbed her snatch, she had rubbed my penis over and over. She had her tongue more in my mouth, than in her own.

At eleven we said good night to her friends and made our way out to my Buick. Di moved to the middle of the old bench seat and kissed me and grabbed my penis. I think I asked her what she wanted to do now. It’s been so many years ago I don’t remember and the hard dick had made thinking of much else out of the question.

Di looked up at me and said, I’m so hot, I need you, please!

I know I couldn’t take her home like this and there would be no place there to do anything anyway. I didn’t know of any other places to go to park, since I was very new to town. I decided to drive around some and look for a nice spot, where we would not be bothered by anyone, especially the cops. On this one road I took, I noticed that there were several cemeteries on each side of the road, with turn off roads going between them.

I turned down one of these roads and followed it between the cemeteries and behind them. I drove around for a bit and noticed that several of the cemeteries had no gates or chains. I found one that had several dead ends and lots of trees. I backed the Buick down one of the roads to a dead end. We were well hidden by the trees and could not be seen by anyone from the main road or the turn off roads.

It took Di seconds to jump my bones. She had her tongue down my throat again and was using her hands to pull down the zipper of my jeans. Before I knew what was what she had my dick out and was giving me the best blow job I had ever had.

I worked my hands up under her blouse and for the first time had one of her bare tits in my hand. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and I could feel her moan around my cock. Her bare skin was so hot and soft as I went from one nipple to the other.

Di, Di slow down, let’s get out of some of these clothes and let me have a look at you. Some where back at the dance I had given up on the fact that she was my s****r and not my lover. I didn’t bother me anymore that Di was my younger s****r by 2 years; and that having sex with her was not only wrong but i*****l. I was thinking with the small head now, and it was telling me that everything in the world was perfect, that life was perfect!

Di stripped down to her birthday suit and reclined back on the bench seat with her legs open towards me. I had stripped down to my T shirt and had a raging hard dick. I reached over and ran my hands up and down Di’s legs and finally inserted a finger in her wet pussy. God was she wet and hot, she moaned and came all at the same time.

I reached over her body and kissed her on the mouth and then went for her nipples. I moved from one to the other, biting, sucking and kissing each of her beautiful nipples. At the same time my fingers were making love to her clit, I had found the little nub and was using my fingers to work it back and forth, like it was a small dick.

Di had orgasm after orgasm as I wanked her clit and sucked her nipples. She trembled with wave after wave of sexual pleasure. Moaning and running her hands through the hair on my head, telling me how I was the perfect lover.

I slowly worked my way down her body, kissing and licking every thing I could reach. When I got to her pussy, I had to use my fingers to part her hair covered pussy. I remember the hair made a little curl just above her clit. I licked out with my tongue out and across her clitty and she had another orgasm. Using my fingers I pulled the hood back with my fingers so I could get a good hold of her little love bud. With my lips around her exposed clitty I started to suck on it like it was a little dick.

Di, I later found out was one of those girls that was very orgasmic. She can have several orgasms, with little stimulation, one right after the other. While I sucked her clit she must have had ten orgasms and was going wild!

Jack, Jack please it’s too sensitive, you got to stop sucking me!!

I sat back on the bench seat and she sat up and hugged me and gave me a deep kiss. She reached down and held my balls in her had as she fucked my mouth over and over again with her tongue.

Di sat back on the seat and looked at me and said, I want you inside of me, now!

Now I have to tell the truth as this point. I had never fucked anyone before. I knew how it worked from my friends and dirty books, but I was a real virgin at that time. I knew you put it inside and that it might hurt the girl. I knew you moved it back and forth inside. But knowing and doing can be two very different things.

We were both so hot and ready that we were going to do it one way or another. I moved my ass over to the middle of the bench seat and told Di to get on my lap. We fumbled around some and managed to get my hard dick up inside her oh so hot and wet pussy. Di had another orgasm as my cock sunk deep up inside her, and I almost did to!

OH! Jack, I’m Cumming again! As she shuttered and crushed me in her arms!

It was incredible to have my s****r sitting in my lap with my dick buried deep in her hot pussy. We kissed and held each other as Di road my cock. I had free hands to rub her back and ass, as she moaned into my mouth. We fucked like this for a few minutes, at least I think it was a few minutes, when I felt my dick reach that point of no return and I pumped Di’s pussy with all the cum my balls could make!

OH God! Jack it’s so hot, I can feel you shooting up inside me! Yes! Please don’t stop, don’t stop I’m Cumming again!

We sat and held each other as my dick finished pumping and her pussy stopped throbbing. We both and just had our first fuck and it was and incredible thing. We both looked at each other and kept telling each other how much we loved each other. Our love making had been the most incredible thing to ever happen to us.

Di and I both made our way out of the car, and yes we were both still more or less naked. I held her in my arms and gave her a deep kiss as our hand worked their way over each other. I can remember reaching between her legs and rubbing her clit to another orgasm. Di pulled me into her and wanted another fucking. I didn’t think this was going to be too hard to do as I was already hard again.

I push Di up to the side of the car and slide my dick right in. God she was so hot and wet, that I had no problem pumping in and out of her. I worked my dick in as deep as I could pump it and out. Di held on to me and wrapped her legs around my hips. We fucked like this for a long time, under the night sky, naked to the world.

My second cum was longer coming but seemed to last much longer. Di was digging her fingers into by back and ass, as she had another earth moving cum herself! I held her until I didn’t feel her pussy moving anymore and I pulled out of her. I knew that cum had to be running down her legs, because it was running down mine.

I knew it was getting late and we needed to get cleaned up and get home. The problem was I had nothing in the car to help us out. I thought for a moment and then I took my boxers and got down between Di’s legs and wiped her clean. I used them to wipe her pussy and Di shuttered to another orgasm.

When I had gotten her more or less cleaned up, I did the same to myself. When I was done, I opened the truck of the car and hid them down in one of the wheel wells. These old Buicks had opening on each side that you could hide things in. We both dressed and got back into the car for our ride home.

Di was still so horny, she sat next to me as we drove, feeling my dick all the way home. When we pulled into the drive way, we noticed that most of the lights were out. We sat in the car for some time just looking at each other and it finally hit me!

Di! We just fucked each other, twice! We didn’t use anything to stop from making a baby. I felt sick to my stomach and I don’t think Di felt much better. We got into the house as quick as possible and Di headed right for the bathroom. I don’t think she knew anything about cleaning out cum, but I’m sure she tried like hell!

The next morning Di took me out in the backyard and we had a quiet little talk. Di didn’t think she was pregnant and in no uncertain terms told me that we were going to do last night again and again!

When I got back inside I found the local yellow pages and looked up Planed Parent Hood. I found one only a few blocks from home and decided to take a drive by to see if I could find out what time it was open. To my surprise I found it was open 6 days a week and you could just walk in.

I drove back home and found Di watching TV with the little brat. I got her attention and she followed me into the kitchen. I told her what I found and about the times we could get in.

Di said to me, in a very loud voice, can you drive me over to Cindy’s house?

I told her yes and up to her room she ran to change her clothes. When she came down she gave me a wink and out the door we went. When I got in the car I asked her which way to Cindy’s and she looked at me like I was nuts. I told her that we had to head in that direction as we left, incase anyone in the house noticed us leave.

I drove the long way around and after making a driving loop or almost 5 miles to go 5 blocks we got to the side of Planned Parent Hood. I dropped Di off on the side street and drove the Buick around front and parked about two block down. I could just see the front of the building, where she was going.
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